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Hey Z, I don't know if I ever sent these photos to you or not but I think they're pretty classic. This is how my little brother looked when he came home for Thanksgiving last year. Also, at some point I'd love to hear the story behind the voice mail you have posted on your website. It's a pretty good story, he specifically went to Wal-Mart to get the mullet cut. Also to get the diamond stud earring (same trip). I guess he had the mullet for about two weeks on campus. Reaction was about 50/50 between revulsion and appreciation. He also had a very sleazy brown rabbit fur coat. So maybe he is a little nuts. Hoover pic1 - pic 2 - pic

Fr: Jaimii Shin - To: Andrew P Ziola - Yes, I got asked to play a coed softball league and when they told me it was Thursday, I said that I couldn't b/c I watch my friends from work (etc.) play softball. But really I didn't want to play with those people anyway. If it was a different day, I doubt I would've played.

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