Chandos are a smart choice if you are counting calories or just trying to eat more healthfully. Chandos contain 50 calories per serving and is fat-free, Cholesterol-free, and sodium free.

Z's Fiber Yums are made with the wholesome goodness of real oatmeal, then toasted - so these cereals taste great and stay crunchy in milk.

It's the simple things in life that always seem to be the most important: like spending time with someone you care about, a smile from a child, or enjoying a creamy, hot bowl of Roman O's.

Jaimii Flakes are a delight in the extraordinary combination of crunchy wholegrains, slices of toasted almonds, and pure natural honey, clustered together in every big delicious bite.
They are truly satisfying.

Start your day with something good in your bowl-Amy Oats cereal. With hearty bran flakes and plump raisins, this cereal helps give you carbohydrates for energy. Plus it has the same great taste you already know and love.

The great flavors of brown sugar and oats and created a delicious taste sensation with big, crunchy flakes that hold up in milk.
With 100% of 10 essential vitamins and minerals, Batt Bran cereal provides the superior nutrition you expect from the people that make it

For many years, rice has been one of the first foods given to young children by their parents. Andrea Pops cereal is made with wholesome rice and can play an important role in providing young children with a complete breakfast.

Huba Crunch is the same sweet apple and cinnamon taste you’ve always loved, but puffed fun rice and yummy yummy goodness. It is a breakfast treat.

Those wholesome little O's have only one gram of sugar. They're low in fat, and have no saturated fat or cholesterol. Cracklin' Nates are an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of fiber.

Basa Bites are a delicious mix of raspberries, hazelnuts, oats and barley flakes, all combined wiht the great taste of five ancient grains. Basa Bites offer you a North American-style muesli with all the flavors of Europe.

Johnny Bratwusts are a nourishing hot cereal made of 100% natural rolled oats. Johnny Bratwusts are delicious eaten as a hot cereal and are a healthful and tasty addition to many recipes. They don't taste like diarreah.

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