Team Mullet wins 5th Championship!

Tonight reminded me of the Mullets of old. Some old faces, some old school defense, and the 5th Mullet championship. Special thanks to Jeremy Thornburgh, Matt Batt, and John Schalk for stepping in and helping us out. Someone told me tonite that we have not won a championship in 3 years and that is wild. 3 years is a long time. I hadn't even met my wife 3 year ago. But we won tonight. I loved tonight. It felt right. It felt like we were gonna win it as we took the field for the first game against Gravlax. Dan was in the zone. He misplayed a ball in the first inning of game 1 and after that he was on. He was like Andruw Jones out there. The thing that scared me was our lack of offense but we did it with the leather and pulled out a victory.

The Championship game was different because we pushed across enough runs for a comfortable lead. No Shame's comeback in the 7th made the game fairly close. But we were going to win tonight. I felt it. I felt the hair on my neck wanting to grow longer than the hair in the front. I am a Mullet. (Z - 6-9-05)