Mullet's Win! Mullet's Win!
Mullet's Win 2nd Straight Championship

Through the thick of a late summer's air yesterday evening, a more powerful force than the force of the humidity had to be reckoned with. What was that force you ask? It was the undying spirit of Team Mullet. With one victory under their belt, they were even more determined to seek a second championship.

Team Mullet slaughtered Sexual Chocolate in the 1st game of the evening. Eating up Sexual Chocolate never tasted so sweet. Things started looking a little grim for the Championship game when Huba bent down to pull up his knee brace- he threw out his back like I throw out the trash. Things weren't looking too good. But in the great Mullet fashion, Vidos, usually the Mullet catcher, became the Mullet trainer and worked with Joe in between games to fix up his back.

When the game started things began looking up. Deans Balls were the next victim of the Mullet. In the 1st inning Team Mullet put up 8 runs and they never gave up the lead winning 16-6 or something like that. No one could touch us. We were indestructible.

Buck continued to yelp out his grunts and take advantage of the opposing outfielders playing him deep as hell by dumping base hits into the gaps. There was solid defense especially up the middle with an awesome double play by Coach Ed and Jeremy. Jay made some nice plays out in right field and had some interesting base running which ended up working out. Batt pitched a great game and despite the back injury, Huba did a great job at third. Ziola is just great - yep. great. By the time we were blowing them away everyone had a laugh when Roman tried to slide into home during a close play. He came up about 6 inches short from the plate, but popped up and slammed his foot on home- scoring yet another run for the Mullets!

Through all these great team efforts, the Mullets once again emerged victorious. Natural born winners, some may say. We all have our good days, we all have our bad days- but regardless of it all, as long as we are on the same team we will always be winners. So, all I have to say is as long as we succeeded with a 2-peat, what do you say we go on and conquer a 3-peat? I am thinking a minimum 8-peat.

...and let's also not to forget to acknowledge the encouragement and support of the Fem-Mullets. Without them these victories would not be possible.

(Dowsek, Ziola)