Team Mullet Wins 4th Championship

I don't know how many more of these I can write, but this past Thursday was pretty special. Team Mullet won yet another Sportsmonster Seward Championship, the 4th in a row. With Jay Schneck and Jeremy out of town, Dan and Jason Mysylzxwicxz stepped up with great performances to help out the Mullet. The evening started with a very tough game against Duffy's One Hitters. I think it was like 16-10 in about the 5th or 6th inning and Team Mullet game back to tie it up. And in the bottom of the 7th, Team Mullet loaded up the bases and Daddy Waddy hit a sac fly to push Matt Batt across home for the victory.

The Championship game was much different. It was played how Sportsmonster softball should be played. It was a solid defensive games by both teams but we defeated a very solid Deans Balls 7-5. El Nate almost pulled a Brant Brown in the last inning dropping a ball in right center to give the Balls one last chance, but it didn't matter. Batt was too good on the mound and he put the last nail in the Balls coffin.

A great comment by a Deans Balls player, "We have been playing in this league for a year or two now and you guys are the only team that has beat us." Team Mullet as beat a lot of teams. Great season Mullets.