Mullet Banquet 2001

Mullet Banquet 2001
Brother Jimmy's - March 30th, 2001

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"Batt's head butts destroyed me. my cell phone was gone too. called it
yesterday and my cab driver had it...pissed as hell. i guess i didn't have
money to pay him, so he took my phone"
joe hubeny - 2001


Mel - Bills jersey

Batt - net to catch

Mullet Sub

Ed in cape

Vidos and Andrea

Nate, black book



Roman smiling

Roman stoked

Tree Cheerleader

Vidos with ice cold beer

The speech


Boy Toy

Lana White and Vidos

Fun Slice Joe

Roman and Tree

El Nate and the Commander

Crazy Sexy Cool


CEO, Drunk Schmoe

Los Mujeres

John and his girlfriend

Batt and his wives

getting some luvin'


Fun Slice


Buck and Ed

Batt and Wife #2


Mr. Potato Head