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Lessons Learned

Enjoy our growing list of lessons that we have learned

I just heard about Holi The Festival Of Color I googled pics of it and it is very cool
I just heard this on radio about the Bears last night if the Cubs played football that is
I just looked up how thet get the different color pope smoke Black smoke is straw is mixed with the
I just paid a bill thru snail mail for 1st time in like a year I feel dirty
I just realized that Men is Wearhouse is spelled wear - like wear clothes
I just saw Theo Epstein in Caribou Coffee I asked him if he was Theo Epstein and he said yes
I just was doing shots at work of flu
I just went shopping and bought gum deodorant and a white onion
I know a girl with one leg Her name is Eileen
I canand8217t believe that Rizzo got snubbed from All Star team
I canand8217t believe the Cubs let Moyer goand8230 23 years ago
I canand8217t help but think the Bears problems recently are my fault I have been wearing my white
I CAN not BELIEVE I just thought of this httpbitlyo7gGGn
I can not believe the Tigers got Cecil Fielder
I can not find a cell phone for my wife that won not cost us 100 bones a month She is just
I can not picture the old Cubs GM doing this httpz31netav
I can not spell the word balloon
I can not stand companies that have those facebook and twitter stickers on their front door You
I can not stand companyies that have those facebook and twitter stickers on their front door
I can not stand people that try and enforce silent car rule on train
I can not stand when companies say features are free with the package I just bought for a pile
I can not wait for the Cubs to win the World Series
I can not wait to leave work and have it be pitch black out Thanks a ton daylight savings
I could eat three 6 Musketeers right now I mean six 3 Musketeers
I could get a lot of deals on clothes on the clearence rack if I liked the color salmon and wore
I donand039t know what size tshirt I am anymore
I donand039t like the words veggies or meds Please say vegatables and medicine
I donand039t watch movies
I donand8217t know when to stop wearing Winter sweaters
I donand8217t undestand how old people drink hot drinks like coffee with a meal That canand8217t be
I don not facebook on weekends
I don not have much interest in the NCAA hoops final game
I don not have the Casey Anthony verdict
I don not know how to dress in the Spring
I don not like college football
I don not mind being stuck waiting for freight train because of all the great graffiti
I dont fill out brackets anymore I havent done them for 2 years It is liberating I can also tell
I dont like sopa I do like soap
I eat meat
I eat
I enjoy when people say and8220I love tweeter I read twits a lotand8221
I feel bad for the Packers
I feel so 1959 sending snail mail Which side of envelope does stamp go on
I finally got a recipe on Allrecipes httpallrecipescomrecipegrilled-cauliflowerdetailaspx
I forgot to change our clocks What time is it
I found a unique cute coffee house - place called Starbucks
I get dumber every time I hear someone say it is what it is
I get nervous when someone falls asleep blocking me in the train window seat
I get very nervous when I get into an elevator that smells like flatulence Will someone join me in
I guess I will never understand why people need to walk around with a bluetooth in their ear waiting for their cell to ring
I had a nightmare last night that I was a home inspector and Holmes on Homes was working on a house
I hate glasses httpz31netB
I have a coworker that follows up EVERY email with a verbal and8220Did you get my emailand8221
I have a solution Hawk Harrelson should be an ump He can make the right calls and we wouldnt have
i have all my family pics and videos here httptheziolascom
I have also used the Fed Ex is closed excuse to get out of shipping pee
I have always wanted a chance to dress up as Santa
I have been camping out at the Villa Park Walmart parking lot since last night - waiting for Black
I have been spending a lot of time at the dentist
I have been walking around with a princess sticker stuck to my shirt for the first couple of hours
I have Cubs tickets for sale for tonights game Section 122 row 14 I will pay someone $20 or best
I have lost some of my hair I hope I can find it
I have mad respect for the dude next to me on the train kicking it old school with the portable CD
I have my alarm set for 4AM so I am ready at 430AM to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow SO
I have never been a fan of stores selling short sleeve shirts and not sweaters and coats in Spring
I have no idea how to reply when people greet me with and8220Whatand8217s the good wordand8221
I have not watched the Blackhawks this year and don not know why
Turtle Names httptcoeBoASqcHau
Unique Baby Names 2015 httptcosSrlVc8g56
Unique Baby Names httptco9R2EsM6kNw
Unique Girl Names httptcoUJe2Y27Pbx
Volleyball Team Names httptco3YxMNSZt9o
we are having fish for dinner no not our pet fish Dorothy you sicko
we watch a lot of hdtv i dislike when the people say and039man caveand039 and when a couple jokingly says that the wife gets the huge closet
What Does My Name Mean httptcoN1xtinCwUV
what is your favorite number and why
when sports players cry reporters call it and039get emotionaland039
Winter Clip Art httptcosVU5LroaFz
with the wind chill it only feels like 93
witty post
Word clouds are a fun way to show words where the most important ones are bigger than the others httptcozOouGaqEfF
x-men cartoon httptcoJqJAR3uBzy
x-men movie httptcoCAQcD1Uuiu
Drought I have not cut our lawn in like a month
Dusty Baker Used Toothpick for sale httpz31netfm
Dusty it was me httpjmpflcFa3
Enderle we never knew the
Enjoy 111111 - because we wont be here for 11112111
Everybody is weekend for the working
Fa la la la la la la la la
Facebook has a feature where you can hide people is comments I wish life had that feature
Fantasy baseball season is a grind My team has been limiting my pitch count and wonand039t let me go more then 140 innings
Favre is Xmas Card httpz31netV
FINALLY reached my goal- ran 18 miles in under 50 minutes
Foot Locker and8220NFL Replacement Refs Do NOT Work For Usand8221
For 1st time in a long time I can say I have seen one of the Oscar nominations The Descendents But
Fun game with my kids - we substitute random word in kids books that we read with the word
Girl Scout Cookie Rankings httpjmphfVjy6
Glad I am back at work away from the pile of Holiday sweets we still have at home
Go Braves Go Orioles
Gonna try and shoot a perfect game at mullet bowling reunion tonight or break 100
great - now we have to hear from Teo that also Santa isnt real httpiimgurcombQDQojpg
great costume httppingfmsa3wB
Great Headline David Stern suspends World Peace
Great washroom tip httpiimgurcomWANOyjpg
Green Bay Newspaper can not spell Chicago httpjmphXw0t8
Guess which couch is the one that I fall asleep on watching Border Wars and which one Jeremy Lin
Guess which house Elin Nordegren had torn down and which one we tore down httpz31netap
Guy held door for another dude dude said thanks and then guy walked thru 1st
Halloween rocks
Happy 10th Bday droddcom httpz31neta9
Happy 1st and 3rd bdays to my girls this weekend
Happy Cuatro de Mayo
Happy Easter Happy Fatherand8217s Day Happy Halloween Happy Motherand8217s Day Happy St
Happy mothers day too all the moms out there
Harbowl or Super Bro
Have you ever been on facebook before
Here are my 2 favorite Halloween costumes this year httpz31nety and httpz31netz
Here are my filled out brackets httpz31netaS
Hester got 112 horizontal return yards yesterday Bears
Hey Evan Turner - Bulls are a better matchup for you you wanted to get beat by 20 instead of 30
Hey NFL Look at me I am calling it the Super Bowl not the Big Game please sue me
Hi this is a real post from Andrew Ziola Sorry for fake spam posts I have been trying to get those to stop Sorry
High schoolers suspended for Tebowing httpz31netQ
how do you know that the toothbrush was invented in green bay if it was invented anywhere else it would be called the teeth brush
How many days until pitchers and catchers report
How many times a day should I tell my dentist I floss at my appointment tonight
Huge snow storm Ya right - there was like 1 inch on the ground by my house
I accept Carlos Zambrano is apology But I take back the acceptance of the previous 5
I am a man It is only 434 and my 5and160oand8217clock shadow is here
I am at the point in my life when the only thing I look for in a new pair of pants is an elastic
I am aware of breast cancer now lets get rid of it
I am back from work Good to be back on vacation
I am done with Google + after their recent redesign Oh wait I was never started with it
I am excited for interviews on my sports radio from the Super Bowl next week where like Joe Montana
I am gonna stop saying an oldie but a goodie and starting saying a goodie but
I am greatful I am not the music they play at Starbucks because it sucks
I am kinda sick of earth I want to move to Super Earth httpbitlyKMr3Up
I am like a toilet I take peopleand039s sht all day
I am listening to new Bears GM Phil Emery press conference About 2 minutes in - I am bored of guy
I am looking for help developing an app that automatically dumps a call people make from their
I am more ripped than Tim Lincecum
I am not a fan of the expression I agree to disagree Please just say I
I am not happy about my franchise tag at work This is a business I am just trying to do what is
I am on Facebook
I am passionate about lowering our phone bill
I am planing on retiring httpz31netfd
I am pro oxidant or anti antioxidants Screw you blueberries and cranberries
I am protesting Wikipedia being down by keeping droddcom up
I am running many kilometers for a charity but am not asking for donations since I am not running
I am shopping for a tshirt of a band I never heard of before
I am sick of every celebrity doing interviews from Super Bowl just so they can mention a product
I am sick of gravity - being stuck to the ground all day baby PostLikeDickVitale
I am sick of small plate restaurants Give me big plates and give them to me now
I am sitting here at Arby is with Jon Bon Jovi We are both NOT dead
I am so excited about the Kate Middleton pregnancy news
I am so excited Last night I just finished writing my invisible book
I am SO happy Moneyballs won for best in the world
I am so smart I just figured out the reason for all the dog sht on the sidewalk - it is
I am so sore from yesterday is Iron Man
I am thinking about creating my own dog breed but that is weird so I think I still want to just get
I am very excited for the future when I can buy a triple breasted suit httpbitlyRkfy9S
I am wearing deodrant again
I am wearing the right brown socks today but the wrong shoes black
I bet only 5 percent of people laugh out loud when they type lol
I call today and8220the Tuesday after Cyber Mondayand8221
I can honestly say that current me would be a little scared if I ran into 18 year old me on the
I canand039t think of what to put on this
I canand039t wait for Summer
I canand039t wait until vending machines start taking bills with little folds in the corners
10 Most Recognizable Sports Fans httppingfmfHmGp
10 of the Funnyiest Family Holiday Photos httpjmph2YEoJ
10 of the Funnyiest Family Holiday Photos jmph2YEoJ
10 Reasons Why Winter Sucks pingfmHnuwM
17 Jay Cutler Stink Faces httpjmpppSgd0
2 homers for Soriano He is already hitting bombs when games don not count
4 games into seaon Ozzie suspended How long before Zambrano gets suspended
4th of July needs to be moved to a Monday every year like Memorial day please retweetthumbs up
Vanilla Ice pours bucket on his own head No one is interested Tears
Wanna feel old Grab an elderly persons ass
Were all just lying to each other about not peeing in the shower right
When the rapper Ice Cube dies they should just kick his body under a huge refrigerator
Where are the good figure skating bars in LA
Who died and made you single
You think a rattlesnake has ever gotten drunk enough to hook up with a tambourine
IDEA FOR MY EMPLOYER remove Presidents Day as an all company paid holiday and add the day after the super bowl thanks
The only time Ive passionately knocked everything off a table was when I was trying to make room for a pizza
The problem with letting Stevie Wonder tweet for me is akfiwgngngan sdnf dngnwuwut
The ugliest human is so much uglier than the hottest horse
There are no strangers only people whose Facebook friend requests youll never respond to
Theres a party in my pants and its one of those weird parties where a lady comes and teaches you how to make ur own jewelry
Theres no cool way to recover from a sneeze
this porn is super unrealistic no ones even crying
To take a piss during a road trip RT @Applebees Whats your
Trying to develop a personal handshake for everyone in my office just to feel a little like were on an NBA team
RT @trevso_electric If youre over 25 you only keep Facebook to see whos marrying your leftovers
RT @trevso_electric Its crazy that all my friends in California are going to live 3 hours longer than me
RT @trevso_electric Nothing says
RT @trevso_electric You cant just walk in an out of my life like youre some kind of McRib
RT @VaguelyFunnyDan Felt Velvet for poor people
RT @EliBraden Ill sleep a lot better tonight knowing Lauryn Hill is behind bars
RT @eliyudin Behind every successful man is a successful butt
RT @eliyudin Everyone LOVES hot tubs but as soon as I suggest we make some
RT @eliyudin How do I disable comments on my whole internet
RT @eliyudin Nachos are an RSVP for your toilet
I have never said the book is better than movie because I have not read any of the books
I got some of Glen Davis mail by mistake http z31net D
number of playoff wins Bears had this year equals 0 number of playoff wins Packers had this year equals 0
After about 7 years I have made the move from WSCR to ESPN1000
After you read this post you will be prompted to participate in a short survey regarding your customer service experience If you participate you will be entered into a contest to win a prize
Alaska is one fifth of the continental US land mass
all i want RIGHT now is a cadbury egg
All your hard work has payed off Saw the girls playing outside today
Allgergy medicines don t work anymore so I am just gonna cut off my nose
Almost every day I see someone on a kick scooter Here is how I rank the weirdness of the people on them from weirdest to not weird 1 older women 2 older men 3 kids
Why is it that a non handicapped person can get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot but not for using a handicap stall in the bathroom
Why do Jimmy Johns all smell like bleach
why do us fantasy baseball managers suffer the most from PED suspensions number notfair
white sox are playing the red sox right now if every team was a color of sock here is what all the teams would be orange red navy teal periwinkle white maroon blueberry royal green aqua Liberty cyan cardinal purple gold yellow Lust Amaranth brown black Space cadet crimson carrot Ruby azul ok now that i am done with that list i realized that took WAY more time than i thought it would and i really have no idea why i just did that
who do you like more packers or st louis cardinals
Who is a bigger jerkwad Jay Cutler or Jim McMahon vote here http wwwdroddcom
Who is ready for game 2
Who is your favorite Brady from the hit show the Brady Bunch
Who will win championship first Cubs or bears
Who would you like to pattern yourself after
What was your first car
What was your first job
What was your new years resolution last year
what would you do with the stanley cup if you had it for a day
What s a cool or interesting holiday tradition you do every year
whats better shopping at a store or on the net why
What s on your mind
What s the best fantasy sports name u have used or seen
What s the worst song ever stuck in your head
What s your favorite place to visit or favorite vacation spot
What s your favorite song of all time
When are the Grammies
When I ask people how they are doing no one has ever told me not busy
when i was a kid i wanted to be a chef when i grew up how about you
when i was in college drunk kids on metra train at 7am were totally less annoying
when people at work ask me how i am i say busy and outside of work i say great even if I am not busy or bad
When people say How are you I really get the felling that nobody really wants to know how I am
when sports players cry reporters call it get emotional
when you are thirsty you are going to grab a to drink please answer here http jmp l06tT4
When you said that you were working at Panera and that lady kept chewing I thought to myself OhI didn t know he worked at Panera Then realized you were a CUSTOMER working there Geez
when you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up
When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up answer here http z31net m
Where are Bands From http z31net 3
Where can I get cheap to go pizza in the loop in Chicago
Where do you see yourself in 10 years
Where does lint collect on people with outies
Where have all the Krispy Kremes gone
Where s the beef
Which is your favorite season
Which of these things did not happen to me this morning slipped on ice spilled coffee ripped pants injured leg
White Sox 2005 champs ring for sale http bitly WGTYiw
we moved to a house on a lake i mean in a lake
we should admit to bands we liked that are embarassing
we started out with 16 fruits http wwwdroddcom html4 Fruit Tournamenthtml and have come down to the final watermelon vs cherry vote in comments below
we watch a lot of hdtv i dislike when the people say man cave and when a couple jokingly says that the wife gets the huge closet
We were doing shots at work today flu shots
Welcome to droddcom s fruit tournament http wwwdroddcom html4 Fruit Tournamenthtml the first matchup is apple vs cantalopue which do you like better answer in the comments
Wendy Regan posted something via mobile
What are the teams u cheer for
what combo of words have you heard for 1st time recently mine is there is a wig in that tree
What do u order at portillos
What do we want Time travel When do we want it It doesn t matter http twittercom jazmasta
What do you do exactly in your job
What do you like better TV Shows or Movies Answer here http droddcom
What do you like to do on the weekends or in your spare time
What do you think of Theo potentially joining the Cubbies I would love to see it
what do you think they are looking at
What do you usually eat for dinner
What do your order on your pizza
What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People http wwwtecheblogcom indexphp tech gadget nyc artist shows us what famous celebrities would look like as normal people
What food combo do you want named after you post yours here http wwwdroddcom y2 t pequals 48
What have you eaten the most of in your life Mine is either Cheese Its or sunflower seeds
what have you noticed happening as you get old
what is a weird sports superstition you do to help your favorite team
what is a word or expression that you would love to have used or start using but you have never been able to pull it off
What is he looking at http jmp hPH6Fx
what is on your bucketlist
What is order at Starbucks
What is the 1st thing you want to do when you get home from work or when you wake up on the weekends
what is the craziest thing you have ever done that you dont want anyone to ever find out about
What is the last movie that you have seen that you enjoyed
What is the most you would spend for a sports or concert ticket I think I would go up to 5k for a cubs world series ticket but that will never happen so i dont have to worry about dipping into kids college fund
what is the worst song that was ever stuck in your head mine is One Headlight by The Wallflowers
What is under your bed
what is up with ringers on cellular phones
What is you favorite sports team that you follow
what kind of music do you listen to
What kind of radio station do you listen to usually
What movie have you seen the most number of times freshman year at university joe hube and I watched waynes world every night before we went to sleep
What nationality are you
what piece of clothing have people stopped you the most and said cool jersey man this is mine
What should I post here
what was your favorite tv show when you were a kid
the only realistic way for the cubs to win the world series is to do something like the redsox did with their beards i think the entire cubs team needs to jump on the pitchers long hair look
the super bowl is this sunday i am going to a super bowl party i will eat and drink and watch the sports and the commercials and talk to people as for the game I am not sure who to cheer for please make your argument for either the seahawks or denvers in the comment section below
The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances I got a lot of problems with you people And now you re gonna hear about it
Then and Now http z31net ab
Theo looks like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell http pingfm UlYOj
there are door to door sales people in the suburbs
There are just way too many spoons Teaspoons soupspoons tablespoons Don t even get me started on those little plastic spoons my 2 year old uses I would be fine if all spoons just went away and we were left with tablespoons
There are no Taco Bells in Mexico
There is a Lids near my work I have never seen a customer or even an employee in there ever
There s fantasy football and a new term I just made up reality football that is game guys play with pads an helmets and weird shaped brown ball
There s Something About Mary s House
there s white smoke there is a new poop
these are my least favorite answers to these questions hows it goin it s goin how are you busy what s up good how are you
These buzzers sitting on a table going off is one of the more annoying things in the whole wide world
They don t deserve a Stanley Cup so glad they didn t get it http bitly kpfBvv
they have figured out a way to make tagless underwear so why can I find a place that has decent soup
they made it
They need to change the name to No Labor Day
They need to move President s Day to the Monday after the Super Bowl And they should do this NOW so I dont have to goto work tomorrow
Thing that no one likes
This All Star Break from my fantasy baseball i plan on spending time with my family maybe do a little fishing
This guy gets a hand on Hester something that the Vikings couldn t do http tribin oSGy0R
this is a pic of my kids I am posting this on facebooks
this is a real fear of mine to accidentally leave jeans tag on like this guy waiting for train by me
This is a sign that the Cubs will get Fielder http z31net P
this is people in a photo
this is so awesome and dont know if you saw seinfeld when paul o neill promises kid in hospital he will hit 2 homers reminds me of this http chicagocubsmlbcom news articlejspymdequals 20140723content_idequals 85973866notebook_idequals 85974252vkeyequals notebook_chcc_idequals chctcidequals tw_article_85973866
This is so cool The Theta Beta Potatoes frat we made up at college as a joke was used in the Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best movie http wwwdroddcom video thetahtml
This is the best name for a rapper of all time http wwwfacebookcom pages LIL Poopy 122635227816987
this is true sizes vary so much depending on brand and also depending on if they are all cotton or cotton and poleyster etc
this makes me sad http wwwrobertfedercom 2014 11 20 tribune media turning off the game 87 7 fm dropping johnny b garry meier
Turkeys and cranberries don t have lot to be thankful for this time of year
Unlike Forte I want to be franchised for 7 million
Us bbt Fhgbkqdfvc f Dh translation your green fAce picture scares me from mitchell
view out of window on train home
Viking fan got some nacho cheese on my coat at Bears game yesterday
Visiting Gran Grandpa and Uncle Andy
Vote for your favorite pumpkin here http z31net x
Warm weather makes me happy cold weather makes me angry
WARNING GROSS POST i did the math i have peed roughly 5064 gallons in my life that is enough to fill this pool
Was Facebooks hacked A bunch of friends profile pics are these red boxes
Was that not an awesome Bulls win last night
watching a little television on the tv
We are down to the Final 4 be sure to vote this week http wwwdroddcom dork
we are growing monster zucchinis in our garden
we are having fish for dinner no not our pet fish Dorothy you sicko
We are having turkey for Thanksgiving
We are in Arizona this is pic under black light
we are looking for movers has anyone in chicago moved recently and liked their moving company
We are moving to Oregon
We don t have a rake so I mow the leaves
We got a black cat walking through our yard
We got a dog
We got Theo http bitly o5ZOsU
We had 3 skunks in our back yard last night They look like the black cat that I am asking for for Father s Day
we have a landline home phone and i LOVE how att transcribes voicemails to text and they love to put curse words in them as much as possible 2 examples we got a message from a friend that said i have just been in the car for like a hour but the transcribed message said just f cked up man a car we got another message from our kid s school that said So next time you are over at buttons and bows ask one of the teachers but att put You are over a bunch of bullhit that our teachers
We have a mom and 4 baby skunks under our shed Suburban life is way different than urban living Any skunk removal methods PLEASE post here We need help
If I was a cell phone reception I would only have 1 bar
If I was going to have a fake facebook catfishing name I think it would be Ed Amamay
If I was Steve Bartman I would have taken all of the 6 figure endorsement deals I think about headphones + green turltleneck companies
if i was the general manager of a sports team i would be fine if i had players that gave 100 percent i wouldnt need to get guys that claim to give 110 percent
If it is 85 degrees today will it be 137 degrees in August
If Jesus were still around tomorrow would be his 2047th bday
If Kerry Wood didn t retire Cubs would have only lost 101 games
if Lebron opts out of his deal bulls should get him
If money was no object and you could in unpractical what car would you want
if or when washington changes the name of Redskins what should new name be
If some synonyms were going to be erased from our language choose the words you want to keep answer here http jmp kGbeyy
if the chase website is down does that mean i dont have to pay my credit card bill
if the packers cut Aaron Rodgers I hope the Bears grab him
If they can make a toilet that knows when to flush automatically why can not they invent a robot to do my job so I can go shopping for pants
If u could be a celeb which one would you think it would be cool to be
If u haven t heard music yet u definetly need to check it out
If you are going to eat on the train eat a non smelly turkey sandwich not garlic chicken lo mein
If you are looking for someone to smack I recommend smacking anyone that likes the music they play at Starbucks
if you became a rapper what would your name be
If you can be a street performer what celebrity would you like to impersonate
if you could ask one of your body parts one question what would it be
if you could be any tv or movie character in real life who would you want to be
if you could eat anything on Thanksgiving besides the typical turkey and pumpkin pie what would you want to eat
if you could eat anything right now and it wouldnt make your heart break or get you fat what would it be
If you could get paid the same amount of at your current job and do anything what would it be
if you could have a store or restaurant add a location to your town what would you want
if you could have any job even though you dont have talent or expertise what would you want to do
if you could listen to only 1 band or musician for the rest of your life who would it be
If you could name yourself what name would you choose
If you could name yourself what would you name yourself answer here http bitly ptYXna
if you didnt get an xmas card from us feel free to enjoy it here on facebooks
If you die and your employer was gonna make a scholarship in your name what would it be for answer here

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