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Lessons Learned

Enjoy our growing list of lessons that we have learned


Our new Bears seats are in the sun. I am sun burnt.
Is there a Facebook for my train to work? I think I know that guy from college but don't feel like going up to him and asking him.
I love college football.
Anyone know where I can a deal on a pony for my daughters?
It is morning. Coffee. Porridge.
I don't watch movies.
My daughter said I can't dress up this year for Halloween.
I can't wait until vending machines start taking bills with little folds in the corners.
how do you know that the toothbrush was invented in green bay? if it was invented anywhere else
It went from Summer hot to Fall cold. (Anger)
What color should we make our new house?
We trapped a skunk in our yard. I never thought I would say that.
I am not a fan of
I think Lebron stays with Cavs
Lebron didn't decide but I decided to get a calzone for lunch today. Yum. Cheesy.
I am like a toilet. I take people's sh*t all day.
NFL started.
They need to change the name to ;No Labor Day.;
I have lost some of my hair. I hope I can find it.
If you are going to eat on the train
I skipped my porridge this morning and now I am starving.
I wonder what it's like to be a squirrel.
About this time every day I post something.
I am on Facebook.
I wish there was a store that only carried the products I use and it was open 24 hours a day and there was a location near my work and home.
The Cubs have been bad this year. I don't know if I can take a bad Bears season.
I think there is some caffeine in this coffee.
I don't know what size tshirt I am anymore.
I am shopping for a tshirt of a band I never heard of before.
When people say
I guess I will never understand why people need to walk around with a bluetooth in their ear waiting for their cell to ring.
We are going to pick our house colors soon.
Fantasy baseball season is a grind. My team has been limiting my pitch count and won't let me go more then 140 innings.
I hope Favre retires. I need a new sports news story and I never liked his jeans commercials.
I don't like the words veggies or meds. Please say vegatables and medicine.
Can I have an Altoid? I ate onions.
I hope the Cubs make it to the Super Bowl.
Sun keep shining.
After about 7 years
If I could change 1 thing about myself I would lower my gum chewing noise.
Paperclips suck. Just use a staple.
I eat meat.
We finally got a closing date on the lot we are going to build on.
Auto Draft
I can't think of what to put on this.
It is a million degrees outside and I am drinking hot tea in my freezing over air conditioned office.
I wish towns named after trees or rivers were renamed (by me).
I am passionate about lowering our phone bill.
I found a unique
A guy just ordered a ;Starbucks coffee.; I am sure the Starbucks employee appreciates him specifying that he didn't want Caribou Coffee.
We closed on our lot. Now we need to build a house.
I trim my nails a lot.
Lady slipped on wet steps getting on train. Called albulance. Delayed train. Late for work.
Ignore spam like comments from my facebook - I think account got hacked. thanks.
I wish there were more colors.
Went to town meeting to hear what they had to say about flooding. It was just very annoying old people yelling at the people on the stage.
Abstract Art Inspiration
Hi this is a real post from Andrew Ziola. Sorry for fake spam posts. I have been trying to get those to stop. Sorry.
People that wear gym shoes that serve as fake dress shoes are not fooling me. I see the New Balance logo buddy.
I wish there was never internet or website down time.
I am greatful I am not the music they play at Starbucks
I am back from work. Good to be back on vacation.
I was jogging last night and could smell a smokers house from their sidewalk.
I wished bands I like made more albums
Why do I stay up to midnight to watch the Cubs lose?
The information highway needs a new nickname.
I feel bad for the Packers.
Old Lady Looking for Facebook
I wish I never had to wait for a computer.
I posted this long time ago
Cutler woke up this morning and just got sacked again.
Did you ever put salt on your honeydew melon?
(Insert thought here that makes people comment)
Just finished breakfast and it's my lunch time in about 20 minutes.
I am wearing the right brown socks today but the wrong shoes (black).
Top 21 Pieces of Graffiti
I need boots and mittens for the Winter.
I wonder if toilet manufacturers invest in Indian food restaurants.
Coupons rub me the wrong way.
Halloween rocks.
wearing a sweater for 1st time this Fall
Yesterday I wore 1st sweater of year
Bad breath... eating a mint.
My Halloween costumes over the years
I wish the Cubs were in the World Series.
Those huge fake spiders people are putting on their house this year for Halloween are honestly creepin me out a little.
If I was dressing up for Halloween I would be Snooki from the Jersey Shore.
Top 10 Funniest Kid's Halloween Costumes
I have probably wasted 9 minutes of my life listening to this
Trick or treat? I want treats.
I wonder if Smashing Pumpkins ever smashed any pumpkins.
No sacks given up for Bears O-line this week!
I am more ripped than Tim Lincecum.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!
I'm looking for a brand new hairstyle.
I wish my arms were shorter or the sleeves on my shirts were longer.
I wish there was trick or treeting every weekend.
How many days until pitchers and catchers report?
My 2 year old said that she is a princess and I am a frog.
My chili is in my work's chili cook-off today.
We don't have a rake so I mow the leaves.
characters from TV shows and movies we would like to hang out with
I need a cupcake.
The older I get
I wonder why we have 2 ears
Thanksgiving dinner should include crab legs and fudge.
NFL Real Matchups
I have been spending a lot of time at the dentist.
It was 70 degrees yesterday and 30 today.
New Product Variations That Never Made It
There are movie trailers in front of my office.
Jeans History
Break out the hand lotion and chapstick.
I can't wait for Summer.
I turned down Cubs season tickets after 7 years on their waiting list.
I have always wanted a chance to dress up as Santa.
I get nervous when someone falls asleep blocking me in the train window seat.
Pennies are lame.
10 Reasons Why Winter Sucks
wearing clothes today
The 1st mp3 I ever downloaded was Waiting for Tonight by Jlo.
The smooth jazz they play at Panera is awful.
What should I post here?
An itch was just scratched.
Phillies signed Cliff Lee.
I am asking for a litter box for Christmas and hoping a cat comes with it.
10 of the Funnyiest Family Holiday Photos
Push butt
# of times I have had Portillos today .... 2
10 of the Funnyiest Family Holiday Photos

# of times I have had Portillos today &#8230;. 2
The lamest expression in the world = &#8220;it is what it is.&#8221;
I wish snow shoveled itself
A word I rarely use &#8230; frothy. How about you?
I am taking my talents to South Beach
59 days until pitchers and catchers report
Top 15 Ugliest Shoes
I am so happy the daylight hours are getting longer
The 1st mp3 I ever downloaded was Waiting for Tonight by Jlo
The smooth jazz they play at Panera is awful
An itch was just scratched
Phillies signed Cliff Lee
I am asking for a litter box for Christmas and hoping a cat comes with it
# of times I have had Portillos today . 2
The lamest expression in the world = “it is what it is."
A word I rarely use frothy. How about you?
I would love to invent a new color
I can't spell the word balloon
I am worried about the y2k bug
I have not watched the Blackhawks this year and don't know why
I just got some teeth stuck in my spinach
I have been carrying a handkerchief since 1993
I think I just saw ex-Cub Mike Fontenot fixing a sink in my office bathroom
I think there are too many types of vinegar
Where the beef?
Tomorrow is 1/11/11
The absolute funniest thing happened to me today
I am thinking food for lunch today
I have my feet warmers in my boots - getting ready for Bears game Sunday
I am not going to eat cheese until the Bears beat the Packers
I will not pack anything until the Bears beat the Packers
SI Cover
I will not eat a bratwurst until the Bears beat the Packers
Green Bay Newspaper can't spell Chicago
I am cutting out intake of ANY dairy product until the Bears beat the Packers
I just had 54 shaved in my back hair
CRUEL JOKE - I just saw a Packers jacket on a blind guy
Opera Version of Bear Down Chicago Bears
The Bears are what we thought they were
A guy asked me how to get to the South Loop. I told him to go south
I propose the Bears replay last weekends game this weekend
Huge snow storm? Ya right - there was like 1 inch on the ground by my house
Does anyone have any non-weather related interesting comments?
Our power went out last night so we spent the night at my parents
I am sick of every celebrity doing interviews from Super Bowl just so they can mention a product they are the spokesman for
If I ran as much as my nose I would be in great shape
I wish my daughter let me wipe her snotty nose
I wish I could hibernate until the warmth of June
I did not win a Grammy
I wish I was a pitcher or a catcher
Ice Cream Flavor Rankings
I am thrilled Keith Moreland is joining Pat Hughes in Cubs radio booth
RIP Uncle Leo
My number of Facebook friends seems to stay right away my weight
Would you rather eat off a food court tray or gas station toilet?
I am poddy training
my daughter
What is he looking at?
Happy 1st and 3rd bdays to my girls this weekend!
Girl Scout Cookie Rankings
I was singing Christmas carols with my daughters this morning
Dark chocolate
Gonna cook a corned beef this weekend for 10 hours
My high school (Benet) first lost of the year in hoops
Recharge battery
Ring out Ahoya with an M.U. Rah Rah
I hope Marquette wins the NCAA Tournament
I am having a coffee
I am having oatmeal
I am having an altoid
I am having orange tea
I am having water
I am having a chicken burrito
I am having a diet mountain dew
I am having hot raspberry tea
I am having 2 altoids
I am having coffee
I am having pretzels
I am having a diet pepsi
I am having a salad
I am having noodles
cough cough cough
We need more holidays where people all wear the same color
Ring Out Ahoya - new video:
Ring Out Ahoya - Marquette
What on your mind?
I have been carrying a handkerchief since I was 17 years old
Which of these things did not happen to me this morning? slipped on ice
I am feeling an itch to maybe go on a Butterfinger binge
I bet only 5% of people laugh out loud when they type lol
I can't wait for the Cubs to win the World Series
I don't have much interest in the NCAA hoops final game
Son in Law is my 8th favorite movie
I have never been a fan of stores selling short sleeve shirts and not sweaters and coats in Spring when it is still 40 degrees out
I wish the Cubs had doubleheaders every day so I had a game to listen to on the radio at work and one to watch on tv at night
Now that the Cubs season has started again I am flying my W and L flags on our flagpole in front of our house again
Breath mints make my breath minty
My daughter told me my haircut looked bad
Where have all the Krispy Kremes gone?
If I could eat unlimited _________ and not get sick or fat
I was on my train looking out the window and I honestly think I saw a naked dude standing at his patio door eating cereal
People love asking me where the bathroom is at work
I wonder if I could pull off calling people kid-o
We want to be done with new house decisions
I don't know how to dress in the Spring
I stopped wearing baseball hats a while ago
I have my alarm set for 4AM so I am ready at 4:30AM to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!!
Kate Beginnington
We got a black cat . walking through our yard
I would wear my _________ outfit every day if I didn't care what people thought. Answer here:
Osama Bin Laden was killed!
I just bought a race horse
I have spent over 26 days on the toilet in my life
There is a customer in this Starbucks that took off his shoes and put his stinky feet up on a chair
I think this is my least favorite thing in Microsoft Windows
when you are thirsty. you are going to grab a ????? to drink. please answer here:
I never really had a shot of being a player in the NBA
If you were going to go buy a new book
The funny bone needs to be renamed to the pain bone
When I ask people how they are doing - no one has ever told me “not busy."
I just picked up a sack of Combos
I want to eat a lemon meringue pie
We moved into our new house
Blind chicks think I am hot
TGIF - tan gophers inside fudge
I am still watching the Cubs
Not a whole lot has changed:
My mom had KFC last night
Everybody weekend for the working
I just went shopping and bought gum
If some synonyms were going to be erased from our language
A bunch of my train lines trains canceled because engineers took family vacations
Really funny things make me laugh
Why are baseball managers ejected all the time but coaches in other sports are rarely tossed?
Todays tip: wash your hands after you go to the bathroom
I could eat three 6 Musketeers right now
They don't deserve a Stanley Cup - so glad they didn't get it -
In the 80 my dad always had a ton of change in his pockets. How did that change not fall out when he sat down? Those were different times
I still have to get my wife something from my kids for Mother Day
Pujols would make a great fit for Cubs next year now that he is injured
I wonder who the 1st person was to stick a pen behind their ear
Our generator at our new house working great
I am really tired because of yesterday being the longest day of the year
I am wearing deodrant again!
I thought by 2011 they would have invented a soft drink machine that can take bills with tiny folds in the corners
No one ever says
RT Raymond Lyle - “Illinois: Where Our Governors Make Our License Plates!"
If you were in the middle of nowhere and the only place to eat was McDonald. What would you order? answer here:
Baby baby do it to me rock me Baby baby do it to me rock me Amadeus Amadeus
I don't have the Casey Anthony verdict
Top 10 Most Recognizable Sports Fans
Get outta my dreams get in to my car get outta my dream get in to the back seat baby
10 Most Recognizable Sports Fans
The land lord say your rent is late He may have to litigate Don't worry
You spin me right round
I wonder if there is a culture that eats onions to get the minty taste out of their mouth
I am done with coins
You have 5 days to live
I just ate the silver foil looking tortilla on my Chipotle burrito and don't feel so hot
It a wet heat
I know a girl with one leg. Her name is Eileen
I hope Cubs get Asdrubal Cabrera for Fukudome
In the south
17 Jay Cutler Stink Faces
cubs or sox fan or neither/other? answer here:
rt:@NikiWithIssues- There was a piece of cake in the fridge with note “Don't eat meNow its empty plate and note “Don't tell me what to do"
I don't facebook on weekends
What do you like better
Solid as a rock And nothing changed it- The thrill is still hot
Instead of saying “that is so funny- please just laugh a real laugh
Are there more Cubs fans or White Sox fans? find out here
Post a weird piece of trivia here:
Happy mothers day too all the moms out there!
I want to thank everyone for all the bday wishes!
I am at the Red game
I need help with my lawn. Sod isn't taking. I am going to contact Chicago Park District about how they make Soldier Field grass so nice
Have you ever been on facebook before?
Landfills are so sad and empty with all the recycling going on
Why does every photo of people from the 70s look so creepy?
She my cherry pie
I wish life was in super slow motion
Ballpark Food Tournament
I have been walking around with a princess sticker stuck to my shirt for the first couple of hours at work
I have hat-head from the headphones I have at work to listen to the radio
If you die and your employer was gonna make a scholarship in your name
I accept Carlos Zambrano apology. But I take back the acceptance of the previous 5 apologies
I am so excited. Last night I just finished writing my invisible book
Annoying people have annoying ring tones
I wish there were more colors
Uptight personailities are laid back parents and laid back personalities are uptight parents
Send me the final version
I am officially applying to be the Cubs GM
Parenting our 3 year old is simply one bribe after the next
Put out a bowl of tootsie rolls at work. Wait a year. The bowl will still be full
I assume cologne wearers have BO they are covering up
RT @robhuebel There should be a dog food called
this is my first time using hash tags
I listen to punk music
NBA Shorts Length Over the Years
I am so sore from yesterday Iron Man
my high school band videos
Guy in train vestibule talking so loud- sounds like YELLING
If u haven't heard music yet- u definetly need to check it out
My favorite Irene photo
I will never understand why they don't call it “No Labor Day"
My goal every day when I get dressed is to avoid looking like a dork
If you could name yourself
I feel so 1959 sending snail mail. Which side of envelope does stamp go on?
Cubs and Gossip Girl are not on tonight
Ban Sidewalk Smoking in Chicago
The bears are who we thought they were
my hair cowlick is getting worse. cowlick. great word
I have worn a sweater 3 times in the past 8 days
I have two hundred and twenty two facebook friends and zero facebook enemies (unless some of you friends are secretly my enemy)
7 Best Road Rage Photos
Guy on my train is wearing gloves
Winter gloves
bandsage VS. by albums greatness
I am looking for music that has a good beat and I can dance to it
Does telemarketing work? If you have bought something via telemarketing
suicidal birds and squirrel on train tracks
I can't stand companyies that have those facebook and twitter stickers on their front door. You are not getting a like from me lame company
I can't stand companies that have those facebook and twitter stickers on their front door. You are not getting a like from me lame company
RIP REM. Are we ever going to find out the frequency from that Kenneth?
What is your favorite piece of clothing/outfit that you currently have? answer here:
Love love love the new facebook
I think nfl popularity would be cut in half if gambling went away
I was at the Bears game yesterday. The Packers won. Then we went home and ate tamales. They were too spicy
Cubs rookies hazing photo
I think Ozzie is an awesome manager but also an annoying poo head
what is best way to confront a bear attack? climb a tree? run? no. just stay in the pocket
Before the internet
If I was Steve Bartman
Everywhere I have worked - people love saying in-TRA-net instead of just intranet
I CAN'T BELIEVE I just thought of this
last night was the best night in baseball for me for years
I get dumber every time I hear someone say “it is what it is."
I assume all people that wear vests have cold ass arms
Someone needs to tell Cardinals they didn't win the division.
I wonder if college football will ever do anything for me?
I hope the Bulls get Terry Francona as their manager
This coffee is hot and has caffiene in it
Invisible Tape
I propose 100% more trades in fantasy football then I get proposed to me
All jimmy johns smell like bleach
Cutler on Dancing with the Stars
I just was doing shots at work! . of flu
If coaches all wore uniforms like Baseball coaches
Eat an apple today to honor stevie jobs
I am getting excited to be the old guy standing in the back at Riot Fest this weekend
Robin Ventura
Cubs fired Jim Hendry and now are hoping John Henry lets us talk to his GM
I feel less guilty eating carrot cake than red velvet cake because of the vegetable in the name
The 85 Bears should have just waited a few more months and went to White House with the 2011-12 Super Bowl Champ Chicago Bears
Cute Baby Animal Rankings
I just heard this on radio about the Bears last night: “if the Cubs played football
I can't stand when companies say features are free with the package I just bought for a pile of money
We got Theo
I can't stand people that try and enforce silent car rule on train.
I wish my hair was cooler looking
I was at the Bears game a few weeks ago
When you were a kid
This guy gets a hand on Hester - something that the Vikings couldn't do
MLB has it backwards. They should delay world series until cubs and red sox finalize Theo deal
I can control what I do and say
I hope we don't have to wait until April 1st to have the Red Sox tell us April fools that they are letting Theo come to the Cubs
I would LOVE to be a one of these judges
I will never understand the look that old men go for with their all black gym shoes and a suit. Comfort? Check. Look ridiculous? Check
I am not a fan of the expression “I agree to disagree.Please just say “I disagree."
Dear NBA - thanks for nothing. I am stuck doing fantasy NCAA hoops this year
I just saw Theo Epstein in Caribou Coffee. I asked him if he was Theo Epstein and he said yes
Today is the CubsWorld Series victory
I wish I could use the word “spooktacularyear round
Theo looks like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell
I just saw Theo at Dress Barn
Replies to “What up?or “How are you?
If you are looking for someone to smack
I think a barista at the Starbux I am at just had audible flatulence
I don't mind being stuck waiting for freight train because of all the great graffiti
Vote for your favorite pumpkin here -
great costume
Now that the World Series is over I can start watching Bulls hoops
Here are my 2 favorite Halloween costumes this year
Where are Bands From
I hope the Cardinals hire Quade
I am gonna stop saying “an oldie but a goodieand starting saying “a goodie but an oldie."
I went for a nice jog last night and then came home and ate handfuls of Halloween candy from my kidsstash
SPOILER ALERT: these plums in our fridge are spoiled
I just sneezed
I can't wait to leave work and have it be pitch black out. Thanks a ton daylight savings
I predict the Bear will win tonight
I predict the Bear will lose tonight
Google + should be renamed Google -
Wake me when Winter is over
Enjoy 11/11/11 - because we wont be here for 11/11/2111
TGIF that goat is fat
I like computer mice more than horror movies
WARNING: this post is NOT gluten free
In preschool I ate paste. Now I eat plain oatmeal. Tastes the same
Old man smells: listerine
Dear Yahoo: Stop teasing me. I know NBA games are cancelled. Stop putting them on my sports calendar
I am pro oxidant or anti antioxidants. Screw you blueberries and cranberries
I just ordered a Caleb Hanie jersey
Make your own preferred Thanksgiving dinner menu - answer here:
Bears need new 2nd string QB. Wrangler jeans guy?
I dont own an iPad but do own a heating pad
I have been camping out at the Villa Park Walmart parking lot since last night - waiting for Black Friday
Orton back to the Bears?
My 3 year old told me she is thankful for Halloween
So nice to have just 5 days of work after that long 4 day weekend
I hate glasses
3 screws and 2 pins
in Cutler thumb
Bulls need to get to work on more multiple threepeats
RT: Kathleen Jackson Allamby - They should call it AcquaintanceBook
Drodd Movie Tournament Launched!
Please start calling me Zebow
Santo denied entry in Hall of Fame - AGAIN
Ring out a Hoyas now 11 in rankings
My sources are telling me.. nothing
That would be fun if Pujols name was actually Crapgorge
Top 10 places people use their smart phones
California Angels of Los Angeles in Anaheim
I wish I was sick with a cold
Cardinals should have traded Pujols last season so they could have gotten more than a draft pick for him
Bears got Tebowed
RT @Aisle424: The Brewerslineup without Fielder or Braun will be like Aramis never left the Cubs
I need to know when all the tins of cookies and candy are gonna start showing up at work
I got a haircut last night and I had a hard time deciding if the back should be rounded or squared
It is getting very teblown out of proportion
This is a sign that the Cubs will get Fielder
RT CC_SoxFan White Sox 2011 slogan
I wonder what the lyric “pump up the jammeans
I feel so bad for Thanksgiving since there are no such thing as Thanksgiving carols
High schoolers suspended for Tebowing
Sam Turd
New fashion trend for 2012 
caleb hanie is worse than jay cutler at QB
Pics on My Walls
I wish I had a fireplace at work so I could be extra toasty
Last night i ate a twice frosted cupcake and went for jog and has to stop jogging because of that twice frosted cupcake
I am sitting here at Arby with Jon Bon Jovi. We are both NOT dead
Fa la la la la
FINALLY reached my goal- ran 1.8 miles in under 50 minutes
Favre Xmas Card
It isn't what it is. It is what it is not not. It is what it is
Wrap is such a lame word to represent a burrito
They can clone a sheep. I wish I could clone my favorite sweater in another color
The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're gonna hear about it!
I could get a lot of deals on clothes on the clearence rack if I liked the color salmon and wore size x-small
Glad I am back at work (away from the pile of Holiday sweets we still have at home)
Then and Now
I just feel awful for those who chose Beta over VHS
Is anyone else scared of stepping on a pin when you are in a dressing room?
The funniest internet photo I have seen this year
If you were going to start a company – what would you call it? answer here
If you're happy and you know it
My Christmas Cookie Rankings
Just a reminder- it is 2012
My New Year resolution is to buy more exercise equipment
Hey Jerry Angelo - whistle dixie
I am just going to get in the shower
I am out of the shower
Difference Between Boys and Girls
I need your help. I am starting a new society where extending your middle finger means hello and a simple wave means screw you
The Marlins Gatorade Machine
I wear size large shirts and 34x34 pants. Does anyone that also wears that size want to do a complete wardrobe exchange?
I have had enough of this freezing Winter weather
If I was a cell phone reception
Cubs traded Cashner for Rizzo from Padres = no Prince in Cubbie blue
Guess which house Elin Nordegren had torn down and which one we tore down
I would love if people started calling me The Captain or just Captain
New Rule: if you have a smelly lunch
(insert funny Facebook posting here)
A pregnant lady just gave me her seat on the bus
If you were a closer in baseball and they played a song when you entered the game
Facebook has a feature where you can hide people comments. I wish life had that feature
I am looking Minnesota but feeling California
Cyberspace is my new (old) term for Internet
Breaking Bad Valentine Day Cards
Does anyone know the website where people not on facebook that i went to high school with post stuff?

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