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Lessons Learned

Enjoy our growing list of lessons that we have learned


I am on a Diet Mountain Dew diet
Alternate Van Halen Jump lyics: “Might as well jump. unless you are on a ledge. Go ahead
In China
Years ago I was lead to believe that we would have stuff like heated sidewalks in the future. Well - where are they?
Cleveland got Lebron!
I wished I lived in a world where companies sent my company tins of caramel popcorn like every couple of weeks and not just before the Holidays
Take on me. Take me on
# of playoff wins Bears had this year = 0. <br />
Packers did not win
I am so smart. I just figured out the reason for all the dog sh!t on the sidewalk - it because the snow is almost all melted
I can't picture the old Cubs GM doing this.
MTV should rename itself NOMTV
I just ran 7 miles
Since wikipedia is down
I am protesting Wikipedia being down by keeping drodd.com up
I dont like sopa. I do like soap
Peyton Manning says Rob Lowe is on fire
Do I have spinach in my teeth or snots on my face?
I just realized that Men Wearhouse is spelled wear - like wear clothes
I miss naps
I would be an awesome weather man
This handicap stall is bigger than my first apartment
I am excited for interviews on my sports radio from the Super Bowl next week where like Joe Montana talks about how great some product is
I think a cool job would be being a seeing eye person for a blind dog
I can't believe the Tigers got Cecil Fielder
Chubby very young Prince Fielder throws a baseball during Tigers batting practice - he wearing Cubs pants!
Prince Fielder
Demi Moore is addicted to red bull
Dog talking to horse on phone
I asked my dentist how often he flosses
Wind blows
I am listening to new Bears GM Phil Emery press conference. About 2 minutes in - I am bored of guy already
top ten inanimate objects that I would not want to be in my next life
Drodd.com Super Bowl commercial leaked
Happy 10th Bday drodd.com
If anyone knows where to get one - I am looking to rent a groundhog to do the whole shadow thing with my kids tomorrow
I hope the groundhog sees his shadow so we have more of these 50+ degree “winterdays
Justin Timberlake 90s Hair or Dry Ramen Noodles?
My Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots win
My Super Bowl Prediction: Giants win
I think I am coming down with something. Oh wait
We can wear jeans to work on Friday
Jimmy Butler and I both went to Marquette but after college I decided not to play for the Bulls
Hey NFL. Look at me. I am calling it the Super Bowl (not the Big Game)
Never too early to start planning my 2012 four to seven day long World Series Parties
I am at dance class
Urlacher tweeted about his Samsung commercial from his iPhone
MY Super Bowl MVP was the dude banginhis groin on the wire at halftime show
Listening to corn eatinsome korn
The clearing the throat noises are really tripping me out
The “Z
I was on jonathon brandmeier on WGN radio
I was going to make fresh in my mouth but I am all out of Mentos. This is not a joke
216 hours until pitchers and catchers report
What can I do to win back all the people that have defriended me?
I can honestly say that current me would be a little scared if I ran into 18 year old me on the street
MIA Middle Finger:
And iiiii ee iiii will always love uuu and iii will always love uuu u uuu
Guess which couch is the one that I fall asleep on watching Border Wars and which one Jeremy Lin Sleeps On In New York
let me know if you want a pinterest invite - send me your email
I hope I get a Cubs World Series Victory for Valentines Day
Dark chocolate does not deserve to have the word chocolate in it name. It should be called Bitter Crap
I have bowling tonight 10YearsAgo
I am so happy that my Tebowmania has pretty much worn off but now I think I am cathing Linsanity
I like to Tivo the local news. I fast forward the first 29.5 minutes and the murders news to the last 30 seconds and the feel good story
I saw a camel
If you got $500 that you had to blow on yourself what would you get? answer here
I think we are having leftovers to celebrate Fat Tuesday tonight. Oh and I might also have a thin mint girl scout cookie
I showed up to Spring Training in the best shape of my life
For 1st time in a long time I can say I have seen one of the Oscar nominations. The Descendents. But I have seen the punk band not movie
Here are my filled out brackets
I have also used the “Fed Ex is closedexcuse to get out of shipping pee
another one of Ryan Braun defenses was he has to take drugs to keep his gigantic eyeballs from launching out of his face when he sneezes
I am SO happy Moneyballs won for best in the world!
NLS (Not laughing silently) is the lol of 2012
I just caught a coworker reading the choking hazard poster in the cafeteria
i have all my family pics and videos here
I have seen 22% of my Facebook friends in person over the past year. (54/241)
Warm weather makes me happy
I think it is the same guy that wears shorts on 54 degree Spring day wears down puffy coat in 54 degree Fall day
I think my breath still smells from yesterday lunch
Does anyone know who I need to talk do about changing the world calendar to 8 day week? 5 work days
Running Perspiration<br />
“Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air"
My Hair in My Life
Cubs Win the World Series
2 homers for Soriano. He is already hitting bombs when games don't count
Caleb Hanie out as backup? Payton Manning to backup Cutler?
If I could turn back time
I can't find a cell phone for my wife that won't cost us 100 bones a month. She is just an old school texter
I just saw Peyton Manning getting of a city bus in Lake Forrest near Halas Hall
next best 4 words after pitchers and catchers report - “cubs tickets on sale"
I forgot to change our clocks. What time is it?
if i know the Bears - they will not get either vincent jackson or mario williams
bears got brandon marshall!
Cold out
My least favorite websites are the ones that are down
Blago wore a striped shirt on his flight to Colorado
Glad I am at work and dont have to deal with the perfect weather and ncaa hoops
At car dealer
I predicted Manning landing spot back on March 8th
I just paid a bill thru snail mail for 1st time in like a year. I feel dirty
my 4 year old daughter just told my wife she is writing in her diarrhea
If it is 85 degrees today - will it be 137 degrees in August?
Old men that hang out at Starbucks really like to tell each other not funny jokes
The music at this Starbucks is so bad it is making me want to ban listening to music altogether
Ring Out Ahoya - Marquette
I am trying to eat more healthy so I got a fruit filled doughnut
I just turned down the Illini hoops job
I need to work on my fake laugh. It sounds fake
I need Cubs baseball
Chances of getting murdered are 8000 times better than winning this big lottery
Can someone please get WGN back on my DirecTV by Thursday when the Cubs season starts?
If you were a dj what would be your name? answer here:
Allgergy medicines don't work anymore so I am just gonna cut off my nose
Earn $1 by clicking the thumbs up for this post
I am giving up candy and swearing for Lent
Cubs lost today but I don&#8217;t care because we will win the World Series in 2017
I want a real bunny for Easter. I will name him bun bun
I have mad respect for the dude next to me on the train kicking it old school with the portable CD player
4 games into seaon
I am done with Google + after their recent redesign. Oh wait
Cubs are within striking distance - only 3.5 games out
My age is getting in the way of being cool
I love watching old people on smartphones and tablets
I am planing on retiring
Unlike Forte
I would say close to 100% of the time when people say they have &#8220;one more change&#8221; - about 100% of the time there is more than 1 change
I can&#8217;t believe the Cubs let Moyer go&#8230;. 23 years ago
Dick Clark died
I just can&#8217;t help but think that cologne/perfume wearers are covering up some other scent
My brother in law has a dog named Hot Tubs
My 2 year old wants someone to invent ice cream that didnt give her brain freezes
I am not an event planner
CVS sells Chicago Bears kleenex but I am a Bears fan. I want to blow snot in Packers kleenex
The 1st thing I would buy when I get rich
If they can make a toilet that knows when to flush automatically
Cailyn and I just left wizard of oz musical at drury lane - super performance
I hope Andrew Luck drops to the Bears at 19
If you formed a band
Great Headline: David Stern suspends World Peace
My daughter is an Olympic medal winner! (but so is every other kid in her pre school Olympics event this morning)
The 10 Annoying Phrases People Need To Stop Using
Hey Evan Turner - Bulls are a better matchup for you? you wanted to get beat by 20 instead of 30?
Gonna try and shoot a perfect game at mullet bowling reunion tonight (or break 100)
I hope d rose&#8217;s knee is ok for Tuesday&#8217;s game
Converse: &#8220;Rose would have not blow out his knee if he was wearing Chuck Taylors.&#8221;
Dear Google
Is my forehead getting bigger or my hair going bye bye?
Are older dudes serious with their mustaches and like didn&#8217;t lose a bet
I just heard about Holi
I have 10 tattoos but I feel kind of intimidated when I interact with people with visible tats
Happy Cuatro de Mayo!!!
I hope it rains more today
I don&#8217;t know when to stop wearing Winter sweaters
I have a coworker that follows up EVERY email with a verbal
I am kinda sick of earth. I want to move to Super Earth
I wonder if the Bulls would have won last night if drose and Joe Kim were healthy and played
6 times a day. That is how many times I have to move out of the way of someone walking right at my typing a note on their phone
I was sitting next to older man in train station this morning. His breakfast was a container of alfafa sprouts and then a can of sandines
Name that tune: &#8220;I&#8217;m not waiting around for the sun to come out of the clouds&#8221;
Raisins are nature&#8217;s candy - nature&#8217;s gross wrinkly candy
I have never heard a Justin Bieber song
If the Cubs win the World Series
The difference a couple of weeks makes
I would say that I like maybe 2% or 3% of art and furniture
Facebook sucks ever since it went public
Dusty Baker Used Toothpick for sale
I hope my kids run up and hug me in my cube at work when I retire. #KerryWood
I am looking for help developing an app that automatically dumps a call people make from their bluetooth earpiece enabled phone to my phone
I am glad NATO is over so awful traffic jams and horrible rush hours are back to normal
Let&#8217;s admit something embarassing from yester year. I will go first. I like the band WHAM! from the 80s
best and worst cake filling? check out
Memorial Day fun -
I just peed in the kids pool and it turned purple
Life Insurance salesman should rename themselves Human Life Appraisers
Chicago Facebookers: can someone tell me when NATO is over? I need to get back to work downtown soon
I wish the north side baseball team played the friars every game. sweep
I have a solution. Hawk Harrelson should be an ump. He can make the right calls and we wouldnt have to hear him say &#8220;bleeping me&#8221; anymore
We have been in our new house for a year and in suburbs for 2 years
If I started a band they would sound half like Larry Arms and half The Invalids
I am not happy about my franchise tag at work. This is a business. I am just trying to do what is best for me and my family
Naptime spray - funny
Anyone still buy cds?
Jorge Soler - puts the Cub in Cuban
I am celebrating Flag Day with my blue Cubs lose flag flying proudly in my front yard
How many times a day should I tell my dentist I floss at my appointment tonight?
very cool site - should check it out
I want to wish my dad the happiest Father&#8217;s Day this weekend. Oh wait
What have you eaten the most of in your life. Mine is either Cheese-Its or sunflower seeds
My favorite work emails are the ones with the subject &#8220;one quick favor.&#8221; Those always end up being like 4 long favors
British accent teen asked me-pardon me- do u know where the willis tower is?-in my thickest chicago accent i said-ya mean da sears tower?
shouldnt people say &#8220;pun intended?&#8221;
4th of July needs to be moved to a Monday every year like Memorial day. please retweet/thumbs up facebook this
Alaska is one-fifth of the continental US land mass
Guy held door for another dude
I am thinking about creating my own dog breed but that is weird so I think I still want to just get a cat
Rizzo getting called up for Tuesday&#8217;s game. I hope he can bat 3rd
I am only 7 in dog years
Since Derrick Rose will be hurt most of next season
Drought. I have not cut our lawn in like a month
I can&#8217;t believe that Rizzo got snubbed from All Star team
Complete Guide to Fireworks
Thanks so much for all the 4th of july wishes FB friends! I am so grateful to share such a great day with all of you!
Scientology pushed me away from Tom Cruise
Pretend that you have a boat
This is a post about the hot weather
Almost every day I see someone on a kick scooter. Here is how I rank the weirdness of the people on them from weirdest to not weird
This All Star Break from my fantasy baseball i plan on spending time with my family
just heard Steven Tyler do a PSA on radio
I had a nightmare last night that I was a home inspector and Holmes on Homes was working on a house I did and found something that was not on the report
if Bud Selig wants the All Star game to mean something. He should cancel the World Series and have the All Star game replace it to determine if American league team is better than the National League team
6 best words in English language &#8212;&gt; All Star Break is Over Tomorrow
Tom Cruise is getting divorced from Nicole Kidman
Logan Morrison from Marlins made sex tape
I am sick of small plate restaurants. Give me big plates and give them to me now
The most manly thing I do is change the oil on our house generator
I have Justin Upton on my list of guys I can block the Cubs to trading for
I have no idea how to reply when people greet me with &#8220;What&#8217;s the good word?&#8221;
A few weeks ago I started to eat more healthy and exercise about 4 times a week. It has made me feel like crap
Worst Superheroes?
I need news that is not Penn Statey or James Holmesy
Chad Johnson
Conrad Murray killed Sherman Hemsley
All MLB trade talk suspended until Twitter outage ends
I am a man! It is only 4:34 and my 5&#160;o&#8217;clock shadow is here
My 4 year olds 2 favorite things about going to visit grandparents in Arizona - their pool and Gran letting her play with her Halloween decorations
I have been bracing myself for years for the day when I have to buy pants with a bigger waist size
&#8220;Buck Naked and Arested for DUI&#8221; - every country song is basically the same
tonight is my 1st night as a replacement official at the Bears game tonight - wish me luck!
My daughter got a pet fish and spent most of the time after we brought the fish home pretending to be a cat that was going to eat the fish
I am thinking about dying my brown hairs gray to match the gray ones
Dork Tournament - 2nd round posted!!
RG3 is
Prince Harry reminds me of this guy Crazy Dan I went to college with
I enjoy when people say &#8220;I love tweeter. I read twits a lot&#8221;
August 27 is National Dr. Odd Day. Take some time to celebrate and be sure to vote in drodds dork tourney
8 vegetables in V8 are tomatoes
I am very excited for the future when I can buy a triple breasted suit
I hope Android doesnt turn out to be Beta
Does anyone know what NFL players are going to get hurt or stink this year? I am trying to come up with a fantasy draft plan
I am at the point in my life when the only thing I look for in a new pair of pants is an elastic waistband
Andrew unLuck #Bears
a called on the Waddle and Slivie show just said this to explain Green Bay: &#8220;the men are men
The Chicago Bears are moving to the ACC in every sport except football
The estimated ratio of insects to humans is 200 million to one
Kate middleton and harry have gotten naked and photographed
Great washroom tip
I just realized how funny I am
I am sick of gravity - being stuck to the ground all day
I have roasted marshmallows on a campfire before
There is a Lids near my work. I have never seen a customer or even an employee in there
The NFL is looking for ideas on how to generate more interest in the Pro Bowl. Here is my idea. If my fantasy team makes it to the Championship
I like the replacement refs. When 2 of them make different calls on same play - at least they know one of them is right
Josh Hamilton is a caffeine addict
Foot Locker: &#8220;NFL Replacement Refs Do NOT Work For Us&#8221;
I am running many kilometers for a charity but am not asking for donations since I am not running many kilometers for a charity
I have Cubs tickets for sale for tonights game. Section 122
I haven&#8217;t had a good old fashioned face pimple in a while
Cubs are #1 
If Kerry Wood didn&#8217;t retire
Go Braves. Go Orioles
Hester got 112 horizontal return yards yesterday. #Bears
popcorn kernel stuck in teeth for few days
I am aware of breast cancer
I finally got a recipe on Allrecipes!
if the Bears would have played this weekend
I just got a flu shot. They need to change the name to No Flu shot
We were doing shots at work today!!!
Can I finally take off my yellow Livestrong bracelet?
The Browns helmets are orange. Yellow company&#8217;s trucks are orange. This team and company needs to change their name or color
Lady shooshing is more annoying than person talking on phone on quiet car of my train
I posted this last year but thought I would post again this year. here are my Halloween costumes over the years
Best 2 man Halloween costume I have EVER seen
Don&#8217;t forget to set your clocks ahead on Tuesday
Olive Garden customers with an “I Votedsticker can get a free Dolcini dessert with the purchase of an entrée
why do we park in driveways and drive on parkways?
I think Cutler got the concussion from his creepy mustache. Let&#8217;s find another way for our QB to celebrate Movember
Where does lint collect on people with outies? 
Andrew Bynum Captain Kangeroo
Turkeys and cranberries don&#8217;t have lot to be thankful for this time of year
I call today &#8220;the Tuesday after Cyber Monday.&#8221;
It is 2012
I am so excited about the Kate Middleton pregnancy news!
Fun game with my kids - we substitute random word in kids books that we read with the word &#8220;butt.&#8221; don&#8217;t tell my wife
I don&#8217;t undestand how old people drink hot drinks like coffee with a meal. That can&#8217;t be refreshing and doesn&#8217;t seem like it would wash anything down
I can&#8217;t help but think the Bears problems recently are my fault. I have been wearing my white road jersey when the Bears are on the road and my blue jersey when they are at home. Should I have worn my white road jersey when the Bears are on at home and my blue jersey when they are on the road. I am so sorry everyone
Why do all Jimmy Johns smell like bleach?
According to my calculations
If the world doesnt end I am going to have a ton of work to catch up on
Rex Grossman is our Quarterback
My New Year&#8217;s resolution is to go to the gym more
I just got done with my Bears head coach interview. There were 4 or 5 other guys in waiting room to go in after me
i just drank a stage 2 Gatorade without eating that stage 1 Gatorade jelly first
I do not trust car salesman and adults that ride kick scooters
White Sox 2005 champs ring for sale
I just admitted to Oprah that I had 3 cookies last night when I told my wife I only had 2
I obviously never want to see my kids hurt but I really really do enjoy when they ask me to help them with a boo boo on their middle finger. I turn around and see them giving me the bird. 
Manti Te&#8217;o is Jan from Brady Bunch
great - now we have to hear from Teo that also Santa isnt real
before the Bears hired Trestman
Harbowl or Super Bro?
Mustard liquid FREAKS me out
I was just sitting here wondering if any online hoaxers have used my photo to Te&#8217;o someone
It is weather out
I hope some time in the future we can start calling the Big Game - the Super Bowl
I get very nervous when I get into an elevator that smells like flatulence. Will someone join me in the elevator before I get to my floor and blame me for the smell?
My favorite football game during this years Super Bowl commercials was the Super Bowl
i wish the snots were not in my nose anymore
Derrick Rose is never coming back. this stinks! he said he won't come back until he is 110% which obviously is not possible
I forgot a hanky today
my 5 year old learned at school that puke is a synonym for vomiting
This is the best name for a rapper of all time
Why is it that a non handicapped person can get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot but not for using a handicap stall in the bathroom?
Happy Easter <br />Happy Father&#8217;s Day <br />Happy Halloween <br />Happy Mother&#8217;s Day <br />Happy St. Patrick&#8217;s Day <br />Happy Valentine&#8217;s <br />Happy New Year&#8217;s<br />Happy Thanksgiving <br />Happy Fourth of July
I just looked up how thet get the different color pope smoke: Black smoke is straw is mixed with the ballots and white smoke is flax being burned
Best 4 words in the English language:  Fantasy baseball draft tonight
I would love to get my hands on a list of all the stuff my parents told me when I was a kid that was either made up or BS
I officially want to offer the Cubs free land to play their games in my backyard
I dont fill out brackets anymore. I havent done them for 2 years. It is liberating. I can also tell you that I find it even more annoying hearing from people how bad they are doing in their brackets.
when sports players cry
is it drug sniffing dog or dog sniffing drugs?
I wonder if martians debate whether humans exist
Here are all my facebook profile photos from the history of time http://t.co/QbksL5gihl
Happy Easter
I just looked up how thet get the different color pope smoke: Black smoke is straw is mixed with the ballots and white smoke is flax...
Best 4 words in the English language: Fantasy baseball draft tonight
I would love to get my hands on a list of all the stuff my parents told me when I was a kid that was either made up or BS.
Name a tv character that best represents your personality.
I officially want to offer the Cubs free land to play their games in my backyard.
I wonder if martians debate whether humans exist.
Jedd Gyorko (Jerk-O) of the san diego padres is my favorite name of a player ever.
I want to be the first to wish everyone the happiest Memorial Day next Monday.
BIG night tonight in Chicago sports #CubsAngels
I miss new Coke.
Here is my least favorite reply when I ask someone a question:
I hope Blackhawks win the World Series. It all starts tonight!!!
just launched big project at work
if a hockey player's belt buckle injures their body - is that an upper or lower body injury?
I am going to take a break from Facebook.
I stay up and watch all of the Cubs west coast games.
we are having fish for dinner
i just want to give a shout out the the people that still say h tt p colon slash slash w w w dot
these are my least favorite answers to these questions:
the Cubs are a better team than the Cardinals in the history of the world. they are 1176-1118 vs the red birds
witty post
i went to marianos fresh market last night and it is so awesome. felt like a jewel dominicks whole foods and traders joes all in one
It's goldschmidt Jerry goldscmidt #godbacks
we watch a lot of hdtv. i dislike when the people say 'man cave' and when a couple jokingly says that the wife gets the huge closet.
MLB and these Biogenesis guys need to step up and apologize to all the people affected by this ordeal. specifically fantasy owners.
what is your favorite number and why?
tgif - totally got itchy feet. i dont know if it is these shoes or dry skin or what

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