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Lessons Learned

Enjoy our growing list of lessons that we have learned

ever since I was a kid
I can't believe it has been another year already. Today is the 2nd annual Dr. Odd Day! Enjoy! http://t.co/WPnM4kI7D7
with the wind chill
best slang for nose pick is 'pick a winner' or 'digging for gold'
I hope everyone has an awesome veterans day. party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really really hope this was all the snow that we get this Winter
I would take a meal in a bowl over a plate anyday.
I pick the Bulls to win the NBA championship this year.
@packers I have aaron rodgers on my fantasy team
@t_masahiro18 please pick the Cubs. We need you so bad and I want to see a Cubs World Series win in my lifetime.
http://t.co/DasX5ZeGtA is a yellow pages directory and a messaging platform. It is currently a pilot in Chicago http://t.co/wdtCg8tW0Z
i hope these politicians still leave us these nice voicemails on our landline after they lose the election
@TheCCO I really find your tweets like
@JulieDiCaro @QuigsAndFinfer so upset. I listen to your station from sun up to sunrise. I dont want to have to go back to espn1000 or SCR.
@jhsthegame https://t.co/3F9neI3tgq brings up a page that is not Jarrett's
I just sneezed on my sleeve like you are supposed to do.
Pics of Dogs http://t.co/XtajY7cg3V
Winter Clip Art http://t.co/sVU5LroaFz
Top Dog Names http://t.co/CWwJZpn0Ep
Girl Dog Names http://t.co/68b0zopGj0
Best Dog Names http://t.co/aMOo3UnjLl
Large dod breeds http://t.co/AyqRayx2DF
Large dod breeds http://t.co/3ztc5DIZu0
Mickey Mouse Story - Big Bear Scare http://t.co/tvvX25RFe4
Cat Breeds List http://t.co/HEipRFC7jj
Bengal Cat http://t.co/MDliplGr2m
Cat Breeds http://t.co/nG7e1McgVN
Unique Baby Names http://t.co/9R2EsM6kNw
Unique Baby Names 2015 http://t.co/sSrlVc8g56
Maine Coon http://t.co/aYtH0nCERT
Unique Girl Names http://t.co/UJe2Y27Pbx
Samsung Wallpaper http://t.co/Dc57DyHJfJ
Dragon Tattoo http://t.co/vqXR3JfAI7
Graffiti Images http://t.co/QfrVupEF0l
Art Deco http://t.co/XDxGvmPOdF
Pencil Drawings http://t.co/I8q6t3J2Qe
Bird Tattoo http://t.co/nmoB0zm6Gf
Pancake Recipe http://t.co/4Iyaz2VFsY
Maori Tattoos http://t.co/EqMJmudu1n
Greek Names http://t.co/mM2t3MgPsN
Maori Tattoo http://t.co/4Yo9kCmxCJ
Super Bowl Winners http://t.co/uiSkFTfnRW
Funny gifs http://t.co/q4hSSzf6VC
Softball Team Names http://t.co/mlkDcWy6aT
Volleyball Team Names http://t.co/3YxMNSZt9o
Bowling Team Names http://t.co/UJv2jeEEhA
Kickball Team Names http://t.co/qLVT48HPgn
Dragon Ball Z http://t.co/Ov0H4R2fmp
meme faces http://t.co/A7cJPWG1gK
x-men cartoon http://t.co/JqJAR3uBzy
x-men movie http://t.co/CAQcD1Uuiu
My Little Pony Characters http://t.co/ySDXy4PfJs
Easter Wallpaper http://t.co/CPMoNL0Bkg
Screenshot on PC http://t.co/S79z12eewt
What Does My Name Mean http://t.co/N1xtinCwUV
Word clouds are a fun way to show words
Turtle Names http://t.co/eBoASqcHau
German Shepherd Names http://t.co/ICFBICYLdG
Popular Dog Names http://t.co/buvNhiVxfR
Funny Dog Names http://t.co/3ZnJEgbkiE
Boy Puppy Names http://t.co/NLpiZs2ooj
is diarrhea men-struation? i get it once a month.
A sliding scale sounds like the most fun way to find out you are fat
A temp just ate like five slices of pizza
Also my daughter just informed me that her American Girl doll came with a gluten allergy so I am just going to go drive for a while.
I get uncomfortable when people call me a genius. Maybe cause of their eye rolling and finger quotes.
Hey I noticed that you liked everyones Facebook comment but mine opening line to an email I am sure I will receive one day.
of times I have had Portillos today 2
6 best words in English language and8212andgt All Star Break is Over Tomorrow
6 times a day That is how many times I have to move out of the way of someone walking right at my
7 Best Road Rage Photos httpbitlyrgYF50
8 vegetables in V8 are tomatoes carrots celery beets parseley lettuce watercress spinach
No thanks nightmare button pictwittercomLdr7DK37ob
Only 90s kids will remember this me illegally moving to America and stealing your job
Oops I followed several people who are angry about the same old shit every day
Position Life Coach Qualifications 1 Knows motivational quotes 2 Is moderately attractive 3 Cannot get real job
I talk a lot of shit about bands for someone who gave Kid Rock $1895 when he was 17
I was homeschooled and our school mascot was a half-unloaded dishwasher
I will watch any movie that involves going to regionals
if anyone has reason for these two not to wed speak now or forever hold your THE FLOWER GIRL IS A WITCH!
If I ever saw a live crab walk into my living room Id probably just leave the world
If I worked at Subway I would say Ew gross after placing each item you asked me to put on your breakfast sandwich
If this whole twitter thing doesnt work out we can all get jobs writing for a company that makes mildly disturbing fortune cookies
If you ask me when Im gonna have a baby I will pepper spray you
If you put your car in neutral I can tow it a few feet if we tie it to my ponytail
If your waiter says Enjoy! and you say You too! they are allowed to eat half of your food
If youre a high school teacher who bombs on Jeopardy I wouldnt blame you for starting a new life rather than face your students
Im an adult and I can eat whatever I want whenever I want and I wish someone would take this power from me
Im at the public library saying Ah thats a great movie to everyone who picks up a book
Interview Tip wear your tie around your head like rambo so they know youre serious about business
It would be a bummer if your psychic friend gave you a prosthetic hand for Christmas
Job interview tip Bring a corn dog for your interviewer too
Maintain a youthful appearance by eating Cheerios out of a baggie at work meetings
The thing that separates us most from animals is our ability to administer sick burns to each other through a global network of computers
the worst thing about my local coffee shop is the parfait cup doesnt come with granola + i was attacked by a homeless man there
There is no non-creepy way to peer out your blinds
Thinkpieces Hey are you enjoying something? Not so fast
This cashier has no idea that Im buying the book 25 000 Baby Names because my wife is a queen ant and were having 25 000 babies
This isnt going to workout -my body
This one scared the hell out of me pictwittercomapJaZWKSUF
Tired of admiring someone? Follow them on twitter for a while!
Turn off Retweets should just be called Strike One
Want to sound smart while watching the Olympics? Mutter poor form every few minutes
What goes around frequently just goes around
When I was little my Nana went to live on a farm where she could run free and play with all the other Grandmas
Whenever I hear someone call my name my first instinct is to walk faster
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Take a deep breath and tell me what happened chihuahuas
You can tell the dad strolling around the park with the ukelele really just wants to be left alone
You know you live in a classy neighborhood when it rains and everyone dresses like Paddington Bear
Sorry I keep apologizing for my increasingly absurd actions instead of just not doing them
Stop saying you forgot to eat THATS NOT EVEN A THING
Supercuts is one step away from handing you the scissors and saying Here you fix it
Sure I have body issues I cant fucking fly
Taking a crapload of karate books back to the library
The Tonight Lets Remember That Thing We All Like Show with Jimmy Fallon
My dog surprised me with a dead chipmunk but I was really hoping for a panini maker
My favorite thing about airports Probably the people
My niece is running around without a shirt screaming pizza and now so am I
My uncle says Obamas got that plane
Worst Superheroes httpz31netf4
Would you rather eat off a food court tray or gas station toilet httpjmpgQEn8M
Years ago I was lead to believe that we would have stuff like heated sidewalks in the future Well -
Yesterday I wore 1st sweater of year now today I have chapped lips Damn you colder weather
You have 5 days to live name 5 places you want to eat at one last time before you die answer here
You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round
Maybe Im gonna get in hot water for saying this but does anyone have a Jacuzzi
maybe shes born with it cut to baby emerging from vagina wearing full eye makeup the doctor shrieks pulls fire alarm
Where is the beef
Which of these things did not happen to me this morning slipped on ice spilled coffee ripped
White Sox 2005 champs ring for sale httpbitlyWGTYiw
Why are baseball managers ejected all the time but coaches in other sports are rarely tossed
Why do all Jimmy Johns smell like bleach
Why do I stay up to midnight to watch the Cubs lose
why do we park in driveways and drive on parkways
Why does every photo of people from the 70s look so creepy
Why is it that a non handicapped person can get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot but not for
We were doing shots at work today
Went to town meeting to hear what they had to say about flooding It was just very annoying old people yelling at the people on the stage
What can I do to win back all the people that have defriended me
What color should we make our new house
What do you like better TV Shows or Movies Answer here httpdroddcom
What have you eaten the most of in your life Mine is either Cheese-Its or sunflower seeds
what is best way to confront a bear attack climb a tree run no just stay in the pocket
What is he looking at httpjmphPH6Fx
This guy gets a hand on Hester - something that the Vikings couldn not do httptribinoSGy0R
This is a sign that the Cubs will get Fielder httpz31netP
This is the best name for a rapper of all time
Those huge fake spiders people are putting on their house this year for Halloween are honestly creepin me out a little
Today is the Cubs World Series victory
Todays tip wash your hands after you go to the bathroom
Tomorrow is 11111
tonight is my 1st night as a replacement official at the Bears game tonight - wish me luck
Top 10 Funniest Kidand039s Halloween Costumes jmp9HHs05
Top 10 Most Recognizable Sports Fans httpjmpqkSxwj
Top 10 places people use their smart phones httpz31netJ
Top 15 Ugliest Shoes httpjmpfoT6p4
Top 21 Pieces of Graffiti pingfmJyF55
top ten inanimate objects that I would not want to be in my next life httpz31neta6
Trick or treat I want treats
Turkeys and cranberries donand8217t have lot to be thankful for this time of year
Unlike Forte I want to be franchised for 7 million
very cool site - should check it out httpwwwfacebookcom
Vote for your favorite pumpkin here - httpz31netx
Warm weather makes me happy cold weather makes me angry
WARNING this post is NOT gluten free
We are going to pick our house colors soon
We closed on our lot Now we need to build a house
We donand039t have a rake so I mow the leaves
We finally got a closing date on the lot we are going to build on
We got a black cat walking through our yard
We got Theo httpbitlyo5ZOsU
The absolute funniest thing happened to me today
The Browns helmets are orange Yellow companyand8217s trucks are orange This team and company needs
The Cubs have been bad this year I donand039t know if I can take a bad Bears season
The difference a couple of weeks makes httpwwwdroddcomimages8rosejpg
The funniest internet photo I have seen this year httpz31netae
The information highway needs a new nickname
The lamest expression in the world = it is what it is
The land lord say your rent is late He may have to litigate Don not worry be happy
The Marlins Gatorade Machine httpz31netam
The NFL is looking for ideas on how to generate more interest in the Pro Bowl Here is my idea If
The older I get my fondness for cabbage grows and grows
The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances I got a lot of problems with you
Then and Now httpz31netab
Theo looks like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell httppingfmUlYOj
There are movie trailers in front of my office
There is a Lids near my work I have never seen a customer or even an employee in there ever
They can clone a sheep I wish I could clone my favorite sweater in another color
They don not deserve a Stanley Cup - so glad they didn not get it - httpbitlykpfBvv
They need to change the name to andquotNo Labor Dayandquot
This All Star Break from my fantasy baseball i plan on spending time with my family maybe do a
Prince Fielder Miguel Cabrera weigh only 130 pounds less than entire 84 Tigers infield
Prince Harry reminds me of this guy Crazy Dan I went to college with if anyone knows Dans last name
Push butt rub hands gently under arm
Put out a bowl of tootsie rolls at work Wait a year The bowl will still be full
Raisins are natureand8217s candy - natureand8217s gross wrinkly candy
Replies to What is up or How are you httpz31netu
RG3 is httpenwikipediaorgwikiRex_Grossman
Ring Out Ahoya - Marquette httpjmpeM8ANv
Ring Out Ahoya - Marquette httppingfmH3jY0
Ring Out Ahoya - new video httpjmpeM8ANv
Ring out Ahoya with an MU Rah Rah httpjmphUhWP7
RIP REM Are we ever going to find out the frequency from that Kenneth
RIP Uncle Leo httpjmpe3QcSm
Rizzo getting called up for Tuesdayand8217s game I hope he can bat 3rd 4th and 5th in Cubs
RT @Aisle424 The Brewers lineup without Fielder or Braun will be like Aramis never left the
RT @robhuebel There should be a dog food called Does it Really Fin Matter
RT CC_SoxFan White Sox 2011 slogan All In White Sox 2012 slogan All
RT drodd1039 Favre is retiring On a plane back to Mississippi
RT Raymond Lyle - Illinois Where Our Governors Make Our License Plates
RT Kathleen Jackson Allamby - They should call it AcquaintanceBook right
rt@NikiWithIssues- There was a piece of cake in the fridge with note Don not eat
Running Perspiration
She is my cherry pie cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
shouldnt people say and8220pun intendedand8221
SI Cover httpjmph7Jp7U
Since Derrick Rose will be hurt most of next season NBA should give the Bulls a higher draft pick
Since wikipedia is down can someone tell me who shot JR
Solid as a rock And nothing is changed it- The thrill is still hot hot hot hot hot hot
Someone needs to tell Cardinals they didn not win the division httpbitlynyyv5c
Son in Law is my 8th favorite movie httpjmpdQ8Eyx
SPOILER ALERT these plums in our fridge are spoiled
Sun keep shining
Take on me Take me on
Teand8217oing httpwwwdroddcomhtml4Te percent27oinghtml
TGIF that goat is fat httpbitlyrV1dTJ
Thanks so much for all the 4th of july wishes FB friends I am so grateful to share such a great day
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes
Thanksgiving dinner should include crab legs and fudge
The Z httppingfmgrO0c
The 10 Annoying Phrases People Need To Stop Using httpz31netfj
The 1st thing I would buy when I get rich httppingfmmAEsy
The 85 Bears should have just waited a few more months and went to White House with the 2011-12
If I was a cell phone reception I would only have 1 bar
If I was dressing up for Halloween I would be Snooki from the Jersey Shore
If I was Steve Bartman I would have taken all of the 6 figure endorsement deals I think about
If it is 85 degrees today - will it be 137 degrees in August
If Kerry Wood didnand8217t retire Cubs would have only lost 101 games
If some synonyms were going to be erased from our language choose the words you want to keep
if the Bears would have played this weekend they would have won BIG
If the Cubs win the World Series I will get a tattoo
I wonder if toilet manufacturers invest in Indian food restaurants
I wonder what itand039s like to be a squirrel
I wonder what the lyric pump up the jam means
I wonder why we have 2 ears 2 eyes 2 nostrils but only 1 mouth
I would be an awesome weather man because I am wrong ALL the time
I would LOVE to be a one of these judges httpz31netp
I would love to get my hands on a list of all the stuff my parents told me when I was a kid that was
I would say close to 100 percent of the time when people say they have and8220one more changeand8221 -
I would say that I like maybe 2 percent or 3 percent of art and furniture
I wish my arms were shorter or the sleeves on my shirts were longer
I wish the Cubs had doubleheaders every day so I had a game to listen to on the radio at work and
I wish the Cubs were in the World Series
I wish the north side baseball team played the friars every game sweep
I wish there was a store that only carried the products I use and it was open 24 hours a day and there was a location near my work and home
I wish there was never internet or website down time
I wish there was trick or treeting every weekend
I wish towns named after trees or rivers were renamed by me
I wished bands I like made more albums like 3 times as many or I wish other bands sounded exactly like bands I like
I wished I lived in a world where companies sent my company tins of caramel popcorn like every
I wonder if college football will ever do anything for me
I wonder if Smashing Pumpkins ever smashed any pumpkins
I think this is my least favorite thing in Microsoft Windows httpjmplrRMs6
I think we are having leftovers to celebrate Fat Tuesday tonight Oh and I might also have a thin
I thought by 2011 they would have invented a soft drink machine that can take bills with tiny folds
I trim my nails a lot
I turned down Cubs season tickets after 7 years on their waiting list
I want a real bunny for Easter I will name him bun bun
I want to thank everyone for all the bday wishes
I want to wish my dad the happiest Fatherand8217s Day this weekend Oh wait he is not on facebooks
I was at the Bears game yesterday The Packers won Then we went home and ate tamales They were too
I was going to make fresh in my mouth but I am all out of Mentos This is not a joke
I was jogging last night and could smell a smokers house from their sidewalk
I was just sitting here wondering if any online hoaxers have used my photo to Teand8217o someone
I was on jonathon brandmeier on WGN radio httpz31netaB
I was on my train looking out the window and I honestly think I saw a naked dude standing at his
I was sitting next to older man in train station this morning His breakfast was a container of
I wear size large shirts and 34x34 pants Does anyone that also wears that size want to do a
I went for a nice jog last night and then came home and ate handfuls of Halloween candy from my
I will never understand the look that old men go for with their all black gym shoes and a suit
I will never understand why they don not call it No Labor Day
I wish I could use the word spooktacular year round
I wish I never had to wait for a computer
I like computer mice more than horror movies httpz31net5
I like the replacement refs When 2 of them make different calls on same play - at least they know
I like to Tivo the local news I fast forward the first 295 minutes and the murders news to the
I love college football
I need a cupcake
I need boots and mittens for the Winter
I need help with my lawn Sod isn not taking I am going to contact Chicago Park District about
I need to work on my fake laugh It sounds fake
I need your help I am starting a new society where extending your middle finger means hello and a
I obviously never want to see my kids hurt but I really really do enjoy when they ask me to help
I posted this last year but thought I would post again this year here are my Halloween costumes
I posted this long time ago but thought I would resurrect it pingfmGZnPY
I predicted Manning is landing spot back on March 8th httpbitlyy7QKBD
I propose 100 percent more trades in fantasy football then I get proposed to me
I saw a camel monkey crocodile lemur bunny racoon and goose at the zoo yesterday
I skipped my porridge this morning and now I am starving
I still have to get my wife something from my kids for Mother is Day
I think Cutler got the concussion from his creepy mustache Letand8217s find another way for our QB
I think I am coming down with something Oh wait that is just Super Bowl fever
I think it is the same guy that wears shorts on 54 degree Spring day wears down puffy coat in 54
I think my breath still smells from yesterday is lunch
I think nfl is popularity would be cut in half if gambling went away
I think there is some caffeine in this coffee
I have probably wasted 9 minutes of my life listening to this andquotPlease leave a message after the tone When you have finished
I have roasted marshmallows on a campfire before but never on lava One can dream
I have seen 22 percent of my Facebook friends in person over the past year 54241
I have two hundred and twenty two facebook friends and zero facebook enemies unless some of you
I havenand8217t had a good old fashioned face pimple in a while
I hope d roseand8217s knee is ok for Tuesdayand8217s game
I hope Favre retires I need a new sports news story and I never liked his jeans commercials
I hope my kids run up and hug me in my cube at work when I retire KerryWood
I hope some time in the future we can start calling the Big Game - the Super Bowl again
I hope the Cubs make it to the Super Bowl
I hope the groundhog sees his shadow so we have more of these 50+ degree winter days
I hope we don not have to wait until April 1st to have the Red Sox tell us April fools that they
I just ate the silver foil looking tortilla on my Chipotle burrito and don not feel so hot
I just bought a race horse what should I name him please answer here httpjmpkVT23o
I just canand8217t help but think that cologneperfume wearers are covering up some other scent
i just drank a stage 2 Gatorade without eating that stage 1 Gatorade jelly first am I going to get
I just got a flu shot They need to change the name to No Flu shot
I just got done with my Bears head coach interview There were 4 or 5 other guys in waiting room to

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