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Fantasy Names

Browse through fantasy team names to find funny team names and cool team names.


Are you looking for the best fantasy team name? Find the perfect funny name for your fantasy football team. Check out our huge list of fantasy team names.

Fantasy Names


Check out our big list of funny and good names for the upcoming season. You need to find a good fantasy name that you will like for the whole season. Before you get your quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and star defender, you need a sweet team name. So without any further ado, here’s your list of suggestions.


Fantasy Football Names

  • LeVeon Let Die
  • Amari 2600
  • Dalvin and the Chipmunks
  • Bye Week
  • Dude You’re Getting an Odell
  • I Gotta Feely
  • And Hurns to you Allen Robinson
  • Smokin Weeden My Cribbs
  • Addai in your Sleep


Fantasy Baseball Names

  • A to the Rizzo
  • The Loney Bin
  • The Dynasty
  • Horst Hockey
  • Lake Placido
  • Cubbies
  • Holding Out for Masahiro
  • Red Sox Nation
  • Lindor Truffles


Fantasy Basketball Names

  • Harkless Bastards
  • Shark Tankers
  • Very Rich Paul
  • You’re Noah Good
  • A Place To Calderon
  • Yao know what I Ming
  • Don't Go Blakin' My Heart
  • Duncan Your Face
  • Free Dirk

Fantasy Racing Names

  • Lickthesplit
  • Smallz Boyz
  • Busch Makes My Dick Trickle
  • Danica " No Daddy"
  • Is That What Boris Said?
  • Catch Me If You Kahne
  • Busch Whacking


Fantasy Golf Names

  • Bringin' The Fred Funk
  • Gang Green
  • Puff Caddie
  • Tee-mendous Team
  • Duval's Roid Ragers
  • The Brick Heads
  • The Dirty ½ Dozen
  • The Drunken Wankers


Fantasy Soccer Names

  • Ivory Toast
  • Cabaye on chips
  • Ajax trees down
  • Crystal Phallas
  • Gareth fail
  • Skrtel Power
  • Haven’t Got A Kalou
  • Skrtel, Skrtel!


Fantasy Hockey Names

  • Eberle Hillbillies
  • The Eberle Brothers
  • Crash Test Domi
  • These Hossas Ain't Loyal
  • Shipping and Yandle-ing
  • Oshie Laichs It Ruff
  • Barkov up the Wrong Tree
  • Kovalchuk Yourself
  • Amazon Kindl Fire