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Fantasy Football Rules

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Fantasy Football Rules


We will be using the Yahoo Fantasy Sports website for our fantasy football league. Yahoo rules will apply except for a few modifications seen below. Changes can be made at the discretion of the Administrative staff.

1. Sportsmanship/Participant Conduct

Sportsmanship is important before, during, and after Intramural contests. Fantasy Football leagues will not meet in-person, however appropriate language must be used in all league draft and message boards. Appropriate images must also be used.

2. Team Names

Team names must be appropriate. Captains of teams that reference anything deemed inappropriate or offensive in their name will be contacted by Intramural Sports to change the team name. Intramural Sports reserves the right to change names at any time and without notice (based on circumstance).

3. Communication Efforts

Throughout the season and playoffs, Intramural Sports may attempt to contact teams and/or individuals on multiple occasions. Please do not ignore messages.

4. Rules of the Game

Playoffs- All teams will advance to the playoffs. Playoffs will be set up according to Yahoo standards.

5. The Draft

The draft will be held at a TBD date before the 1st week of the NFL season.
Owners will have one minute to make their draft selections.
All teams will draft a 14-man roster.

All leagues will have a snake draft. The drafts will commence online via Yahoo.com, so please be ready and properly logged in to the league page.
Snake Draft: Team owners participate in each round of the draft by taking turns selecting players in a snake draft format (i.e., 1-12, 12-1, 1-12, etc.). Each team drafts one player per round until all roster slots are full (including bench). Teams will have 90 seconds to make their draft selection each round.
Teams will be allowed to auto-pick if they wish to not attend the online draft.

6. Scoring

The goal of your team is to score more points than your weekly opposition by having your starting line-up perform better in their NFL games than your opponents.
Offensive 1. Passing Touchdowns: 4 points 2. Receiving/Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points 3. Rushing Yards: 1 point every 10 yards 4. Receiving Yards: 1 point every 10 yards 5. Passing Yards: 1 point every 30 yards 6. PAT: 1 point 7. Two point conversion: 2 points 8. Field Goals a. 3 points-39 yards or less b. 4 points-40 yards to 49 yards c. 5 points-50 yards or more 9. Interceptions: -2 points 10. Fumbles Lost: -2 points

Defensive/Special Teams 1. Interceptions: 2 points 2. Sacks: 1 point 3. Touchdown: 6 points 4. Safety: 2 points 5. Fumbles Recovered: 2 points 6. Blocked Kick/Punt: 2 points 7. Points Allowed a. 10 points – 0 points allowed b. 7 points – 1-6 points allowed c. 4 points – 7-13 points allowed d. 1 point – 14-20 points allowed e. 0 points – 21-34 points allowed f. -4 points – 35+ points allowed

All ties will be decided according to Yahoo league rules.

7. Weekly Rosters

All team rosters must be submitted online as restricted by Yahoo Fantasy Football
Each week’s roster should consist of 1. 1 quarterback 2. 2 Running Backs 3. 2 Wide Receivers 4. 1 Tight End 5. 1 Flex Position (Wide Receiver of Running Back) 6. 1 Kicker 7. 1 Defense

Team Roster Size

All teams in all leagues will be allowed the following roster guidelines:
Total Roster Size: 16
Total Starters: 9
Total Bench Players: 7

How you manage your roster is completely up to you! Roster allotments are as follows: Position


Starters Allowed

Quarterback (QB)


Running Back (RB)


Wide Receiver (WR)


Tight End (TE)


Flex Position (RB/WR/TE)


Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)




Bench Personnel (BE)

7 (Remaining Roster Players)

Rosters must be set by the time each starting position player’s team kicks off for that week.

8. Scoring


  • Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards passing
  • Passing Touchdowns: 4 points
  • Interceptions: -2 points
  • Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
  • Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
  • Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown: 6 points
  • 2-Point Conversions: 2 points
  • Fumbles Lost: -2 points


  • PAT Made: 1 point
  • FG Made (0-49 yards): 3 points
  • FG Made (50+ yards): 5 points


  • Sacks: 1 point
  • Interceptions: 2 points
  • Fumbles Recovered: 2 points
  • Safeties: 2 points
  • Defensive Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Points Allowed (0): 10 points
  • Points Allowed (1-6): 7 points
  • Points Allowed (7-13): 4 points
  • Points Allowed (14-20): 1 points
  • Points Allowed (21-27): 0 points
  • Points Allowed (28-34): -1 points
  • Points Allowed (35+): -4 points


  • Use Fractional Points: Yes
  • Use Negative Points: Yes

9. BYE Weeks

Throughout some weeks in the season, each NFL team will have designated BYE weeks, which are announced ahead of time. Please be aware when your team’s players have BYE weeks.

10. Transactions

There is no limit to the number of transactions during the regular season but a max of 6 per week.

11. Trades

The league participants will be able to vote on all trades.
All participating team captains will have 1 day to protest trade transactions according to Yahoo guidelines.
There are no trading back players from team to team.
The trade deadline will be announced on the Yahoo website.

Trades are allowed with no limits to the number of trades which can be made. A two-day trade review period will be implemented and four (4) votes are needed to veto any trade.
Trade deadline: Usually slated for late November.

12.Waiver Wire

Following the draft, all free agent players will be acquired via the waiver wire. Teams can make as many waiver claims as they wish throughout the season. There is a one-day waiver review period and the waiver order is determined based on the order of standings.

13. Schedules and Standings

Head-to-head matchups will begin with week one of the NFL regular season, with one matchup completed each week. There will be 13 regular season matchups.
Standings will be compiled each week in win-loss format. Points for and points against will also be kept.

14. Postseason

The postseason will begin with week 14 of the NFL regular season.
Four teams will qualify for the postseason. Each playoff matchup will consist of two rounds (i.e. Weeks 14 and 15; Weeks 16 and 17).
All other teams in the league failing to qualify for postseason play will still compete in order to determine final league standing.

15. Ties

In the event of a tie during a regular season contest, both teams will receive a tie indication in the league standings.
In the event teams are tied in the standings following the regular season, the total points scored by each team will determine the tie breaker.

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