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White Christmas Song List Ideas

Hopefully this list of Christmas song ideas will inspire you. it really is one of the highlights of fun times

You can still have a festive Christmas singing celebration with these ideas and suggestions.

  • Love and the Weather - Bob and Betty Haynes
  • We'll Follow the Old Man - Bob, Phil, Ralph and Male Ensemble
  • We'll Follow the Old Man - Bob and Male Ensemble
  • Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun - Martha, Betty and Judy
  • How Deep Is the Ocean - Bob
  • Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me - Betty
  • Count Your Blessings - Bob and Betty
  • Sisters - Betty and Judy Haynes
  • What Can You Do With a General? … - Martha Watson, Bob and Phil
  • Let Me Sing and I'm Happy (Reprise) - Susan Waverly
  • Snow - Bob, Phil, Betty, Judy, and Ensemble
  • The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing - Phil, Judy and Ensemble
  • Happy Holidays / Let Yourself Go - Bob, Phil and Ensemble
  • Happy Holidays / White Christmas - Bob, Phil, Ralph Sheldrake and Ensemble
  • I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm - Full Company
  • Sisters (Reprise) - Bob and Phil
  • I Love a Piano - Phil, Judy and Ensemble
  • Blue Skies - Bob and Ensemble
  • How Deep Is the Ocean - Bob and Betty
  • White Christmas - Bob and Company
  • Let Me Sing and I'm Happy - Martha and Ensemble