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Christmas Cocktail Names Funny Ideas

Hopefully this list of Christmas ideas will inspire you. It really is one of the highlights of fun times

Name Ideas

You can still have a festive Christmas name celebration with these ideas and suggestions.

  • The Reindeer Tracks Martini
  • White Christmas
  • Gettin’ Blitzen
  • The Santa Shot
  • Good Tidings
  • Mrs. Claus’s Cosmo
  • Red Nosed Rum Punch
  • The Candy Cane Martini
  • Jingle Juice
  • Chocolate Peppermint Stick
  • The Red Hot Santa Tini
  • Bloody Merry and Bright
  • Gin and Tidings
  • The Mistletoe Martini
  • The Very Cherry Christmas
  • Mint Joyeux Noel
  • Naughty or Spice
  • Santa-gria
  • The Candy Cane
  • The Red Rudolph
  • Ho Ho Ho-t Toddy
  • The Christmas Cookie
  • Rudoph’s Tipsy Spritzer
  • Grinch Cocktail
  • The Eggnog Martini