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What Does My Name Mean

There's a lot more behind your name than you might think. Answer the following ... My name but when I put my real name nothing comes up.


I used to wonder 'what does my name mean'?. That is until I searched on the net and found this what does my name mean . Here is a list of boys and girls What Does My Name Mean:

NOLAN male Irish, English
From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Nualláin meaning "descendant of NUALLÁN"...

NOLENE female English (Rare)
Elaborated form of NOLA

NÖLKE male Limburgish
Limburgish diminutive of ARNOLD

NOLL male Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of OLIVER

NOLLAIG male & female Irish
Means "Christmas" in Irish.

NOLWENN female Breton
From the Breton phrase Noyal Gwenn meaning "holy one from Noyal"...

NOMIKI female Greek
Derived from Greek ??????? (nomikos) "relating to the law".

NOMUSA female Southern African, Ndebele
Means "merciful" in Ndebele.

NON female Welsh
Possibly derived from Latin nonna meaning "nun"...

NONA (1) female Roman Mythology
Derived from Latin nonus meaning "ninth", referring to the nine months of pregnancy...

NONA (2) female English, Ancient Roman (Rare)
Feminine form of NONUS...

NONIE female English
Diminutive of IONE or NORA

NONNA female Russian
Russian form of NONA (2)

NONTLE female Southern African, Xhosa
Means "mother of beauty" in Xhosa.

NONUS male Ancient Roman (Rare)
Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "ninth" in Latin...

NOOA male Finnish
Finnish form of NOAH (1)

NOOR (1) f & male Arabic, Pakistani, Urdu
Variant transcription of NUR

NOOR (2) female Dutch, Limburgish
Dutch and Limburgish short form of ELEONORA

NOORA female Finnish
Finnish form of NORA

NOORTJE female Dutch, Limburgish
Dutch diminutive of ELEONORA

NOR male Limburgish
Short form of NORBAER

NÓRA female Hungarian, Irish
Hungarian and Irish Gaelic form of NORA

NORA female Irish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian
Short form of HONORA or ELEANOR...

NORAH female Irish, English
Variant of NORA

NORBAER male Limburgish
Limburgish form of NORBERT...

NORBERT male German, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic elements nord "north" and beraht "bright"...

NORBERTO male Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of NORBERT

NOREEN female Irish, English
Diminutive of NORA

NORENE female Irish, English
Diminutive of NORA

NORI male Japanese
Means "rule, ceremony" in Japanese.

NORIKO female Japanese
From Japanese ? (nori) "law, rule" or ? (nori) "code, ceremony" combined with ? (ko) "child".

NORINA female Italian
Italian diminutive of NORA

NORM male English
Short form of NORMAN

NORMA female English, Italian, Literature
Created by Felice Romani for the main character in the opera 'Norma' (1831)...

NORMAN male English, Ancient Germanic
From an old Germanic byname meaning "northman", referring to a Viking...

NORMAND male English
From a surname which was derived from the same source as the name NORMAN.

NORMINA female English (Rare)
Elaborated form of NORMA

NORRIS male English
From an English surname, either NORRIS (1) or NORRIS (2).

NORTON male English
From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "north town" in Old English.

NORWOOD male English
From a surname which was originally taken from a place name meaning "north wood" in Old English.

NOSIPHO female Southern African, Zulu
Means "mother of a gift" in Zulu.

NOSIZWE female Southern African, Xhosa
Means "mother of the nation" in Xhosa.

NOSSON male Yiddish
Yiddish form of Natan (see NATHAN).

NOU female Hmong
Means "sun" in Hmong.

NOUSHA female Persian
Means "sweet, pleasant" in Persian.

NOVA female English
Derived from Latin novus meaning "new"...

NOVAK male Serbian
From Serbian ??? (nov) meaning "new".

NOWELL male English (Rare)
From the surname Nowell (a variant of NOEL).

NOY f & male Hebrew
Means "beauty" in Hebrew.

NOYA female Hebrew
Means "divine beauty" in Hebrew.

NSIA male & female Western African, Akan
Means "sixth born child" in Akan.

NSONOWA male & female Western African, Akan
Means "seventh born child" in Akan.

NTHANDA male & female Southern African, Tumbuka
Means "star" in Tumbuka.

NTOMBI female Southern African, Zulu
Means "lady" in Zulu.

NUADA male Irish Mythology
Possibly means "protector" in Celtic...

NUADHA male Irish Mythology
Variant of NUADA

NUALA female Irish
Short form of FIONNUALA

NUALLÁN male Ancient Irish
Derived from Irish nuall "noble, famous" combined with a diminutive suffix.

NUAN female Chinese
Means "warm, genial" in Chinese.

NUBIA female Various
From the name of the ancient region and kingdom in Africa, south of Egypt...

NUDD male Welsh Mythology
Welsh cognate of NUADA

NUH male Arabic, Turkish
Arabic and Turkish form of NOAH (1)

NUHA female Arabic
Means "mind, wisdom" in Arabic.

NUKA male & female Native American, Greenlandic
Means "younger sibling" in Greenlandic.

NUMITOR male Roman Mythology
Meaning unknown...

NUÑO male Medieval Spanish
Spanish form of NUNO

NUNO male Portuguese, Medieval Portuguese
Medieval Portuguese and Spanish name, possibly from Latin nonus "ninth" or nunnus "grandfather"...

NUNZIA female Italian
Short form of ANNUNZIATA

NUNZIATINA female Italian
Diminutive of NUNZIA

NUNZIO male Italian
Masculine short form of ANNUNZIATA...

NUO female Chinese
Means "graceful" in Chinese.

NUR f & male Arabic, Turkish, Pakistani, Urdu, Uyghur
Means "light" in Arabic...

NURA female Arabic
Strictly feminine form of NUR

NURASYL male Kazakh
Means "noble light" in Kazakh.

NURAY female Turkish
Means "bright moon" in Turkish.

NURGÜL female Turkish
Means "radiant rose" in Turkish.

NÚRIA female Catalan, Portuguese
From a Catalan title of the Virgin Mary, Nostra Senyora de Núria, meaning "Our Lady of Nuria"...

NURIA female Spanish
Spanish form of NÚRIA

NURISLAM male Kazakh
From Kazakh nur meaning "light" (of Arabic origin) combined with Islam, the name of the religion (ultimately from Arabic ?????).

NURIT female Hebrew
Means "buttercup flower" in Hebrew (genus Ranunculus).

NURTEN female Turkish
Means "radiant skin" in Turkish.

NURU female Eastern African, Swahili
Means "light" in Swahili, ultimately from Arabic ??? (nur).

NURULLAH male Arabic, Turkish
Means "light of ALLAH", from Arabic ??? (nur) meaning "light" combined with ???? (Allah).

NURZHAN male Kazakh
Means "light soul" in Kazakh.

NWANNEKA female Western African, Igbo
Means "my siblings are supreme" in Igbo.

NYAH female Eastern African, Swahili
Variant of NIA (2)

NYALA female Various
From the name of a type of African antelope, ultimately derived from the Bantu word nyálà.

NYARAI female Southern African, Shona
Means "be humble" in Shona.

NYAZIK female Turkmen
Means "graceful" in Turkmen.

NYDIA female English (Rare), Spanish, Literature
Used by British author Edward Bulwer-Lytton for a blind flower-seller in his novel 'The Last Days of Pompeii' (1834)...

NYE male Welsh
Diminutive of ANEIRIN

NYMPHODORA female Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek ????? (nymphe) "bride, nymph" and ????? (doron) "gift"...

NYNKE female Frisian
Frisian diminutive of KATHERINE

NYNNIAW male Ancient Celtic
Meaning unknown, presumably of Welsh origin...

NYREE female English (New Zealand)
Anglicized form of NGAIRE...

NYSSA female Various
From the name of an ancient town of Asia Minor where Saint Gregory was bishop...

NYX female Greek Mythology
Means "night" in Greek...

NYYRIKKI male Finnish Mythology
Meaning unknown...

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