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Geography Trivia Questions

Browse through team questions to find fun and cool geography Q and A.

Are you looking for the best trivia questions? Here is top geography trivia .

If your geographical position was 0° latitude, 0° longitude, where in the world would you be? Options: Greenwich, Ghana, The Atlantic Ocean - Answer: The Atlantic Ocean

What Central American country's name means 'many fish'? Panama

Guyana has borders with Brazil, Surinam and which other country? Venezuela

Where do most of the world's population live? More than 60% of the population on this planet live in Asia. More than 4.3 billion people live on the Asian continent.

Where would you find the Queen Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Maud mountain ranges? Antarctica

In which country would you find both the rivers Oder and Vistula, which flow into the Baltic Sea? Poland

Which is the largest metropolitan city in the world (by population)? Tokyo in Japan is the largest city by population. More than 37 million people live in the metropolitan city.

Which country was previously called Abyssinia? Ethiopia

What are the two crown dependencies of the British Isles? Isle of Mann & Channel Isles

Which countries share the longest border in the world? The border between the United States of America and Canada is the longest. It is over 8,800 km/5,500 miles long (including Alaska) and 8 Canadian provinces and territories and 13 US states are located along this border.

What, in population terms, is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world? Mexico

Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the River Amazon and Lake Victoria? The Equator

Which country in Europe has the biggest number of inhabitants? Germany has the biggest population in Europe. More than 82 million people live in this country in central Europe.

What is the largest country in the world? Russia (c.17 million square kilometres)

What name is given to the notorious tidal current in the Lofoten islands off northern Norway? Maelstrom

Rabat is the capital of which Kingdon? Morocco

Which is the least populated state in the USA? Wyoming

What notable geographical feature is shared by Oxford, Reading, Windsor and London? The River Thames, the longest in England (N.B. the River Severn is slightly longer but given that much of the Severn is in Wales it is generally regarded as the longest in Britain, rather than England - ack T Smith for raising this point)

The tenge is the basic monetary unit of which country? Kazakhstan (1 tenge = 100 teims)

Where are the North Yolla Bolly mountains? USA, California

What's the most southerly city; Toronto, Seattle, Budapest or Bordeaux? Toronto

In which two countries is the third-highest mountain in the world? India and Nepal - Kanchenjunga

Which desert is the biggest desert in the world, outside the Polar region? The Sahara Desert is the biggest desert in the world and stretches over an area which is almost as big as the United States. It still grows every year!

Which country had the world's tallest habitable building as at 2006? Taiwan (called Taipei 101, it is 501 metres high with 101 stories. It was formerly called the Taipei World Financial Center, until 2003. The Burj Dubai building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, surpassed this in 2007, and was subsequently renamed Burj Khalifa on opening in 2010.)

Where can you find the first iron bridge ever built? Ironbridge, near Telford in Shropshire, England

The cities of Cairo in Egypt and Fez in Morroco are generally accepted to have the oldest of what type of institution in the world? University

Which is the largest volcano in the world? The Mouna Loa on Hawaii is not only the largest but also the most active volcano. It last erupted in 1984 and the flanks of the volcano trembled with earthquakes for more than three years.

Which country has the internet domain .me? Montenegro

In which country is Timbuktu? Options: Peru, Tunisia, or Mali? Answer: Mali

The Vinson Massif is the highest mountain of which continent? Antarctica

Which capital city has the highest population (as at 2006)? Tokyo (c. 34 million)

What is the world's third largest sea? Mediterranean

What is the capital of Qatar? Doha

Which is the longest continental mountain range in the world? The Andes in South America are the longest mountain range stretching over 7,200km/4,500 miles from north to south.

LAR is the international vehicle registration of which country? Libya (Libyan Arab Republic)

Lusitania was the Roman name for which EU country? PORTUGAL

Which is the world's largest country in size (area)? Russia is the largest country in area, followed by Canada and China.

What word meaning a low pressure belt of surface winds at the equator, can mean a bout of emotional depression? Doldrums

What and when is the biggest national celebration every year in Australia? Australia Day, January 26th (based on the 1788 proclamation of British sovereignty at Sydney Cove over the eastern seaboard of Australia)

The largest policeman's beat (territory) in Europe is in which country? Scotland (The beat is about 900 square miles, in Caithness and Sutherland, North West of Scotland. Based near Kinlochbervie, the police constable normally has about ten cases a year, of which the most notable in recent times was the Labour MP Robin Cook's death while he was hill walking. Thanks to Gordon Smith for these interesting extra details.)

In which country is the Blarney Stone? Ireland (or Eire) at Blarney Castle near Cork

In which South American country is the Atacama desert? Chile

Paraguay has borders with Argentina, Brazil and which other country? Bolivia

Which is the longest river in Africa? The Nile which flows through 11 African countries is more than 6,800km/4,250miles long. The river's mouth is in Egypt where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the capital of Iran? (Tehran)

Which city is the only city in the world situated on two continents? Istanbul in Turkey is the city which sits on the Asian and European continent as the city spreads over two sides of a river canal, the Bosporus, which is separates the city in an Asian part and an European part.

What language do the locals speak in Bogota? Spanish (Bogota is the capital of Columbia)

Which country at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula was previously known as Aden? Yemen

Who renamed the South Sea as the Pacific Ocean in 1520? Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521, Portuguese explorer. Of the 270 men and five ships who sailed with Magellan on his three year exploration of the Pacific from 1519-22 fewer than 20 returned on a single surviving ship. Magellan was killed in the Philippines. And we think we have it tough in today's times..)