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Bible Trivia Questions

Browse through team questions to find fun and cool bible Q and A.

Are you looking for the best trivia questions? Here is top bible trivia .

What was the Apostle Paul's occupation? He was a tent-maker—Acts 18:1-3

Which type of animal did Balaam ride? A donkey

Who said: „I myself, and my house, want to serve the Lord!”? Joshua

Jesus' first recorded miracle occurred at a wedding in Cana of Galilee

Who had a coat made of camel hair and ate locusts and wild honey? John the Baptist

What was the first miracle of Jesus recorded in the Bible? Turning the water into wine

Which books come before and after the gospel according to Luke? The gospels according to Mark and John

Who said to whom: „A person sees what is in front of his eyes but God sees the heart”? God to Samuel

Name three of Jesus’ disciples whose names begin with „J”. Jacob, John and Judas

Which king had a sundial? Hezekiah

What happened first? Murder of Abel or the great flood? Murder of Abel

What was Jacob’s brother called? Esau

Who prophesised the coming of Jesus shortly beforehand? John the Baptist

God told this 100 year old man that he was going to father a child

Which two birds did Noah send out of the ark as messengers? Raven and dove

Which book reports on the missionary travels of Paul? The Acts of the Apostles

What did King Solomon ask God to give him? Wisdom

How many brothers did Joseph have? 11

What was the name of the shepherd boy who became the second king in Israel? David

What was the name of the mountain where Moses was given the 10 Commandments? Mt

What happened first? Jesus’ christening or the feeding of the 5000? Jesus’ christening

Who was in prison with Paul in Philippi when they were singing and there was an earthquake? Silas

What is quoted in John 14,6? I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.

Who was the oldest living man, and how old was he when he died? Methuselah, 969 years old—Genesis 5:27

Who said: „How long will you waver between two opinions?” Elijah on Mount Carmel

How did Stephanus die? Stoned to death

Who made the golden calf and the bronze snake? Aaron, Moses

Who disobeyed God and wound up spending three days and nights inside a large fish? Jonah—Jonah 1:17

Who told the first lie mentioned in the Bible? The serpent—Genesis 3:40

Which biblical book tells of David and Goliath? 1. Samuel

What is written in 1. Timothy 2,4? God wants all people to be saved and come to recognise the truth.

Name three prophets? Elijah, Jeremiah, Jonah

Jesus says that He is "living bread which came down from Heaven

After the flood, what sign did God give that He would not destroy the earth with a flood again? Rainbow

What were the two sons of Zebadee (one of the disciples called? John and Jacob

When Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, who were the Old Testament men who appeared with Him? Moses and Elijah

What was Harn’s father called? What were his brothers called? Noah, Shem, Japheth

What was Ruth’s husband called? Boas

How many of each animal did Moses bring into the Ark? None

What came first? Elias ascension or Enoch’s rapture? Enoch’s rapture

Which commander had leprosy? Naemann

Name three Israelite kings. Saul, David, Solomon

Name three prisoners mentioned in the bible. Joseph, Samson, Paul

Where was Jesus arrested the night of His betrayal? The Garden of Gethsemane—Matthew 26:36

Where do we first hear about a shepherd? Abel, 1. Moses 4,2

Where did a jailer find his faith? Philippi

Which disciple found a coin in the mouth of a fish? Peter

What did the three wise men from the East bring as gifts when they visited the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem? Gold, frankincense and myrrh—Matthew 2:11

Who commanded the sun and moon to stay still? Joshua

What gave Samson his unusual strength? The hair on his head—Judges 16:17

What was the name of Joseph’s baby brother? Benjamin

Who found baby Moses in the river? Pharaoh’s daughter

Name three missionaries named in the bible. Paul, Silas, Barnabas

God's Children, the nation of Israel, roamed the wilderness for 40 years after leaving Egypt

How many years of famine did Joseph prophesise to the Pharaohs? seven

What were Gideon’s weapons when he fought the Midianites? Trumpets, pitchers and lamps

What was David’s occupation before he became king? He was a shepherd—1 Samuel 16:11-13

Where was Jesus taken prisoner? Gethsemane

Name three women in the bible whose names begin with "R". Rebecca, Rachel, Ruth

Was Goliath a Philistine or an Egyptian? Philistine

What type of tree did Zaccariah climb? Mulberry-fig tree

How many books are in the Bible? a 56 b 60 c 66 d70 e75

What was Jacob’s eldest son called? Rueben

Which illness did Mephiboseth suffer from? He was lame

For which type of tree was Lebanon well known? Cedar

What was Jacob’s youngest son called? Benjamin

What person in the Old Testament was turned into a pillar of salt? Lot's wife—Genesis 19:15-26

In another of Jesus' miracles, how many people did He feed with only five barley loaves and two fish? 5,000—John 6:9

How many people were saved on the ark? 8

Is Horeb the name of a town or a mountain? A mountain

Who were the parents of Cain and Abel? Adam and Eve

What was the name of the blind beggar at the gate of Jericho? Bartimaeus

Noah sent out 2 different kinds of birds from the Ark

Which towns were destroyed by fire and brimstone? Sodom and Gomorrah

What happened first? The exodus of Egypt or the „fall of Jericho”? Exodus

Who did Boaz marry? Ruth

What were the names of the mother and grandmother of Jacob? Rebecca, Sara

What kind of work did Zacchaeus do? Tax collector

Who was told to name his son Solomon? King David—1 Chronicles 22:9

When Lot’s wife turned around and looked at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, what did she turn into? A pillar of salt

Who lived in Ur and moved to a country he did not know? Abraham

After Jesus was born an angel appeared to Joseph telling him to gather his family and flee the country

Where did Jesus grow up? Nazareth

After returning from their exile, what was the name of the city where Joseph, Mary and Jesus lived? Nazareth—Matthew 2:23

Jesus spoke of the wise man who built his house on ____, and the foolish man who built his house on ____

What river was Jesus baptized in? Jordan River

Who was the wisest of all the kings? King Solomon—1 Kings 3:10-12 and 4:29-30

God changed Jacob's name to what? Israel—Genesis 32:38

Finish this verse—"I can do all things through ____________________

During the Last Supper, Peter initially became upset with Jesus because Jesus wanted to____________

Who built the ark? Noah