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Animal Trivia Questions

Browse through team questions to find fun and cool animal Q and A.

Are you looking for the best trivia questions? Here is top animal trivia .

Which nation has the largest number of elephants? Tanzania

Name the island whose wildlife is 90% unique. Madagascar

What are a group of apes called? Shrewdness

What is the name of an adult female horse? A mare

What is a group of cats called? Clowder

Groups of lions are known as what? Prides

True or false? Mice live for up to 10 years False - Captive mice live for up to 2 and a half years while wild mice only live for an average of around 4 months

In India, what is the name of the God with the head of an elephant? Ganesha

In Nevada, it is illegal to drive what on the highway? A camel

A ‘doe’ is what kind of animal? A female deer

Napoleons life was saved by a dog What breed of dog saved Napoleons life? Newfoundland. It saved him from drowning

True of false? Snakes have slimy skin False - Snakeskin is smooth and dry

A group of Salmon is called a what? A bind

What breed of dog gets its name from German meaning to splash? The Poodle

What is the closest living relative to the T Rex? The Chicken

The okapi belongs to what family of animals? Giraffe

The name "Phillip" comes from Greek meaning lover of what? Horses

What kind of creature sleeps with one eye open? Dolphin

What type of animals are Puli Sloghi and Kuvaszok ? Exotic dog breeds

What movie star role was played by over 48 different animals? Babe the Pig

In 1988 there was a shortage of what type of fish? Swordfish

Is a dolphin a mammal? Yes

What is the name of the first bird? Archaeopteryx

The Sea Otter is nicknamed what, because of its white whiskers? old man of the sea

What is the Latin name for the grizzly bear? Ursus Artus Horribilus

What is the name of the elephant headed god

Hippophagic society members support Eating what kind of meat? Horsemeat

What are baby goats called? Kids

The land dinosaur that had the biggest head with a skull nine feet long , has what name? Torosaurus

Are butterflies insects? Yes

What is a Maine Coon, once thought to be extinct? A 20 lb cat

What is the most recognizable feature of a hedgehog’s appearance? Their spines of spiky hair

In the United States, flamingos are outnumbered by what garden item? Plastic flamingos

What type of items related to horses are the snaffle, Pelham, and Weymouth types? Horse bits

What type of animal is the largest primate in the world? The Gorilla

In Woodstock NY it's illegal to walk what dangerous animal without a leash? A Bear

True or false? Cougar’s are herbivores False - They are carnivores

What do you call a group of Leopards? A leap

A young Mackerel is called a what? blinker

True or false? Rabbits are born blind True

How many legs does a spider have? 8

Depending on the water temperature, what can oysters do? Change sex

How many pairs of wings does a bee have? 2

What was the name of the only horse that beat the legendary Man O War? Upset, on the 12th of August 1919

Is a shark a fish or a mammal? A fish

What are female elephants called? Cows

What is the largest type of ‘big cat’ in the world? The tiger, weighing up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds)

True or false? Crocodiles have no sweat glands so they use their mouths to release heat True - They often sleep with their mouth open to cool down

Bristlemouths are the world's most common what? Fish

Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead had a dog with what name? Daisy

What is the tallest animal in the world? The giraffe - The average height is around 5 metres (16ft) and the tallest on record stood nearly 6 metres (20 ft) tall

The crocodile species is believed to have been around for how long? 2 million years or 200 million years? 200 million years

True or false? Cats spend an average of 13 to 14 hours a day sleeping True

Bees are found on every continent of earth except for one, which is it? Antarctica

What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion? Its mane

The word coyote comes from which language? Aztec

What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders? Arachnophobia

Black, whooper, and Berwick, are all varieties of what kind of animal? Swan

True or false? Bats are mammals True

What is a Characin? A small fish

Where is a horses poll located? Between its ears

There are over 32,000 known species of what type of animal? Spiders

What is the fastest land animal in the world? The cheetah (it can reach speeds of up to 120kph – 75mph)

The is no known language that does not have a word for what type of creature? Butterfly

What was the first 30 minute animated Disney show called? Duck Tales

True or false? Owls are far-sighted, meaning that anything within a few inches of their eyes can’t be seen properly True

Where can you find fun printable Animal Trivia questions? At Trivia Country!

What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda’s diet? Bamboo

Santa Clause drives a sleigh in the USA, but what in Syria? He rides a wise mans camel

What is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild? Africa

An American porcupines teeth are what color? Orange

What is the largest land animal in the world? The elephant - The largest on record weighed around 12,000 kilograms! (26,000 lb)

On what animal would you find a marcupium? A marsupial -it's a pouch