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Fantasy Football 5th Pick

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Fantasy Football 5th Pick


I have the 5th pick in my fantasy football draft. I have started research on who might be available and look at a position scenario on whether to pick a QB or wide receiver. I want to win my fanasy league this year because my neighbors will rip on me if I don't and I don't want that to happen.

OK. Here is my pick:

Deshaun Watson Hou - QB

Just like every other season, you can expect for running backs to be flying off the board right away in the first round. I have always been a big believer in locking up a top tier RB in your first two rounds. Most times this happens via the the 1-RB or 2-RB strategy. Deshaun Watson  doesn't fits this strategy at the 5th pick since he has been a top QB numbers in past seasons. Here are some super players that also might be available with the 5th pick:

Andrew Luck Ind - QB
Deshaun Watson Hou - QB
Christian McCaffrey Car - RB
Jared Goff LAR - QB

Good luck this season!