"And speaking of tearing up things, your chili really did a number on me -I'm still recovering today." (Mike Regan)

"It is the best chili I have ever had." (Tricia W.)

"You should enter this into a chili cook-off." (Barb M.)

"This is some good stuff." (Angela M.)

"I've been a vegetarian for 10 years, but the aroma of Crazy Chili enticed me to have a steaming bowl. It was divine! I suggest a splash of ketchup on top." (MB Yurko)

"Damn good stuff! It kind of looks like Manwich but its got a hidden blast of spice and flavor." (Batt)

"Crazy Chili used to be special, but now it is not." (Marc Busey)

"That was some great chili." (Amy Dowsek )

"I like it better than frothy spronge." (Roman)

"This is some tasty eats." (Shin)

"Spicy, Sassy and Fun" (M. Ziola)

"I don't know right now, I will tell you tomorrow when I make a deposit of fecal matter." (El Nate)

"It looks like vomit. It smells like vomit. It tastes like vomit. Can I have another bowl? This stuff is good!" (Dr. Doctor)

"Burn yer asshole" - (RV Andy)

"Crazy Chili is real great when your are butt wasted." (Marc Busey)

"It's pretty good." (Andrew Ziola)


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