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My May Goal:
Come up with my own smell

Album that is great: Don't Look Down - Five

days until SoCal Trip


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4/27/04 ~ archive

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# of times I have not worn a shirt = 11,493

Trivia: In which year was Greenpeace set up, 1969, 1971, 1970, or 1975?

Last week: Oscar Wilde's immediate cause of death was from an infection of which organ? Answer: Ear

Status as of 4/27/04: Hard to Control

Punk Pal -

My personal ideals A building block for this world Never again Will I sit in silence As many sit by and watch Our world pass by
Poison The Well

Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Dr. Odd


Issue 1 - 4/2004

Tricia and Nate's Wedding

- Video Clip

2003-04 NBA Predictions

Congrats Lara and Rusty, we welcome Caleb Kenneth!!

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Easter Weekend

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