all about Z

Hi. I am a young professional. I am male. I live in Elmhurst , IL with my wife and daughters. I make webpages for money at the company and for fun. I am in my mid 30s and I eat a lot of candy. I have been carring a hankerchief since I was 17. This website is for fun. My birth name is not Dr. Odd. Dr. Odd is a name I made up a little while ago cause I wanted a short URL. My real name is Z. But in my life a lot of people have called me weird. That is fine. Maybe they are the weird ones. Anyway I hope you have fun on this website and I hope you come back soon cause I update it quite a bit. Here are things that I like: webpages, Chicago sports, painting, punk music, and cooking. My only peeve is people in my way .

You can read my Q and A here and another one here and here. It is basically everything you didn't want to know about me.