Typonglish is a hip new language that was formed from the the typo. Typos are part of corporate America as much as water coolers and cubicles. Have you ever got caught in embarrassing situation with the typo? Like you emailed your boss, "I have to ass you something later?" Well you will never have these embarrassing time with Typonglish. Its neat and fun. It's Typonglish.

amy = suck
and = nad
ask = ass
bud = butt
cups = cubs
duck = fuck
dud = dude
fell = feel
Ho = home
intentional = international
like = lick
lube = hube
moron = moroni
peanuts = penis
picture = pitcher
plate = plane
postato = potato
run = rum
shit = shin
showed = showered
z = pee

Some Typonglish in use . . .

  • When I think fun at the old ballpark - I think salty penis and an ice cold butt
  • I am gonna eat a plane of penis and postatos, drink a bud. I will fell like shin. dud. And crazy things will come out of
    my bud
  • Hube up your peanuts and stick it in my ask