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My April Goal:
Cook food

Album that is great: Descendents - Cool to Be You

days until Nate and Tricia's Wedding


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Boobie update: As of march 29th, I am on the payroll at northwestern memorial hospital. it is good to be a productive member of society after all this time. thanks to everyone for your continued support and the warmest welcome to chicago!

Are Mini-Coopers girls cars?


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3/30/04 ~ archive

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# of times I have shaved my face = 2862

Trivia: Who said 'everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else', MARK TWAIN, WILL ROGERS, MEL BROOKS, or NEIL SIMON?

Last week: How many times did the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowls in the 70's? Answer: 2

Alkaline Trio
Queen of Pain

Punk Pal -

Think it's swell playing Max's Kansas you're looking bored and you're acting flash with nothing in your gut
The Sex Pistols
Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Dr. Odd


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2004 MLB Predictions

Fogo de Softball

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Spring Training/Break Millsville, Phoenix

My NCAA Tourney Picks

Wendy's Birthday and Cubs First Game on TV

NCAA Wrong Predictions

Joe Hube at Green Day Show in High School

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