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Wine Tasting Party Names ideas

Hopefully this list of Wine Tasting ideas will inspire you. it really is one of the highlights of fun times

You can still have a festive wine tasting celebration with these ideas and suggestions

  • Horizontal (by Vintage) Wine Tasting
  • Vertical Variations
  • Gone Wining
  • Blind Wine Tasting
  • Que Syrah, Syrah
  • Grape Varietal Theme
  • Classically Cool
  • Wine Saves the Day
  • Vintage Wines
  • Celebrity Sightings
  • The Bold & the Blind
  • Dinner Party Theme
  • Vertical (by Producer) Wine Tasting
  • Put a Cork in It
  • Local Wines
  • Regional Wines
  • The Wine Next Door
  • Wine Tasting Based on a Wine Region
  • Wine Scoring Party
  • Wines by Price
  • Blind Wine Tastings
  • My Birthstone is a Wine Cork
  • Special Bottle Sunday
  • DIY Sommelier Smackdown
  • ABC Whites