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Mixer Themes

have any of you been to cool mixers and original fun themes?

After tons of thought and consideration, I believe ya'll should definitely consider some of these themes for your next mixer or party.

Catholic School Party
Flashlight Party
Ancient Greece
Then people can write things on each other's shirts.
Music Genre Party
Scuba gear
Jersey Shore Party
Party animal party

Black Out or Get Out
Pajama Party
Space disco
Seven Deadly Sins
Pick a classic board game.
Round the world party
Nuclear waste party
Tin foil hat party
Yacht club social
Cops and Robbers
Lawyer Bros & Prison Hoes
An ABC (Anything But Clothes) party
A recession dressin' party
Double denim
Classy vs
Karaoke Party
Graffiti party
Snuggies & Huggies
Shower Party

Cereal box characters
Meme party
Hipster or homeless?
Fresh Prince Party
Underwater themed 
Silly hats only party
Daily Mail themed party
Movie Theme Party
Apocalypse themed party
Turtle-necks & tequila
One section is ""the West"" and the other is ""the East""
Sports Theme Party
Invent your own super-hero
Hollywood Party
Anything but cups
White Trash
CEOs and Office hoes
Punks and goths
Walk of shame party
Box Party
Mad Men party
Twisted Disney
Flannels & Handles
Head banger's Ball
T-Rex party

Choose a color as a theme.
David Bowie party
Yoga Hoes and Workout Bros
Famous Who
Make him a cake, get him balloons and a sign
Bed-hair and crinkly shirts are a must.
King Tuts & Eqyptians Sluts
Ugly Wweaters
The job you'll never have
Call me maybe party
Video Game Theme Party
Alcoholics Party
Mobsters and lobsters
Handcuff Party
Sesame Street
Bikers and Babes
End of the World
dog bowl, old scuba helm, cone, leather bag).
Beach Party

Wild Western
Three legged party
Pimps and Hoes
CEOs & Office Hoes
Have everyone come as famous people from history.
Who Dunnit?
70s porno party
Gangsters & Flappers
Pun party
Replace every light with black lights 
Rave Party
Potato party
Mathletes & Athletes
A funk party
Beauty and the Geek
Wear what you feel
Zombie prom night
Rockstars & Groupies
Garden of Eden
Margaritaville/Buffet Bash
Kegs & Eggs
Everyone drinks cheap beer
Wizard party
People may not bring their own drinks
A moustache themed party
Hippie Party
Casino Night
Luck of the Irish

Think classic literature (especially children's literature).
Angels & Devils
Celebrity Scandals
Make sure you've got a camera!
Pokemon party
Go colorless with a black-and-white theme.
80s Lady or Pageant Baby
Blanket fort sleepover
Around the World
240 original lines, 11 removed, 229 remaining.
Midsummer Nights Dream
An old people's home
Make a popular video game theme a reality.
GI Joes & Army Hoes
Superhero Party
Aprilween Party
Dictator disco
Angel or devil?
Mardi Gras
Come as you were
When I Grow Up...
Barbarians and librarians
The fashion of the Christ party
Dress as your house mate
Fiesta Party
Toga Party 

Bad family portraits party
Cowboys & Indians
Eighties aerobics theme
Greek Myth Party
Think Western.
Hippie vs Hipsters
The stop-light party
Cocktail Party
Dress as a bad dream
Hawaiian shirt party
Game of Thrones vs
Black tie and board shorts
Feeling like a big bundle of love, wear something red and fluffy
Future party
Get baked, get mashed...
Lingerie Party
Casino Party
Decades Parties: 60's, 70's or 80's# Dress up like that era and play that decade's music: 70's
Tom Cruise party
Time traveller’s ball
Offensive Party
Colonial Bros & NavaHos
Blackout party
Marie Antoinette party
Pirates and Wenches
London tube party

Girlband/ boyband
Encourage attendees to come dressed in the color, too.
Charity shop
What you were wearing when the police raided the brothel
Seven deadly sins party
High School Stereotypes
Turkey Trot
Lifeguard Bros & Surfer Hoes
Dail 911
Bathing Suits & Cowboy Boots
Salem witch trials
The Berlin Wall party
Choose-your-own classic musical figure.
Rubik's Cube party
Disco Party
Dungeons and Drag Queens
Awkward party
Food fight party
Mythical creatures
10 Minutes Before a Porno
Red Army Choir album on in the background
Stereotype party
School teachers
Crossdress Party
Dress as a Beatles song

Tequila Mockingbird
Surprise the pizza delivery guy
Look to the past -- the prehistoric past.
Catholic School
Graffiti Party
YOUR MUM party
Marty's party
Bring a bottle and a stranger
If you want to go all out, create your own game show questions like in the reality TV series.
Paint Party
Think classic Hollywood.
Hippies vs Hipsters
Nerd Party
ABC Party
Ugly Sweater
Dress as your favorite alcoholic drink's typical drinker
John Hughes themed party
Foam Party
Hawaiian Luau
Powerpoint party
Sexy historical figure party
Dead celebrities party
Quentin Tarantino Party
Golf Pros & Tennis Hoes

Go for an animal theme.
Make signs, banners and get some spray-able silly string and then order pizza
Letter Party
Black Light
The Communist Party
Murder mystery dinner/party
Rubiks Cube
Rags to Riches
I'm Glad I'm Not
Cops & Robbers
The bigger your staff the higher class of wizard you are
Murder Mystery
Guys in Ties & Girls in Pearls