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Birthday Party Activities ideas

Hopefully this list of Birthday Party Activities will inspire you. it really is one of the highlights of fun times

Even though you are at work you can still have festive birthday party activities celebration with these ideas and suggestions.

  • Sleepover Activities
  • Scrapbooking
  • Tea Party
  • Spray painting station
  • Tye Dye T-shirts
  • Sidewalk Chalk Activities
  • Dress up play area with old Halloween costumes
  • Pony Rides
  • Cardboard boxes are a great invitation to play
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Funky Flip Flop Craft
  • Tractors and trucks to be played with
  • Squirt Gun Activities and Games
  • Bubbles and chalk
  • Party Crafts
  • Fashion Show
  • Petting Zoo
  • Hula Hoop Birthday Activities
  • So you think you can dance party
  • Rooter Pom Pom's
  • Books and a coloring area
  • Set up block towers ready to be played with
  • Packages of play dough with objects to play in it with
  • T-shirts
  • A tub of dirt
  • Water Balloon Activities and Games
  • Pillow Cases
  • Piñata
  • Beach Ball Activities and Games