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Irish Names

Irish Names for Boys and Girls. Irish Names that are popular and unique for Irish Baby Names with their Irish Gaelic meanings and origins.


Here are some Irish names that we went over when we were naming our baby. We had a hard time but were happy when we found the perfect Irish name.

  • Cassair "curly-haired"
  • Fíonscoth Fína "wine" + scoth "blossom"
  • Lasairfhiona lassar "flame" + fíne "wine"

  • Domhnall "world mighty" or "world-ruler"
  • Áinfean "storm;" "fury; violence"
  • Scáthach  "shadowy; ghostly; frightening"
  • Scothnait scoth "blossom, bloom" + feminine ending
  • Mel meaning is unknown
  • Deaglán possibly- "full of goodness"
  • Móirín from mór, "great; tall" + diminutive ending
  • Feardorcha fear "man" + dorcha "dark"
  • Bébhinn "fair-haired lady"
  • Muireadhach from muire "lord; master"
  • Giolla Chríst "servant of Christ"
  • Conall "strong as a wolf"
  • Feidhlim (m and f) possibly from feidhle"constant; always"
  • Conlaodh possibly from connla "chaste" or "prudent" + Aodh [Celtic fire god]
  • Muadhnait "noble; good"
  • Gormán (m/f) "dark; swarthy"
  • Damhnait "fawn"
  • Oisín os "deer" + diminutive ending
  • Tárlach "abettor; instigator"
  • Ceallach (m/f) possibly "bright-headed" or "strife; contention"
  • Laoidheach "songful; poetic"
  • Tassach perhaps, "idle; inactive"
  • Sárán from sár "noble; best" or else from an older root meaning "chief; chief"
  • Daighre "flame; fire"
  • Cúmhaí "hound of the plain"
  • Tomaltach tomaltach, "bulky; large"
  • Muirín mur "sea" + gein "birth"
  • Suaibhseach "gracious; kindly"
  • Odhrán "sallow; dark; grey-brown"
  • Ríochael rí "king; soverign" + an unknown element

  • Laoise "radiant girl"
  • Aoibhegréine "radiance of the sun"
  • Crónán "yellow; saffron-colored, swarthy"
  • Ríona from rí "king; soverign; queen"
  • Teimhnín from temen, "dark"
  • Conchobhar "lover of hounds; wolves"
  • Easnadh "musical sound"
  • Eirnín (m/f) "iron"
  • Tuama possibly from tuaim "small mountain; large hill"
  • Cairbre a fairly common name in medieval Ireland, this name means possibly, "charioteer" or "bearer"
  • Aimhirghin "Born of song"
  • Diarmaid could possibly mean "without injunction or envy" or "freeman" or possibly "charioteer"
  • Geiléis "bright swan"
  • Bearach (m/f) "pointed; sharp"
  • Gaimhreadhán "wintry person"
  • Rúadhnait rúad, "red haired" + feminine ending
  • Éamonn from English Edmund; "wealthy guardian"
  • Ógán from óg, "youth; lad"
  • Forlaith "overlord; soverignty"
  • Luiseach "radiant girl"
  • Cearbhall from cearbh "hacking"-- probably with the implied meaning of a fierce warrior
  • Ádhamhnán "the timorous one"

  • Gobnait either a feminine form of Gobán (see above), or derived from gob, "mouth."
  • Tómmán dim. of Tuama (see below)
  • Meallán "lightning"
  • Deirbhile "daughter of a poet"
  • Deirdre perhaps "chatterer" or "woman," or could be derived from a name beginning withder- meaning "daughter (of)"
  • Uallachán uallach, "proud; arrogant" + diminutive ending
  • Fechín possibly fiach "raven" or from a root meaning "battle"
  • Brocc from broc "badger", possibly a pet name meaning "sharp-faced"
  • Torna possibly, "puffed-up"
  • Eascrach "blooming; blossoming"
  • Líobhan "beauty of women"
  • Bearach (m/f) "pointed; sharp"

  • Fionn "fair-haired; white"
  • Émer possibly derived from eimh"swift"
  • Beagán "small, little lad"
  • Aonghus possibly "sole strength" or "true choice"
  • Álmhath meaning is unknown
  • Eachna "steed"
  • Bríghid "high goddess"
  • Tuathal tuath, "people" + hal "rule"
  • Ceallach (m/f) possibly "bright-headed" or "strife; contention"
  • Cróinseach crón "yellow; saffron-colored, swarthy" + feminine ending
  • Aodnait Aodh + feminine ending
  • Fachtna (m and f) "malicious; hostile"
  • Murchadh mur "sea" + chad "battle"
  • Caoimhe from caem "beautiful; beloved"
  • Ceara "fiery red"
  • Dubhaltach "dark-limbed," "black-jointed"
  • Caoimhín from either caem "beautiful; beloved" or cóem "gentle; kind" + gaem  "birth"
  • Téide "wantonness"
  • Draighean draigen, "blackthorn"

  • Uallach "proud; arrogant" the name of an 8th century Poetess of Ireland.
  • Cobhlaith cob "victory" + flaith "princess; lady; soverign"
  • Calbhach "bald"
  • Rónnad rón, "seal" + feminine ending
  • Sléibhín from sliabh "mountain"
  • Treasach "warlike; fierce"
  • Miach (m & f) "honorable; proud"
  • Daigh "flame; fire"
  • Nuallán nuall either "noble, famous; champion" or "shout" [possibly denoting a town crier]
  • Ríofach meaning is unknown
  • Naithí "nephew of a tree" ("tree" being a symbol of a champion)
  • Bairre diminutive of Bairrfhionn or Fionnbharr (barr "head" + fionn white")
  • Garbhán from garbh, "rough"
  • Lachtna from lacht, "milk." Probably meaning "milk-like" or "milk-colored"
  • Cuán diminutive of Cu, meaning "hound"
  • Raghnailt from Old Norse Ragnall, Ragnvaldr, which is derived from regin "advice, counsel" and valdr "ruler."
  • Clíona from Celtic mythology; meaning is possibly "shapely."
  • Uallgarg uall "pride" + garg "fierce"
  • Eirnín (m/f) iarn, "iron"
  • Naomhán dim. of Naomh ("saint; holy one")

  • Feme "young woman; girl"
  • Uainionn "foam-white"
  • Breacán "freckled; speckled"
  • Life meaning is unknown
  • Eibhear from Latin eberus meaning "Irishman"
  • Muirne "high spirited; festive"
  • Marcán from marc "steed" + diminutive ending
  • Gobán either from Goba "smith" [a Celtic god of craftsmanship"
  • Laisrén from lassar "flame"
  • Conn possibly "wisdom" or "chief" or a form of cú "hound; wolf"
  • Fiachra possibly from fiach, "raven" or elements meaning "battle-king"
  • Maon (m & f) "silent" [a byname for a Celtic god]
  • Neassa ni "not" + assa "gentle"
  • Cathaír possibly from cath "battle" + tigern "lord"
  • Saorla sáer "noble" + flaith "princess; lady"
  • Cúach meaning is unknown
  • Ardghal from ard "height" + gal "valor"
  • Ailill "elf; sprite"
  • Cian "ancient; enduring"
  • Taichleach "placating; peacemaking"
  • Scannal  possibly, "quarrel; argument"
  • Comhghall comh "together" + gall "hostage; pledge"
  • Tuathla tuath "people" + flaith"princess; lady"
  • Aodh from Aed, the Celtic god of fire, whose names means, appropriately enough, "fire."
  • Mochta "great"
  • Tiobraide possibly, tiobraid, "well"

  • Fianait "wild creature; deer"
  • Osán os "deer" + diminutive ending
  • Lachtnán diminutive of Lachtna (see above)
  • Fursa meaning is unknown
  • Éimhín (m & f) prompt; ready
  • Giolla Chomgaill "Servant of St. Comhghall"
  • Síoda possibly derived from the word for "silk"
  • Ealadha "art; craft"
  • Abbán "little abbot"
  • Conán "hound or wolf"
  • Éimhín (m & f) "prompt; ready"
  • Úna possibly derived from uanmeaning "lamb."
  • Mealla "lightning"
  • Earnán possibly from iarn, "iron"
  • Lomán "bare"
  • Niamh "brightness; radiance"
  • Sorcha "bright, radiant"
  • Blinne form of Monnine (see also)
  • Éanna possibly from ean "birdlike"
  • Finnén "White; fair-haired"

  • Banbha the name of an early goddess, and was also used as name for Ireland
  • Lonán "blackbird"
  • Oillín diminutive of Oillill (see above)
  • Mac Táil mac, "son" + táil "adze"
  • Ciarán ciar, "black" + diminutive ending
  • Lughaidh "light; brightness" from Lug, the name of a Celtic god.
  • Fionntán fionn, "white" + elements meaning possibly "ancient," "bull," or "fire"
  • Daimhín "deer" or "ox" + diminutive ending
  • Raichbhe Meaning is unknown
  • Tuilelaith tuile "abundance" + flaith"princess; lady"
  • Coinneach (m sometimes f) possibly from caoin "beautiful" 
  • Searc "love; affection"
  • Mór from mór, "great; tall"
  • Osnait os, "deer" + feminine ending
  • Muireann mur "sea" + fionn "white; fair-haired"
  • Fainche "scald-crow," the name of a Celtic war goddess
  • Oillill "sprite; elf"
  • Taillte meaning is unknown
  • Órlaith ór "gold" + flaith "princess; lady"
  • Séadhna "traveller; wayfarer"
  • Brónach "sorrowful"
  • Rúadhán rúad, "red haired" + diminutive ending
  • Cróine crón "yellow; saffron-colored, swarthy"
  • Ruarc possibly from arc, "hero; champion" orruarc "rainstorm." Alternately, it may be from Hroekr "famous power," a name brought by Norse settlers.
  • Aolú The Celtic god names Aodh + Lughcombined
  • Robhartach "rushing; impetuous"
  • Maon (m & f) "silent"
  • Ciar "black"
  • Maol Mhuire (m & f) "servant or devotee of St. Mary"
  • Íonait "faithful; pure; sincere"
  • Moinnine "My ninne"-according to legend, ninne was the first word this saint spoke
  • Dunfhlaith donn "brown (haired)" + flaith"princess"
  • Séighín (m & f) from sé, "hawk"
  • Sláine "health," derived from a Celtic goddess name
  • Seanán sean, "old, ancient"
  • Flann (m/f) "fiery red"
  • Uasal "noble"
  • Meadhbh "she who intoxicates"
  • Móirne from mór, "great; tall"
  • Coinneach (m sometimes f) possibly from caoin "beautiful" 
  • Fearganainm "man without a name"
  • Fionnghuala fionn "white; fair-haired" +guala "shoulder"


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