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African Names

African baby names (which include Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Arabic names) are beautiful, exotic, and full of meaning—think Barack (Swahili for "blessing")


Here are some African names that we went over when we were naming our baby boy. We had a hard time but were happy when we found the perfect African name. Boys and girls African names are below

  • Nthanda, star.
  • Mala, bitter.
  • Nkechi, of god; or, of the spirit.
  • Kerneels, kingly, or, powerful.

  • Masego, blessings.
  • Chibuzo, god leads.
  • Nakato, second born of female twins.
  • Adeola, crown of high estate.
  • Simisola, rest in wealth.
  • Bohlale, wisdom.
  • Osumare, rainbow.
  • Oluchi, work of god.
  • Emeka, successful.
  • Olufunmilola, god, give me salvation.
  • Ebele, mourning.
  • Fudu, tortoise.
  • Chinedu, god is my leader.
  • Olanrewaju, the face of salvation.

  • Furaha, joy.
  • Taonga, we are grateful.
  • Zuri, handsome.
  • Oluwaseyi, god made this.
  • Fumnanya, he who inspires love.
  • Enu, second-born child.
  • Chandaki (?????), the mistress of chendi.
  • Apiyo, the one who comes quickly (the first-born of twins).
  • Tendai, thankful.
  • Uzochi, the way of god.
  • Malaika, angel.
  • Celestine, heavenly.
  • Nosizwe, mother of the nation.
  • Ramla, predictor of the future.
  • Hlelile, reversed.
  • Chizoba, may god save.
  • Ngozi, accident; leather; snore (?).
  • Enitan, one of story.
  • Nsonowa, seventh born child.
  • Chinwendu, god owns life.
  • Hendaqué, the mistress of chendi.
  • Chipo, gift.
  • Folami, honor me.
  • Ashanti, of the ashanti people.

  • Bujune, sorrow, troubles.
  • Kagiso, peaceful.
  • Apio, (the one who comes quickly) the first-born of twins.
  • Affrica, from the land of the afarik.
  • Manyara, lucky; or, rich with plunder.
  • Udo, peace.
  • Amadi, seemed destined to die at birth.
  • Tinashe, the lord is with us.
  • Chidimma, god is good.
  • Kojo, born on monday.
  • Adeyemi, a crown suits me.
  • Chiemeka, god has done very well.
  • Boipelo, proud.
  • Idowu, increase; born after twins.
  • Alala, a dreamer.
  • Rufaro, happiness.
  • Adede, famous.
  • Yawá, born on thursday.
  • Ffumbe, cook; or, slave (?).
  • Gbemisola, carry me into honor.
  • Ephigenia, (of pythonic descent) daughter of iphis.
  • Manyara, lucky; or, rich with plunder.
  • Mwanajuma, child of friday.
  • Idowu, increase; born after twins.
  • Ogechi, time-spirit.
  • Abebe, one who wards off.
  • Funanya, she who inspires love.
  • Mudiwa, beloved.
  • Dabulamanzi, divider of waters.
  • Hlengiwe, savior.

  • Hlatshwayo, has a scarred jaw (?).
  • Ogechi, time-spirit.
  • Mchumba, sweetheart.
  • Nafari, first-born son.
  • Per-ui, an obscure ethiopian king.
  • Chukwuemeka, the great god succeeds.
  • Zuberi, strong.
  • Monifa, i am luck.
  • Chidiebere, god is gentle.
  • Olumide, god has brought me.
  • Reuben, behold, a son!
  • Hadiyya, gift, sacrifice.
  • Makena, the happy one.
  • Farai, rejoice.
  • Cetshwayo, the slandered one.
  • Wekesa, born during harvest (?).
  • Asromiamun, an obscure ethiopian king.
  • Akua, born on wednesday.
  • Achieng, born when the sun shines.
  • Mer-mes, an obscure prince of ethiopia.
  • Thabo, joy.
  • Delmar, at the sea.

  • Bbwaddene, like a large dog.
  • Nkosana, a petty chief.
  • Nnamdi, my father lives.
  • Ssanyu, the happy one.
  • Titilayo, ever joyful.
  • Temitope, thanksgiving to god.
  • Mwanajuma, child of friday.
  • Baba, father.
  • Jengo, materials for building.
  • Rutendo, faith.
  • Apiyo, (the one who comes quickly) the first-born of twins.
  • Ayotunde, joy has returned.
  • Tendai, thankful.
  • Aysi, born on sunday (morning).
  • Kamaria, moon.
  • Afolabi, high-born.
  • Chidiebere, god is gentle.
  • Baas, master.
  • Ntombi, girl.
  • Kayode, he brings joy.
  • Adetokunbo, he will wear the crown of the sea.
  • Ekundayo, my sorrow has turned to joy.
  • Dwanh, to run.
  • Chibueze, god is the king.
  • Rutendo, faith.
  • Olwenyo, born in war-time.
  • Arkenkherel, a late ethiopian king.
  • Chipo, gift.
  • Olufunmilayo, god, give me joy.
  • Quanda, an egg.

  • Gwala, coward.
  • Akoko, fowl, hen.
  • Refilwe, we are given.
  • Neo, a gift.
  • Mala, bitter.
  • Olamide, salvation has arrived.
  • Yàw, born on thursday.
  • Chinwe, god owns me.
  • Olabisi, salvation increases.
  • Patience, endurance; submission.
  • Rehema, merciful.
  • Abel, breath, vapor; transitoriness.
  • Udo, peace.
  • Kibwe, a very small pebble.
  • Zola, to love.
  • Pauline, little.
  • Ndidi, patience.
  • Subira, patience.
  • Alaba, one person; an individual.
  • Salina, has mercy; merciful (?).
  • Themba, great in size; very stout.

  • Tinashe, the lord is with us.
  • Kagiso, peaceful.
  • Africa, from the land of the afarik.
  • Baako, first born.
  • Kwasi, born on sunday.
  • Leena, softness.
  • Buziba, night.
  • Adisa, i am grave, or, i speak gravely.
  • Nyah, intention, life purpose, mind.
  • Dumisa, honor, worship; or, thunder.
  • Tatenda, we give thanks.
  • Chinedu, god is my leader.
  • Oluwaseyi, god made this.
  • Opeyemi, i praise and give thanks.
  • Tameka, a twin.
  • Nkruma, ninth born child.
  • Bapoto, disturbance, noise.
  • Babatunde, father has returned.
  • Gatura, one who excels, or surpasses.
  • Paki, witness.
  • Efua, born on friday.
  • Tsholofelo, hope.
  • Folami, honor me.
  • Fulathela, he will go far.
  • Baako, first born.
  • Abeni, suppliant.
  • Ekene-dilichukwu, salutation belongs to the great god.
  • Gazini, blood.
  • Enitan, one of story.
  • Chioma, god is good.
  • Kamau, quiet warrior.
  • Chiratidzo, a sign.
  • Dafari, first-born son.
  • Shani, wonder.
  • Dube, zebra.
  • Chakide, a mongoose or weasel.
  • Ochieng, born when the sun shines.
  • Abidemi, born while father is away.
  • Babajide, father has come back.
  • Afia, born on friday.
  • Tamela, she who basks in the sun.
  • Chinaza, god answers (my prayer).
  • Dede, a jigger; or, a grasshopper.
  • Tse, second-born of twin brothers.
  • Qhikiza, full-grown girl.
  • Anyim, from the niger river.
  • Oni, crocodile (?).
  • Dayo, joy arrives.
  • Blessing, blessing.
  • Atsu, first-born of twin brothers.
  • Temitope, thanksgiving to god.
  • Eniola, she who is wealthy.
  • Chitemo, axe.
  • Yaa, born on thursday.
  • Oyoo, born on the road.
  • Racheal, a ewe.
  • Ifunanya, love inspires love.
  • Lindiwe, i watch (or guard).
  • Baraka, blessing.
  • Mojisola, i awaken wealth.
  • Sethunya, a blossom, flower.
  • Onyeka, who is greatest?
  • Kobina, born on tuesday.
  • Onyeka, who is greatest?
  • Kobe, tortoise.
  • Rudo, love.
  • Arjana, paradise.
  • Nsia, sixth born child.
  • Arkamun, an ethiopian king; ergamenes.
  • Abena, born on tuesday.
  • Dubaku, eleventh born child.
  • Boipuso, self-governed.
  • Khamisi, born on thursday.
  • Sipho, a gift.
  • Atakheramen, an obscure ethiopian king.
  • Esi, born on sunday.
  • Sizwe, country, nation.
  • Olufemi, god loves me.
  • Masozi, tears.
  • Rufaro, happiness.
  • Oluwafunmilayo, god will give me joy.
  • Ojiambo, born in the afternoon.
  • Duna, lord, master, headman, sire.
  • Rudo, love.
  • Joycelin, just, right.
  • Shukura, be comforted.
  • Penina, red coral; or, a pearl.
  • Sithembile, we have much hope.
  • Nkemdilim, belongs to me.
  • Wasswa, first born of twins.
  • Adaeze, princess.
  • Giconi, a kind of bird.
  • Olabisi, salvation increases.
  • Yewande, mother has returned.
  • Olayinka, she brings salvation.
  • Fungai, thinker.
  • Adongo, second-born of twins.
  • Worknesh, she is gold.
  • Chigaru, like a large dog.
  • Qelhatat, a queen of nubia.
  • Chieng, god of day; god of the sun.
  • Kofi, born on friday.
  • Githinji, butcher.
  • Gwembeshe, has crooked arms; or, bandy-legged.
  • Oluwasegun, god is victor.


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