Funslice is completely in our imagination. It doesn't look like this band will do anything unless we stop dating or if we lived to 500 cause then we might have time for simple things like practice. This happens to anger me but I can only live my life I guess. Funslice is Z. Where have you gone?

We don't care about playing for people or making records that you can buy at tower records for $19.99. Hopefully sometime in this millennium we will have a pile of mp3s on this site that you can download and burn on cds and burn copies for your friends and grandma. Funslice rock is garbage punk with a splash a emo angst. Whatever. I guess you can read lyrics and figure out that the only thing we really are is angry.

Right now Funslice is Nate, Z, and Roman. We are trying roman guitar and singing, Nate drumming, and Z bass and singing but we will do whatever to make some of the rock - even if that means Nate is playing the oboe, Roman is playing the skin flute, and Z is playing with poo.

Nate bought drums. I think the NDF (Nathan Drum Fund) ended up at $80. We have completed the PAF - the PA Fund. I think it was $68 but we covered the rest to buy a mixer and speakers from the www.

I wish Funslice was Zyne-Dawg, Shane, Z, Roman, and Nate but those poo pants live with their parents in Wisconsin. Take care now. (2002)


Grapefruit juice goes in a salty dog alcoholic beverage.



Lips are also known as a computer unit.




Thanks for your comments douch-bag.

Funslice Staff

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