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Fantasy League Names

Browse through fantasy team names to find funny lea names and cool league names.

Fantasy Team Names


Check out our complete list of fantasy league names.

Are you looking for the best league name? Find the perfect funny name for your fantasy league.

Fantasy League Names 2023

  • 12 Men Out
  • Hit Happens
  • Midgets With Crew Cuts 2013 Fantasy League
  • The Pete Rose Integrity Society
  • Gas House Gang
  • Dozen Eggheads of Fantasy
  • Betting On Baseball
  • Dozen Eggheads of Fantasy (DEF)
  • FLEX: Fantasy League of Ex-Athletes
  • Royal Union of Fantasy ers (RUFF)
  • Fantasy League of Know-it-alls (FLUNK) (it’s supposed to be spelled wrong)
  • Butt Fumbling Dirty Sanchez.
  • Moonlight Graham League
  • Royal Union of Baseball Braggarts League
  • Fantasy League of Ballers (FLOB)
  • Fantasy League of Baseballers
  • Inglorious Bashers
  • WhatsGloveGot2DoWithIt
  • Spin Doctors
  • Fantasy League of Know-it-alls
  • Skorbored Fantasy League
  • Malpractice This
  • Hardball United Roto League
  • Gridiron Gurus Royale
  • BeerBellys On Parade Fantasy League
  • Orange Peanut Fantasy Basketball League
  • League of Advanced Fantasy Fanatics
  • Hittem' Where They Aint
  • Bleacher Bums
  • Don’t Flatter Yourself Fantasy Basketball League
  • Chin Music
  • Fantasy League of Has-Beens (FLAHB)
  • Fantasy League of Ex-Athletes (FLEX)
  • Ball Shank Redemption
  • Hardball United Roto League (HURL)
  • Monday Morning Tears
  • Anita Champion Fantasy League
  • Crystal Ridge Ladies League Fantasy League
  • Fantasy Union of Classy Kansans Fantasy League
  • Battle of 108 Stitches
  • Extraordinarily Nerdy Union of Fantasy Fanatics
  • No Hitters
  • Guys Fantasy Freak League
  • League of Legends
  • Believers in BABIP
  • Bone Crushers Anonymous
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • Lots of Booze Yahoos
  • Don Zimmer Fight Club
  • Extraordinarily Nerdy Union of Fantasy Fanatics (ENUFF)
  • No Pansie Fantasy League
  • Bailiffs Corner
  • Fantasy Field of Dreams
  • Chuck Norris’s Tripod Club Fantasy League
  • Fantasy League of Gentlemen
  • Pats are Packing
  • Fantasy League of Gentlemen (FLOG acronym)
  • Silver Sluggers
  • Bistro33 Ballas Fantasy League
  • Besties of the ESPYs
  • Turn Your Head and Coughlin
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Master Batters
  • Balls 2 The Walls
  • The Unusual Suspects
  • Soggy Croutons Fantasy League
  • Ron Mexico's Test Results
  • Aces of WHIP
  • Round-Trippers
  • ILuvBigAzzTDs
  • Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians
  • League of Advanced Fantasy Fanatics (LAFF)
  • Hits & Giggles
  • Mark Chmura’s Hot Tub Time Machine Fantasy League
  • 7 Cocks & A Hen Fantasy League
  • Dezzed and Confused
  • Fastballs At Ridgemont High
  • Fantasy Gang
  • Royal Roto Rooters
  • Victorious Secrets
  • Battle of 108 Stitches (The 108)
  • Believers in BABIP (BIB)
  • Fantasy League of Ordinary Gentlemen (FLOG)
  • The League of Extra Ordinary Genitals Fantasy Basketball League
  • Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians (FLASH)



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