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Vancouver Canucks Fantasy Hockey Team Names

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Vancouver Canucks Fantasy Hockey Team Names


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  • Should I Stay Or Luongo
  • We Choked
  • Nazzy's Frosted Tips
  • Luon-gone
  • Benning and the Jets
  • Barkers Bottle
  • 7th Man Initiative
  • Bieksa and I know it
  • Plate of Spaghetti
  • Flight of the Valk-yries
  • Higgins's Abdominal Region Legion
  • Coy Hogson
  • Milk Hot Dogs
  • Gillis's Solidarity Beard
  • The Fragile Birds
  • Ryan Kesler Did This
  • Stan Steel
  • The Nude Keslers
  • White Towel Brigade
  • The Jovomonkeys
  • How Could You Leave Me for Harold Snepsts
  • The Flying Dutchmen
  • Bo-lievers
  • Should Have Drafted Kopitar
  • Bieksallence
  • The Steamers
  • The Aquamen
  • Where the Streets Have No Name(s)
  • Lack-ing Ice Time
  • It Is What It Is