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Fantasy Team Names

Browse through fantasy team names to find funny team names and cool team names.


Check out our complete list of fantasy team names.

Are you looking for the best Bills fantasy football team name? Find the perfect funny name for your fantasy Bills football team.

Bills Fantasy Football Names


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  • Make America Gronk Again
  • It's Tuel Time!
  • EJ's Football Manuel
  • Cassel Black
  • Natural Born Spillers
  • Psycho Spillers
  • It was a Forward Pass
  • Corn on the Kolb
  • Spiller Instinct
  • Lanksters Paradise
  • McCoy's Party Crashers
  • Spiller? I Hardly Know Her!
  • Torn ACL – We'll Draft You
  • Angry Byrds
  • The Billievers
  • Turn Down For Watkins
  • Zach and Merriman Make a Porno
  • Ohhhh Thank "EVANS"
  • Flutie Flakes
  • Spiller, Not a Squirter
  • Shish Kakolbs
  • I have a MANUEL for winning
  • Pass the Kolb
  • Spiller Genuine Draft
  • T.O. goes the Neighborhood
  • Stupar Bad
  • Master Spiller
  • Slowest Buffalo in the herd
  • Im Sorry Fred Jackson
  • Next 10 Buffalo Bills
  • The Book Of Moorman
  • Winners Don’t Spiller Wings
  • Rock Youboty
  • T.O. minute Warning!
  • In Manuel We Trust
  • Its Spiller Time
  • Tashard by an Angel
  • Read the frickin' Manuel
  • Circle The Wagons
  • My Favorite Marshawn
  • Elementary My Dear Watkins
  • Natural Born Spiller's
  • Praying for Injury
  • Steve Johnson's Prayer Circle
  • Watkins makes my Woods grow
  • Peach Kolbler
  • Pass the Mike
  • We know our place - 4th Place
  • Forte Shadys of Cray
  • Lynch Marshawn
  • Marshawn of the Dead
  • Manuel or Automatic
  • Sheriff "Roscoe P." Coltrane
  • Moe Money Moe Problems




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