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days until going to Arizona


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What will the Cubs do this year?

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# of burgers I have eaten = 1,804

Trivia: What is the largest country in the Caribbean, HAITI, CUBA, THE BAHAMAS, or ARUBA?

Last week: Who invented the term 'Hot Dog' Answer: FILIPINOS

Screeching Weasel
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Punk Pal -

His mind is his own town where his thoughts run aground They fall over and down I spent it all On the bag On the drag
Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Andrew Ziola Dr. Odd


Sandy's Bday and Nate's Bachelor Party

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Email your disgust to Clear Channel for taking Howard Stern off the air: pr@clearchannel.com

Bartman Ball

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Bonds Got Big

How to Ride Public Transportation

New look and feel on Crazy Chili site

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