Week 4 - Rob was voted off

Name: Rob Van Hyfte

Age: 28

A Little About Yourself: singer in Sunhead King, working on Master's in Education

Turn Ons: intelligence, good sense of humor, beauty

Turn Offs: lofty attitude, closed minded

Name: Shea Nimocks

Age: 28

A Little About Yourself: I recently ended my career as a male model to pursue my second dream, participating in a reality tv show. I'm hoping drodd.com will help me fulfill this dream. I currently reside in Green Bay, WI.

Turn Ons: Long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, bubble baths, romance novels

Turn Offs: Bangs jacked up to Jesus, Pontiac Grand Ams, frosted jeans (unless they are worn with red Reebok fitness shoes)


Week 2- Z was voted off

Name: Andrew "Z" Ziola

Age: 28

A Little About Yourself: I am a web developer and I love Chicago sports and punk rock. During the week I look and act like a 27 year old and on the weekends I look and act like an 18 year old.

Turn Ons: hot and sexy girls, ice cream

Turn Offs: ugly and quiet girls, oil spills

Week 3 - Jason was voted off

Name: Jason Phillips

Age: 27

A Little About Yourself: Small-town Midwestern farm-boy turned big-city social afficionado. Currently working in the Banking industry, but eager to begin new direction in either full-time business school on the West Coast or start a restaurant in Chicago. Undergraduate education from the University of Illinois, which included a study-abroad stint at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Hobbies: running, beach volleyball, reading, partying, and trying to make the world a safer place for our children's children.

Future Plans: After going through unsuccessful auditions for Temptation Island III and the Bachelor, hopefully someday I will realize my goal of becoming the star of a reality tv show so I can be 'discovered' and begin my acting career as Skyler Alamain on daytime television's 'Day's of Our Lives'.

Turn Ons: Class, confidence, trust, athleticism, someone who is very 'polished' and comfortable in their own skin (i.e. has their sh!t together physically, mentally, and professionally)

Turn Offs: Selfishness, immaturity, stalking, ugly feet

Name: Roman

Age: 28

A Little About Yourself: work at motorola, watch cubs, watch bears, watch sports, play softball, play on roboat, drink beers, drink bloody marys, only drink pepsi on the weekends, pet the cats, clean the cats poop, watch tv, cook food, bbq, eat food, order food, scoot, snowboard, listen to rock, go to see rock, don't have a pet rock.

Turn Ons: laughing, having fun, smelling good, hanging out with friends, having good times.

Turn Offs: not laughing, not having fun, not smelling good, not hanging out with friends, not having good times.

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