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Beer Party Names

Here, you will find all of the party ideas you need to host a themed party.

Throw the most awesome bash with these creative Beer Party Names.

  • Seasonal showcase
  • Strange Brews
  • Taster’s Panel
  • Flight Night
  • Can Jam Beer Tasting Event
  • Beer Tasting Event…For the Haters
  • Beers with a classic fault or flavor characteristic
  • Beers from a single country or region
  • Brunch and Beer Tasting Event
  • Beer and food pairing
  • A Baby Is Brewing
  • Blind tasting—guess the style!
  • Show and Tell
  • Same brewery, different styles
  • Single style, different breweries
  • Oktoberfest: Welcome to the Biergarten
  • Mystery Beer Tasting Event
  • Bubbles & Brew Couples Shower
  • No Pinch Zone!
  • Seasonal Sips and Beer Holidays
  • Beer Tasting and Trivia
  • Father's Day Beer Tasting and Grilling Party
  • Meet Your Maker
  • Vertical tasting of big or special beers
  • Beers showcasing a specific type of ingredient (hop, malt, yeast)
  • Broad overview
  • Perfect Pairings: Chef and Brewer