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Male Cat Names

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Here are the top Male Cat Names. I also have cats.

Male cat names beginning with “A”…

Breeds of Dogs, male puppy names

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Father of nations
Tip: Have your male cat neutered if you don’t want this meaning of this male cat name to come true!

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Greek fabulist traditionally considered the author of Aesop’s Fables, including “The Tortoise and the Hare”.

Al Capone
Origin: American
Meaning: U.S. gangster and Prohibition-era bootlegger; also known as Scarface.

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Servant of Allah
Trivia: A character from the book One-Thousand and One Nights.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of men

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Defender of men

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Burdened

Origin: Dutch
Trivia: A river that runs through Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the name of a popular brand of beer (named after the river).

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: One strength
Tip: This is a great name for a cat that’s big and strong like an Angus bull! It’s one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: German
Meaning: Powerful eagle
Tip: A good male cat name for the cat who loves to run away, but you know “will be back”.

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Bear

Origin: English
Meaning: Settlement in the ash tree grove

Origin: French
Meaning: A Character in a series of French comic strips titled The Adventures of Asterix

Trivia: A brand of arcade and home video games very popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s.
Tip: Perfect for a cat who likes to play, play, play all day! This is another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Greek
Trivia: In Geek mythology, Atlas was a titan condemned to support the heavens on his shoulders.
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a big, strong cat.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: A straight line about which a rotating body (such as the earth) turns.
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who likes to run around in circles, chasing his tail!

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Angel of Death.
Trivia: In the cartoon The Smurfs, Azrael is the evil wizard Gargamel’s cat

Origin: Yiddish
Meaning: A glazed, ring-shaped roll with a tough, chewy texture.

Origin: English
Meaning: Bailiff; trusted guardian of other’s property
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a cat who likes to sit on your belongings, “guarding” them.

Meaning: An exotic tropical island in the Pacific Ocean.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Fruit with a yellow rind

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Son of prophecy
Tip: Not just for purple dinosaurs…this two-syllable male cat name is great for felines too!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family.

Meaning: Furry mammal of the Ursidae family.
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a large, cuddly cat.

Benjamin, Benny, Ben
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Son of my right hand; beloved youngest son
Trivia: The youngest of Jacob’s sons in the Bible.

Meaning: Farm where the grass bends
Trivia: A luxury car made by Rolls Royce.
Tip: A posh male cat name for a posh pet!

Mr. Bigglesworth
Trivia: Dr. Evil’s cat in the Austin Powers movies.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A kind of bread in small, soft cakes

Meaning: A card game
Tip: A fun male cat name for a black cat.

Trivia: Mr. Bojangles is a song written and recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker that is covered by many other artists.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: A protective covering for the feet
Trivia: Puss in Boots is a French fairy tale about a cunning cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power and wealth for his master.

Origin: Slavic
Meaning: A fighter, warrior; small, short
Trivia: Famous horror actor, Boris Karlof.

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Spirited
Notable: New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Father of a mighty nation

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Heavy, hearty and stupid
Trivia: The Roman general who led the plot to murder Julius Caesar

Tip: A good male cat name for a big, affectionate cat who doesn’t know his own strength.

Meaning: Extraordinary one
Trivia: Originally a nickname for a person who broke things!

Meaning: The chief male servant of a household
Tip: A great male cat name for a kitty who loves to play “fetch”(believe it or not, many cats do)!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: a small disk, knob, or the like for sewing or otherwise attaching to an article, as of clothing, serving as a fastening when passed through a buttonhole or loop.

Origin: English
Meaning: From the barns
Trivia: Lord Byron was a famous Anglo-Scottish poet also known for his extravagant and wild life.

Origin: English
Meaning: A Neolithic and Iron age site in Somerset England
Trivia: Cadbury is the name of a British chocolate maker

Meaning: An animal with a blotched or spotted coat
Trivia: Acalico, though sometimes mistaken as a breed of cat, is actually a color pattern consisting of black, white and orange fur. Most calico cats are female.

Meaning: A brand of golf products
Tip: If you love golf, this male cat name may be the perfect choice.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bald
Trivia: Calvin is the mischievous boy with an imaginary pet tiger from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Espresso coffee mixed with frothed milk or cream

Captain Frisky
Tip: A great male cat name for an active cat
Trivia: Friskies is a brand of cat food

Origin: Italian
Meaning: A man with a reputation for being an ardent lover
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for the feline who charms his female friends

Origin: English
Meaning: From the Caspian Sea

Origin: English
Meaning: A plant of the mint family that is extremely attractive to cats
Tip: Beware! Catnip can send your cat climbing up your curtains faster than you can say, “meow”… but oh, what a sight to see!

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Blind

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Battle chieftain

Origin: English
Meaning: Charlie Chaplin was a comedic actor and director who made his mark during the silent film era

Origin: English
Meaning: The carbonaceous remnant of burnt wood

Origin: English
Meaning: Free man
Tip: This two-syllable name is common yet cool, making it one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: A game played on a checked board

Origin: English
Meaning: A fortress, camp
Trivia: Short for Rochester

Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who loves to chew on shoes and bones.
TV Notable: Chewbacca (or Chewy) is the big, hairy co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lame

Origin: English
Meaning: A sharp, curved nail on the foot of an animal
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who likes to “tear it up” (good luck with your sofa!)

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Spanish word for ‘coconut’

Origin: English
Meaning: Descendant of Oda
Tip: A popular, two-syllable name that’s also one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: A celestial body
Trivia: The name of one of Santa’s 12 reindeer.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Hound, Wolf
Trivia: Names of funnyman Conan O’Brien and Conan the Barbarian (a fictional character).

Origin: English
Meaning: Barrel maker

Meaning: Derived from “cosmos” meaning the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system
Trivia: Also short for “cosmopolitan” as in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Origin: English
Meaning: A thin, wafer-like biscuit; firecrackers; someone who has gone crazy.
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a crazy cat.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: To tame, subdue

Meaning: Something or someone of exceptional quality
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a handsome or well-bred kitty.

Origin: English
Meaning: God is my judge

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Everlasting

Origin: Cornish
Meaning: A location in Cornwall, England
Notable: Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Man from South Munster

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Dexterous (skillful; artful)

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Devil
Tip: A cool male cat name for a devil of a cat!

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Supplanter
TV Notable: Diego is Dora the Explorer’s cousin who helps animals in danger

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Lover of the earth

Origin: Dharuk
Meaning: A wild, wolf-like animal of Australia.
Trivia: “Maybe the dingo ate your baby” – Elaine, Seinfeld

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Belonging to lord

Meaning: A popular game of matching the dots
Tip: This male cat name is a great choice for a black and white cat.

Origin: English
Meaning: Variant of Doughnut; fried dough in the shape of a ring

Meaning: To draw or scribble idly
Trivia: “Yankee Doodle” is a well-known American song and the state anthem of Connecticut.

Origin: English
Meaning: Snake, Dragon

Origin: English
Meaning: Wood; clearing of Dudda

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Son of Dubhthach or Dubhshíth

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Black stranger

Origin: English
Meaning: The male ruler of a duchy; the sovereign of a small state
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a feline of impressive stature or pedigree.

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Brown warrior

Origin: Latin
Meaning: From Dionysius, the Greco-Roman god of wine

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Great rising tide
Trivia: Bob Dylan is a major American singer-songwriter

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Short for “dynamoelectric machine”; someone with great energy and force
Tip: If your cat has tons of energy, this male cat name might suit him well!


Origin: English
Meaning: Nobleman

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Reverberating sound
Tip: Choose this male cat name for a cat who answers when you call.

Origin: English
Meaning: (Edward) Wealthy guardian
TV Notable: Name of the Jack Russell terrier on Frasier.

Origin: American
Meaning: Border; edge of a surface

Trivia: Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors in history, is credited with the invention of the electric light bulb

Origin: French
Meaning: The name of a French engineer who constructed the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923)

Eight Ball
Origin: English
Meaning: A form a billiards; the black pool ball that bears the number 8
Tip: Another great male cat name for a black cat

Origin: German
Tip: With Albert Einstein as his namesake, this cat can only be a genius!

Elias, Elliot, Ellis
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: My God is the lord

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is salvation

Trivia: Duke Ellington was an American jazz composer, pianist and bandleader.

Origin: Germanic/English
Meaning: Noble and famous
TV Notable: Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny’s nemesis in Looney Toons.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Protector
Tip: Kids will love him, and it’s one of our favorite male cat names too!
TV Notable: The adorable furry, red Muppet on Sesame Street.

Origin: English
Meaning: The old town; Ella’s town
Trivia: Sir Elton John is a Grammy and Academy award-winning British singer and composer.

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: All wise; prince of wisdom
Tip: This male cat name is fit for a king!

Origin: American
Meaning: A computer term short for ‘electronic mail’
Tip: This male cat name keeps up with technology! (You can add a humorous twist to it by spelling it “E-male”.)

Origin: English
Meaning: Son of Emery; bravery and power

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Eager

Origin: German
Meaning: All containing; entire
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who completes your family.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: (Lorenzo) Magnificent

Origin: Italian
Meaning: A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted coffee beans.
Tip: A fun male cat name for a perky feline or a dark brown/black cat!

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Strong and steadfast

Origin: Hebrew/Welsh
Meaning: God is good/Young warrior

Origin: English
Trivia: The highest mountain in the world, named after George Everest, Surveyor General of India

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Strength of god
Trivial: Ezekiel is one of the books in the Bible

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Prosperous farmer

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: A type of dance

Fat Cat
Origin: Slang, Americanism
Meaning: A person of wealth and privilege
Trivia: Fat Cat is the crime boss tabby cat in the animated Disney series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Auspicious; Lucky
Literary Notable: Faust is a character in a German legend who makes a deal with the devil

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fortunate
TV Notable: Felix the Cat is a cartoon character

Origin: German
Meaning: World daring

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Man of strength
Tip: This name is perfect for a big cat with lots of personality. It’s one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: One who came from the Spanish town of Figueroa
Trivia: Figaro is the name of Pinocchio’s cat, also the famous Barber of Seville

Meaning: A nation composed of several hundred islands
in the southwestern Pacific Ocean
Tip: If you’re looking for an exotic male cat name, this one might do the trick.

Finnegan, Finn
Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Fair

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Son of a nobleman

Origin: English
Meaning: A pancake

Origin: English
Meaning: Tiny bloodsucking insect
Tip: A humorous male cat name for a small kitty

Origin: English
Meaning: Arrow maker

Origin: Welsh/English
Meaning: Grey

Meaning: A sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff

Fluffy, Fluffles
Origin: English
Meaning: Light or airy; covered with fluff.
Tip: Only a furry fellow can carry this male cat name off!

Frank, Frankie, Franklin
Origin: English
Meaning: Free or truthful

Freckle, Freckles
Origin: English
Meaning: Small brownish spots

Fred, Freddy
Origin: English
Meaning: Peaceful ruler

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The sixth day of the week
Tip: An excellent choice for a male cat name (because everyone loves Friday!)

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: lively, playful

Origin: German
Meaning: Ruler in peace
Trivia: Fritz the Cat is the feline con artist from the Crumb comics

Trivia: Fruit Loops are a fun, colorful brand of breakfast cereal made by Kellogg’s. Toucan Sam is their mascot.
Tip: This name would work for a cat that’s a touch ‘loopy’.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A soft candy made of sugar, butter, milk and chocolate
Tip: A yummy male cat name for a brown cat.

Meaning: A ball of fur; alternative name for a hairball
Tip: As it suggests, this male cat name is perfect for a large, furry cat.

Origin: English
Meaning: A loose, light, fibrous, or fluffy matter
Slang: The police

Meaning: A mechanical device
Tip: A great name for a small cat…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Norse
Meaning: Wand Elf
Literary Notable: Gandalf is a wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Battlefield
Tip: Garfield is a lazy, lasagna-loving cat from the comic strip by the same name.

Music Notable: Art Garfunkel is an American singer-songwriter and part of the Simon & Garfunkel duo.

Origin: Norse
Meaning: Enclosed garden; Keeper of gardens
TV Notable: Wayne’s sidekick from ‘Wayne’s World’, played by Dana Carvey.

Origin: Welsh/English
Meaning: The white hawk of battle

Origin: Mongolian
Trivia: Genghis Khan was the founder, ruler and emperor of the Mongol Empire.

George, Georgie
Origin: Greek
Meaning: The farmer

Origin: Italian
Movie Notable: Geppetto is the woodcarver who creates Pinocchio.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Holy name (derived from Jerome)
Trivia: Apache Indian leader (1829-1909) given the name by Spanish settlers.

Gilligan, Gil
Origin: Gaelic/Hebrew
Meaning: Lad/Joy
TV Notable: Hapless first mate of the SS Minnow marooned on Gilligan’s Island.
Tip: A great male cat name for a clumsy but loveable feline.

Meaning: A mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget.
Movie Notable: The name of the cute, furry Gremlin.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Of high rank/ A child of nobility

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The juices that drip from cooking meat
Tip: If your cat loves to eat, this humorous male cat name may be perfect for him.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: uncovered
Trivia: The giant Philistine who was slain by David in the Old Testament.

Meaning: Bizarre, unconventional, oddball
TV Notable: The blue, hook-nosed Muppet in The Muppet Show.

Origin: African
Meaning: A type of peanut
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a nutty cat!

Origin: American
Meaning: A trademark used for an Internet search engine.
Trivia: The word ‘google’ was used in Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Meaning: Ground squirrels of the prairie regions of North America.
Tip: A funny male cat name for a cat who likes to dig.

Origin: Old German
Meaning: From the gray forest

Meaning: A species of North American brown bear.
Tip: Perfect for a big, brown cat.

Origin: English
Meaning: From the grove
TV notable: The loveable, huggable, blue Muppet from Sesame Street.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Guardian
Triva: The Spanish form of the English name “William”

Origin: French
Meaning: Glutton

Origin: American
Meaning: A thick soup or stew usually made with chicken or seafood
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a cat who loves chicken or seafood

Gus, Gustav
Origin: German
Meaning: Stave of the Goths

Origin: English
Meaning: A ball of hair
Tip: Brush your cat regularly to decrease the number of ‘presents’ he leaves on the carpet!

Origin: Old French/German
Meaning: Little Home

Origin: German
Trivia: George Frideric Handel was a German-English composer famous for works such as Messiah and Water Music

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Help; blessing
TV Notable: Hannibal, who was a Carthaginian, is credited as being one of the most talented military commanders in history.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: (Henry) Ruler of the home

Harold, Harry
Origin: Old English
Meaning: Leader of an army

Origin: Name
Meaning: An Ivy League college in Massachusetts
Tip: A excellent male cat name for a smart kitty (or one who just likes to sit on books!)

Hat Trick
Origin: English
Meaning: A clever maneuver; in sports, a hat trick generally refers to succeeding at something three times – usually consecutively

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Confusion or disorder
Tip: Choose this male cat name for a cat who creates chaos!

Origin: English
Meaning: Cliff top covered in heather
Trivia: Heathcliff is one of the leading characters in Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights; also the name of an orange, bad-tempered cat in the comic strip Heathcliff

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Anchor; steadfast
Trivia: The greatest Trojan hero in the Trojan War, killed by Achilles.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Son of Henry

Trivia: Jimi Hendrix is an American musician, considered one of the greatest guitarists in the history of Rock.
Tip: A very cool male cat name for a cat belonging to a musician!

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Glorious Gif
Trivia: A Greek mythological hero, renowned for his strength

Origin: English
Use: Usually used as a last name
Tip: This male cat name sounds rather posh – one might imagine a distinguished gentleman or butler answering its call.

Origin: Name
Trivia: A town in California

Trivia: Hobbes is the energetic stuffed tiger in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.  Hobbes is named after the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

Trivia: The fictional, diminutive race in J. R.R. Tolkien’s novels, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Pledge or hostage
Trivia: Homer was an ancient Greek poet who wrote The Illiad and The Oddesey.
TV Notable: Homer Simpson of The Simpsons.

Origin: Greek/Latin
Meaning: Guardian; time keeper
Trivia: One of the great Roman poets and satirists (65-8 BC).

Origin: Name
Meaning: American magician known for his great escapes
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a feline who’s perfected his disappearing act!

Huggy Bear
Origin: Nickname
TV Notable: Informant character in the 70’s cop show Starsky and Hutch.
Trivia: In the 2004 movie version, Huggy Bear was played by Snoop Dogg.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Intelligent

Origin: Old German
Meaning: Peaceful Hun
Trivia: Humphrey Bogart was an American actor who starred in the 1942 film Casablanca.

Origin: English
Meaning: One who hunts or searches
Tip: A perfect name for a cat who likes to pounce…another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: Exquisite
Trivia: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Follower
Trivia: From the Greek myth of the boy who flew too close to the sun.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Frozen water

Origin: Latin
Meaning: A picture, image, or other representation.

Origin: English
Meaning: Fiery one
Trivia: Singer and songwriter Iggy Pop was considered the Godfather of Punk.

Meaning: A dome-shaped Eskimo house, usually built from blocks of hard snow.
Tip: A fun, quirky male cat name, perfect for a cat with snow-white fur.

Origin: Norse/Russian
Meaning: Yew; bow and army

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He will laugh
Trivia: 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s nickname was Ike. His campaign slogan was “I like Ike”.

Origin: Name
Trivia: Last name of the shock jock Don Imus, known for his morning radio show.

Indiana, Indy
Origin: American
Meaning: The land of Indians
Trivia: The hero of 1981’s Oscar winning Raiders of the Lost Ark was named Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford.
Tip: This male cat name is a great choice for movie or car racing fans.

Origin: Spanish/Portuguese
Meaning: Blue or purple in color

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Black as ink
Tip: This male cat name works well for a black cat or one with big blotches of color.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: (Erwin) Wild Boar
Trivia: Steve Irwin was an Australian wildlife expert and TV personality nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter”.

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Beautiful
Trivia: The patriotic song God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin – a man considered one of the greatest songwriters in history.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He will laugh

Ishmael, Ish
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God will listen

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Restless or nervous
Trivia: Itchy is the blue mouse in The Simpson’s “Itchy & Scratchy Show”, a show-within-a-show.

Origin: Russian
Meaning: (John) God is gracious

Origin: Nickname
Meaning: A gift

Jack, Jackson
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God’s gift

Origin: Sanskrit (India)
Meaning: The Universe
Trivia: Military acronym for “Judge Advocate General”

Jacob, Jake
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: To fill the place of another

Origin: French
Meaning: French form of Jacob

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Spotted stone

Origin: American
Meaning: Brewed coffee; computer language
Tip: A great name for a brown or very perky cat…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: American
Meaning: Style of music originating in New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century

Origin: French
Meaning: Combination of Jean and Claude; God is Gracious
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who’s big on action and stunts, like actor Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Origin: George Lucas (Star Wars)
Meaning: Member of the knightly order in Star Wars, trained to defend justice and peace in the universe

Origin: English
Trivia: The fictional valet in P.G. Wodehouse’s novels and short stories about the English upper class.

Origin: French
Meaning: Heavenly Peace

Trivia: The name of the title character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – a tale of split personalities and good and evil.

Origin: English
Meaning: A sweet spread made with pectin or gelatin, used on bread and toast or as a filling for cakes, doughnuts, etc.
Tip: Goesgreat with peanut butter (it also makes a cute male cat name)!

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God will set free

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: A gift; wealthy

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A jokester or a clown
Tip: This male cat name is a great choice for a kitty who’s a clown!

Origin: English
Meaning: Black in color
Tip: A cool name for a black cat – another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: To make tinkling sounds

Origin: Americanism
Meaning: A person or thing expected to bring bad luck
Trivia: Mr. Jix is the pampered, toilet-flushing puss in the movies Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers

Origin: African
Meaning: Monday born

Origin: Latin
Meaning: One who tells or plays jokes; a playing card, usually printed with a picture of a jester
Trivia: One of the main villains in the Batman comic series.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Joyous; happy

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Dove
Trivia: The name of the prophet swallowed by a whale, as told in the Old Testament.

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Child of John

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: A method of fighting without the use of weapons

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Youthful one
Trivia: Singer Julian Lennon is the son of the late John Lennon from The Beatles.


Origin: Turkish
Meaning: A skewer of meat or seafood and vegetables, roasted or grilled
Tip: A funny male cat name for a long-bodied cat or one who loves to eat meat.

Origin: German
Meaning: Leader or king
Trivia: The German form of Caesar (Roman)
Tip: A regal name for a big, strong cat – one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Hawaiian
Meaning: Native medicine man or priest
Trivia: The term ‘Big Kahuna’ was used in 60’s beach party films to refer to the best surfer on the beach.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Good judgment
Trivia: A fictional character from The Green Hornet radio program.

Origin: English
Meaning: From the River Clyde

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Helmet head
Trivia: John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States.

Origin: Irish
Meaning: White haired, blonde

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Free man
TV notable: Jim Henson’s most famous and beloved Muppet, Kermit the Frog.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Strife, conflict; church
Trivia: Killian’s Irish Red beer is brewed by the Coors brewing company

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Warrior Chief

Origin: English
Meaning: From the king’s town; a male sovereign/ruler

Origin: English
Meaning: Pointed hill

Origin: English
Meaning: From the village with the church
Sports Notable: Baseball star Kirby Puckett from the Minnesota Twins. This is another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Bearer of Christ
TV notable: Kit was the name of the car (Trans Am) in the 80’s TV show Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff.

Origin: Maori
Meaning: New Zealand bird; type of fruit

Meaning: This is not a real word, but rather, a play on the word “claw” meaning the sharp, curved nail on the foot of an animal.
Tip: Use this male cat name for a cat no one wants to mess with!

Meaning: A region of the Yukon territory in Canada, also the name of a river in this region
Trivia: Klondike is a brand of ice-cream with the slogan “what would you do for a Klondike bar?”

Origin: Old English
Meaning: From the hills

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: A city in Japan
Trivia: Kobe Bean Bryant plays basketball for the LA Lakers and was awarded the MVP award for the 2007-2008 NBA season.

Origin: American
Meaning: Brand of camera by U.S. inventor George Eastman
Tip: A fun male cat name for a photogenic cat.

Origin: Name
TV Notable: Police drama series starring Telly Savalas as a lollipop-sucking lieutenant.

Origin: Name
Trivia: Female gorilla, born in 1971 trained to communicate with humans by means of sign language.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Order, decency

Origin: German
Meaning: Shopkeeper
Tip: If your cat’s a little bit eccentric and you’re a huge fan of the TV series Seinfeld, this may be the perfect male cat name for him.

Kudos, Kudo
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Honor; glory; acclaim

Lancelot, Lancer, Lance
Origin: French
Meaning: Land
Trivia: The greatest knight from the legend of King Arthur.

Origin: American
Meaning: a portable computer small enough to rest on one’s lap
Tip: This is a really cute name for a lap cat…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Man from Laurentum, Italy
TV Notable: Larry King – Television show host
Sports Notable: NBA Boston Celtic Hall of Famer ‘Larry Bird’

Meaning: A device that produces a very narrow, highly concentrated beam of light
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who’s super fast and/or super coordinated.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Helped by God
Trivia: In the New Testament, Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus.

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: A large collection of elm trees

Leonardo, Leonard, Leo
Origin: Italian; English; Latin
Meaning: Strong as a lion; Lion
Trivia: Leonardo Da Vinci – artist, scientist, mathematician and more – is considered to be perhaps the most brilliant person to ever have lived.
Tip: There’s a lion inside every cat, which makes this name one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: German
Meaning: Bold people

Origin: English
Meaning: The king
Tip: A perfect male cat name for a kitty who sees himself as ruler of you and your domain!

Origin: English
Meaning: From Leicester

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: United
Trivia: The first blue-jeans were created by Levi Strauss in 1853.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Determined protector
Trivia: Liam Neeson was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Oskar Schindler in the 1993 film, Schindler’s List.

Origin: English
Meaning: A plant from the legume family whose dried root is used for flavoring and medicinal purposes
Tip: Licorice (in candy form) is usually black, making this playful male cat name perfect for a black feline.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A brilliant electric spark discharged in the atmosphere, occurring between clouds
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a kitty who’s lightning fast!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A place or state of oblivion
Trivia: Limbo is a dance from the West Indies…it’s also one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: One with flax colored hair
Trivia: Linus is a character in Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Little lion
Tip: Another excellent male cat name that honors the lion in your cat (even if it is just a little one)!

Origin: English
Meaning: Levin stone
Trivia: David Livingston was a Scottish missionary and explorer famous for his discovery of Victoria Falls in Southern Africa.

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Grey
Trivia: The name of Jim Carrey’s character in the 1994 movie, Dumb & Dumber.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Crazy

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: From the hollow

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: The god of mischief
Tip: A playful male cat name for a naughty kitty.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Magnificent
Trivia: Lorenzo Medici, a ruler of Florence during the Renaissance, employed Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other famous artists.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bearer of light
Trivia: The archangel cast from heaven for leading a revolt (a.k.a. Satan).

Origin: American
Meaning: A large nut fitting on a heavy bolt

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Famous warrior
Trivia: Luigi is the younger brother of Nintendo’s official mascot, Mario.

Luke, Lucas
Origin: English
Meaning: Man from Luciana
Trivia: Cowboy ‘Lucky Luke’ is a Franco-Belgian comic book character known to “shoot faster than his shadow”.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: People Army
Trivia: American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the “I Have A Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1963.

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Son of Beth
Trivia: Macbeth is the title character in one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Origin: British
Meaning: A raincoat made of rubbery cloth
Trivia: Apple Inc. is the creator of the Macintosh computer, commonly referred to as the ‘Mac’.

Mackenzie, Mack
Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Son of Kenneth

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Master
Trivia: Maestro is used to refer to an accomplished composer, teacher or anyone who commands respect for their mastery of an art.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Son Of Aodh

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A thing or person that attracts
Tip: This name is perfect for a cat who never leaves your side…it’s also one of our favorite male cat names.

Trivia: Draco Malfoy is a Slytherin student in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Warlike
Trivia: Marco Polo was a Venetian traveler who explored Asia in the 13th century.
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for the feline who loves to explore.

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Uncertain; possibly eminent
Trivia: Marvin the Martian is a popular character from the Looney Tunes cartoons

Maxwell, Max
Origin: Latin
Meaning: The greatest

Meaning: The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands
Tip: A great male cat name for a laid-back kind of cat.

Meatball, Meatloaf
Origin: English
Meaning: Food made of ground meat and shaped in balls or loaves, respectively
Tip: These two humorous male cat names are perfect for the carnivorous feline who lives to eat!

Melvin, Mell
Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Smooth brow

Origin: English
Meaning: A written proposal or reminder
Tip: A excellent male cat name for a cat who’s also an office ‘assistant’!

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Sea fortress
Trivia: Merlin was a wizard, sorcerer and counselor for the legendary King Arthur.

Origin: Greek
Trivia: Mythological king who was given the power of turn everything he touched into gold.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Peaceful

Origin: American
Meaning: A thick, frothy drink made of milk and ice-cream

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Peaceful; calm
Movie Notable: The name of the cute Jack Russell Terrier in The Mask.

Origin: English
Meaning: A hand covering that covers all four fingers to keep the hand warm
Tip: This male cat name is usually picked for cats whose paws are white and look like they’re wearing mittens.

Trivia: The name of the great white whale in Herman Melville’s novel, “Moby Dick”.

Origin: English
Meaning: Dark skinned
TV notable: Moe is the surly bartender in The Simpsons.

Origin: African/African-American
Meaning: A type of magic; magnetism; charm

Origin: French
Meaning: The power of man

Meaning: Largest member of the deer family
Tip: A funny male cat name for a big-boned cat.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Dark complexion
Tip: This two-syllable name is perfect for a cat with dark colored fur.  It’s also one of our favorite male cat names.

Trivia: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prolific Austrian composer and one of the most famous from the Classical era.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Sea Warrior

Origin: English
Meaning: Man of the sea

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Chosen
Trivia: In Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Will Ferrell plays Mustafa, one of Dr. Evil’s henchmen.


Origin: Mexican
Meaning: A small, often triangular piece of tortilla topped with cheese or chili-pepper sauce
Tip: A great male cat name for a small kitty.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Sons of the mist; a race of dwarfs
Trivia: The name of the famous French general and emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.
Tip: Another great male cat name for a small (but commanding) cat.

Nashville, Nash
Origin: English
Meaning: At the ash tree; the capital of Tennessee

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He has given

Origin: English
Meaning: Son of Neil or Nell
Trivia: Nelson Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist who became the first democratically elected president of South Africa in 1994.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Nobody
Trivia: Captain of the Nautilus in Jules Verne’s novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Movie Notable: Name of the clownfish in Disney’s animated feature, Finding Nemo.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: God of the sea

Trivia: Nerf is a trademark for toys made for safe, indoor play.

Trivia: The self-proclaimed “world’s cutest kitten” from the comic strip Garfield

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Stern
Trivia: The fifth and last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty

Trivia: A Swiss food company, famous for its chocolate products
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a brown, chocolate-colored cat – or a cat belonging to a chocoholic!

Origin: English
Meaning: The new man
Trivia: In the TV show Seinfeld, Newman is a scheming mail carrier who lives in the same building as Jerry and Kramer.

Origin: English
Meaning: New settlement
Trivia: Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who is considered to be one of the most influential men in history.

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Champion

Meaning: A hunter; (in slang) a person regarded as foolish or silly

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Mercenary agents highly trained in martial arts
Tip: Use this name for a black cat with stealth…it’s one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Live luck to heaven
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a cat belonging to a video game fanatic!

Meaning: (Chemistry)The name for the group –NO2
Trivia: Many nitro compounds are unstable and are used as explosives.
Tip: If your cat’s energetic and excitable, this may be the perfect male cat name for him.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Rest; peace
Trivia: In the Old Testament, Noah was the builder of the ark.

Meaning: a small cup or mug; a person’s head

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: A narrow, ribbon-like strip of dried dough, usually made of flour, eggs, and water

Movie Notable: 2007 comedy starring Eddie Murphy

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Norseman (Man from the north)

Origin: New Latin
Meaning: A star that becomes suddenly brighter

Meaning: Prying or meddlesome
Tip: This humorous male cat name is perfect for a curious cat.

Origin: English
Meaning: A lump of something, usually a precious metal
Tip: Choose this male cat name for a small cat

Origin: English
Meaning: From the oak meadow

Origin: English
Meaning: Meal made from ground or rolled oats
Tip: This male cat name is a healthy choice for cats with light colored fur.

Trivia: Obelix is the overweight, super-humanly strong Gaul from the French comic series Asterix.

Odysseus, Odyssey
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Full of wrath
Trivia: Odysseus is the main hero in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”.

Oliver, Ollie
Origin: English
Meaning: Elf army
Trivia: The title character in Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Speaker

Origin: Greek
Meaning: The last of a series

Origin: French
Meaning: A thin layer of eggs, usually cooked in a pan and encasing a filling of cheese, meat or vegetables

TV Notable: Ron Howard’s character, ‘Opie Taylor’, on The Andy Griffith Show.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: A musical composition numbered to designate the order of a composer’s works

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body
Tip: Perfect for a cat who loves to run around in circles. One of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: American
Meaning: (Brand name) Chocolate cookie with a white cream filling
Tip: A yummy name for a black and white cat…another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Boundary, limit
Trivia: A constellation that gets its name from a legendary Greek hunter, killed by a scorpion sent by Artemis.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Famous land
Trivia: The city in Florida home to Disney World.
Movie Notable: Orlando Bloom, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Origin: French
Meaning: Bear cub

Origin: French
Meaning: Golden city
Tip: A great male cat name for a fluffy white cat who resembles popcorn.

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Divine spearman

Meaning: The capital and largest city of Norway

Origin: German
Meaning: Unknown

Origin: German
Meaning: Wealth
Movie Notable: The pug in The Adventures of Milo and Otis, a 1989 animal adventure film.

Origin: German
Meaning: Possessions
Trivia: Kevin Kline plays Otto, the dumb jewel thief, in the movie A Fish Called Wanda

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Desire born

Trivia: A city in England, home to the University of Oxford – the oldest university in the English-speaking world.
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a super-smart feline (or one who likes to sit on books and look studious).

Ozzie, Ozzy, Oz
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Divine spearman
TV Notable: Ozzie from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
Music Notable: Ozzy Osbourne, lead vocalist of the band Black Sabbath.

Paddington, Paddy
Origin: English
Meaning: The estate of Padda
Literary Notable: Paddington is the beloved bear in author Michael Bond’s children’s books.

Origin: English
Meaning: observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks did

Origin: French
Meaning: a heroic champion; defender of a noble cause

Origin: French
Meaning: A black and white bear-like animal
Tip: A very cute male cat name for a black and white cat.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: A traditional Italian sandwich

Origin: English
Meaning: A piece or part that differs from the whole
Tip: This male cat name would work well for a multi-colored cat with distinct markings.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The foot of an animal

Paxton, Pax
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Peace

Origin: Americanism
Meaning: A pod with an edible seed; a small or insignificant person
Tip: Use this male cat name for an itty-bitty kitty.

Origin: English
Meaning: A pungent, spicy condiment
Tip: A perfect male cat name for a feline who has a ‘salt and pepper’ (black and white flecked) coat

Trivia: Pepsi is a trademarked brand of cola

Perseus (or Purrseus)
Origin: Greek Mythology
Meaning: To destroy
Trivia: The hero of Greek mythology who killed Medusa.

Origin: French
Meaning: Pierce valley
Trivia: Percy the Small Engine is the youngest steam engine character on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: An appearance or illusion without material or substance

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Title of an ancient Egyptian king

Origin: Latin
Meaning: A mythical bird of great beauty, fabled to burn itself on a funeral pyre and to rise from its ashes

Origin: French
Meaning: Stone

Pickle, Pickles
Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A cucumber that has been preserved in brine
Tip: If you’re looking for something cute and humorous, this male cat name may fit the bill!

Origin: Tuscan
Meaning: Pine nut
Trivia: Pinocchio is a wooden boy-puppet who comes to life in the stories by Carlo Collodi

Origin: English
Meaning: the smallest unit of a digital image that can be individually processed
Tip: Another excellent male cat name for an itty-bitty kitty.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Broad-shouldered
Trivia: Plato was one of the most important of the Greek philosophers, and a teacher to Aristotle.

Origin: American
Meaning: Popped corn
Tip: If your cat is fluffy and white, this may be the perfect male cat name.

Trivia: This is a great male cat name for a cat who loves to hunt (and bring you the spoils)!

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Quickly

Origin: German
Meaning: Crisp, dry biscuit, usually in the form of a knot or stick, salted on the outside

Origin: English
Meaning: Prince’s town

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: To roam through stealthily, as in search of prey

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Devil
Trivia: The mischievous servant in Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Tip: This male cat name is an excellent choice for a playful cat.

Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Meaning: Descendent of Uad

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Four
Tip: A fitting male cat name for your four-legged feline.

Origin: English
Meaning: Journey; voyage

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: House of a woman

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fifth
Trivia: John Quincy Adams was the fourth president of the United States (1825-1829).

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Intelligent; Wise

Quinlin, Quinley
Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Strong one
Tip: This male cat name is a great choice for a big, powerful cat.

Quintin (or Quentin)
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fifth

Origin: English
Meaning: A magic stone said to cause a sleeping person to reveal his true thoughts
Tip: If you’re looking for a male cat name with an air of magic and mystery, this may be the perfect one.

Quirky, Quirk
Meaning: A peculiarity of behavior
Tip: This is a cute male cat name for a kitty with a unique characteristic or quirk.

Origin: Medieval Latin
Meaning: A prescribed number
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for the cat who fulfills your pet quota!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A sun dried grape

Trivia: John Rambo was the Vietnam veteran in the motion picture First Blood and it’s sequels, Rambo 2, 3 & 4, starring Sylvester Stallone
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a tough tom cat!

Origin: Egyptian
Meaning: The son of Ra (the Sun god)
Trivia: Ramses was the name given to 11 of the Egyptian pharaohs

Randall, Randy
Origin: English
Meaning: Wolf’s shield

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Wolf council

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: a mischievous person or animal
Tip: Choose this male cat name for a kitty who’s always getting into trouble!

Origin: Russian
Meaning: To have an insidious or corrupting influence
Trivia: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was a Russian mystic who is perceived as having influenced Tsar Nicholas II.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: To bounce or spring back from force of impact

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Enthusiasm
TV Notable: Reece is the destructive, bullying brother in the popular TV series Malcolm in the Middle.

Origin: Latin
Trivia: In Roman legend, Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome

Trivia: Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French impressionist painter in the late 1800s

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: To play again
Tip: A excellent male cat name for a cat who doesn’t stop.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: King
Tip: Male cat names don’t get more regal than this!

Origin: English
Meaning: Advice, counsel
Trivia: Rhett Butler is the dashing hero in Gone With The Wind.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A plant from the buckwheat family

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A puzzling question, problem or matter

Origin: English
Meaning: Valley of rulers

Origin: English
Meaning: Rye clearing
Tip: This two-syllable name is easy to call out.  It’s also one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: A river
Trivia: Rio de Janeiro is the former capital of Brazil, known for it’s world famous carnival

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Strip clearing
Trivia: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! franchise started in 1918 as a newspaper cartoon panel featuring unusual and startling facts from around the world.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Battle cry
Movie notable: Rocky is a 1976 film written by and starring Sylvester Stallone.

TV notable: The flying squirrel from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Rest

Origin: Italian
Meaning: To soar or rise rapidly
Tip: A playful name for an energetic cat – another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: Famous spear
Sports notable: Roger Clemens, named the greatest living pitcher in a 2006 ESPN poll.

Meaning: A playfully, mischievous person

Origin: Italian
Meaning: A pilgrim to Rome
Trivia: The hero of Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Rome
Trivia: In Roman legend, Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Behold, a son
Notable: American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard

Origin: Italian; Spanish
Meaning: Form of Robert

Origin: French
Meaning: Sword
Trivia: Saber-toothed cats became extinct thousands of years ago, but they are famous for their impressive canines, sometimes reaching up to 7 inches long!
Tip: Choose this male cat name for a tough, formidable feline.

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: an alcoholic drink made of rice

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Peace
Trivia: Salem,Massachusetts is known for it’s witchcraft trials in 1692.
Tip: This is and excellent male cat name for a black cat.

Sam, Sammy
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God has heard

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Like the sun
Trivia: The hero with super-human strength who was betrayed by Delilah in the Bible.
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a big, strong cat.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The god of agriculture and father of Zeus; a planet

Origin: Old English
Meaning: One who saws wood
Trivia: The title character of Mark Twains’ 1876 novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  Also one of the main characters in the TV Series, Lost. This is one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A mark left by a healed wound
Trivia: Scar was the villain lion in Disney’s The Lion King.

Origin: American
Meaning: First explorer
Tip: A great name for a cat who loves to explore…one for our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Venerable

Origin: English
Meaning: From the town of Saint Maur

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A dark figure or image cast
Tip: A great male cat name for a black cat, or one who follows you around like your own shadow.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The long narrow stem or body of a spear or arrow
Movie notable: 1971 Academy Award winning film, directed by Gordon Parks.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Fair haired
Trivia: Sherlock Holmes is the name of the fictitious detective in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

Meaning: Former name of Thailand in South East Asia
Movie Notable: Si & Am were the terrorizing twin Siamese cats in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp

Sidney, Sid
Origin: Old English
Meaning: Wide Island

Origin: German
Meaning: Victorious protector
Trivia: Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Man of the forest

Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Lion
Movie Notable: Simba is the young male lion and protagonist of Disney’s animated feature The Lion King
Tip: Yet another male cat name that pays tribute to your kitty’s inner lion!

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Sinbad the Sailor was a fictional character in several stories throughout Persia, some in the collection of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)

Origin: English
Meaning: One of the ninepins used in a British game
Trivia: Skittles are the colorful chewy fruit flavored candies with a hard shell
Tip: If you’re looking for a playful male cat name, this one’s a great choice.

Origin: American
Meaning: A sports shoe having soft rubber soles

Origin: English
Meaning: A form of billiards; to cheat or dupe

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Socrates was a Classical Greek philosopher and teacher of Plato

Meaning: Animated; lively
Trivia: Spartacus is a famed roman slave and gladiator who became a leader in the slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

Origin: French
Meaning: One who gives out the goods

Stanley, Stan
Origin: English
Meaning: The stony field

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: One complete movement of a threaded needle through a fabric or material such as to leave behind a single loop or portion of thread

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Cold cooked rice shaped into bite-sized pieces and topped with raw or cooked fish, or formed into a roll with fish, egg, or vegetables and wrapped in seaweed

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: A state in south east Mexico
Trivia: Tabasco is a brand name of hot sauce

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: A chewy candy

Origin: Middle French
Meaning: Cards used for fortune telling

Origin: English
Meaning: Cheerful

TV Notable: The Tasmanian Devil, often referred to as “Taz”, is a cartoon character in Looney Tunes.

Teddy, Ted
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of God
Tip: An excellent male cat name for a big, furry cat that reminds you of a teddy bear.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Best
TV Notable: The television “Telly” monster Muppet on Sesame Street.

Thatcher, Thatch
Origin: English
Meaning: Roof maker

Tiger, Tigger
Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Black stripped carnivorous feline
Literary Notable: Tigger is the cheerful bouncing tiger in the Winnie the Pooh stories
Tip: Tigger is among the most popular male cat names. It’s playful yet it pays tribute your cat’s wild (tiger) side!

Tip, Tipper, Tippy
Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The top, summit or apex

Tobey, Tobias
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is good

Origin: English
Meaning: Fox
Movie Notable: Tod is the name of the fox in The Fox and the Hound.

Origin: English
Meaning: A hard chewy candy made of brown sugar or molasses

Trivia: Leo Tolstoy was a Russian novelist and author of War and Peace

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Twin
Trivia: A male catis often referred to as a Tomcat; Tom is a generic name for a male cat
TV Notable: One of TV’s most famous felines is Tom from the cartoon series Tom & Jerry

Trivia: Toonces the driving cat was a fictional sketch character on Saturday Night Live

Origin: French
Meaning: Toll collector

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Big village

Meaning: To set off; to initiate a chain of events
Tip: One of our favorite male cat names, perfect for a cat who loves to run.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A positively charged particle; a moon of Neptune
Trivia: In Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon, represented as having the head of a man and the tail of a fish.
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who’s fond of fish!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: To disturb, agitate or stir up

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Foot soldier
Trivia: Ancient city captured by Greek forces, famous for the beautiful Helen and the massive wooden Trojan horse.

Origin: English
Meaning: One who folds cloth

Tyler, Ty
Origin: Old English
Meaning: Tile maker

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: To pull with force; to tow

Meaning: Turbine driven supercharged engine
Tip: A perfect male cat name for a super fast feline

Origin: German
Meaning: Ruler of all

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The one who is wrathful
Trivia: Greek king of Ithaca and hero of Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey.

Uncle Sam
Triva: Uncle Sam is a personification of the United States. He’s often represented as a serious, elderly man with white hair and a goatee, dressed in a top hat and clothing inspired by the United States flag.

Meaning: A group of things or people regarded as an entity

Origin: Italian, Spanish
Meaning: One
Tip: A perfect name for your one and only cat…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: From the hill town

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my light

Origin: English
Meaning: A person who escorts others to their seats
Tip: If your cat is always by your side, this may be the perfect name for him!

Meaning: A state in the western United States; settled in 1847 by Mormons

Tip: A play on the words “you too”, this name is great for a cat who does everything that you do.

Meaning: A compact 9mm submachine gun, designed by Israeli army officer, Uziel Gal


Origin: Italian
Meaning: Good Health

Origin: English
Meaning: Brave

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: To leave hurriedly or quickly

Van Gogh
Origin: Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter best known for his bold, rhythmic brush strokes and vivid colors in such paintings as Starry Night

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Extract of the vanilla bean

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Little

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fallen Eagle
Trivia: Las Vegas is a city in Nevada famous for its gambling casinos.

Origin: English
Meaning: Nylon fabric used as a fastening
Tip: A funny name for a cat who likes to ‘stick’ with you…another of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The Evening Star

Origin: Latin
Meaning: To reject a vote

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Winner, conqueror

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: A sea-roving bandit; pirate
Tip: A fierce-sounding male cat name – perfect for a big, strong cat.

Vincent, Vince, Vinny
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Victorious
Movie Notable: Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction); My Cousin Vinny, a 1992 movie starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Rod or staff bearer

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Life

Origin: Italian
Trivia: Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer and violinist best known for his concertos, particularly The Four Seasons
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a vocal feline…meow…ow…ow!

Vladimir, Vlad
Origin: Russian
Meaning: Rule
Trivia: Vlad III, the Prince of Wallichia, was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.

Origin: Harry potter novels, by J.K. Rowling
Meaning: A fictional character and main antagonist/archenemy of Harry Potter

Meaning: A Swedish brand of vehicles, known for their safety

Origin: A religion practiced chiefly in the West Indies
Meaning: Black magic, sorcery
Tip: A cool male cat name for a black cat!

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Roman God of Fire
TV Notable: The humanoid species in Star Trek. Mr. Spock’s father was a Vulcan.

Origin: English
Meaning: To talk foolishly or without purpose; idle away time talking

Origin: Dutch
Meaning: Wagon driver

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Ruler
Literary Notable: The character you have to find in the children’s books Where’s Waldo?
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a cat who’s hard to find!

Wallace, Wally
Origin: English
Meaning: Stranger
Movie Notable: The bumbling, well-intentioned star of the animated films and series Wallace & Gromit.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: An edible nut

Origin: English
Meaning: Ruler
Trivia: Walt Disney the cartoon film producer, brought Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other great characters to the silver screen.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A male witch; sorcerer

Origin: Name
Meaning: The first president of the United States of America, George Washington; capitol city of the U.S.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Son of Walter
Literary Notable: Dr John H. Watson, assistant to Sherlock Holmes, the fictional 19th-century detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Origin: English
Meaning: Weaver
TV Notable: The adorable kid adopted by the Papadopolis’ in the 1980s American sitcom, Webster.

Origin: English
Meaning: West meadow
Notable: Actor Wesley Snipes

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Long stiff hairs on a cheek or chin
Tip: This name is among the most popular male cat names.

Origin: English
Meaning: Piper

Origin: English
Meaning: Something uncommonly large of it’s kind
Trivia: Burger King’s signature sandwich.
Tip: This male cat name is perfect for a large, ‘meaty’ cat!

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A small door or gate; a term used in the sport of cricket

Origin: English
Meaning: A small manufactures item
Tip: Another great male cat name for an itty-bitty kitty cat.

Origin: English
Meaning: To move from side to side
Trivia: The Wiggles are a children’s musical group from Australia

Origin: English
Meaning: Will, desire and fortress
Literary Notable: “Some pig” in the children’s book Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Tricky river

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Strong

William, Will
Origin: English
Meaning: Valiant protector

Origin: English
Meaning: Descendant or servant of Will

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: Freedom; tree

Origin: English
Meaning: Son of William
Movie Notable: The brand of volleyball in the film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks.

Origin: English
Meaning: Joy stone
Trivia: Famous British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965).
Tip: The perfect name for a strong, charismatic cat…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: American
Meaning: A forked bone
TV Notable: Title character of the PBS children’s television show starring a Jack Russell Terrier.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: A person who practices magic; magician or sorcerer

Woodrow, Woody
Origin: English
Meaning: Lane in the woods

Origin: Chinese
Meaning: An idyllic, beautiful place
Trivia: Xanadu (Shangdu) was a historical city located in modern day Mongolia, built by Kublai Khan and visited by Marco Polo

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of men

Origin: Spanish/Basque
Meaning: The new house

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Foreigner
Trivia: A derivative term is used frequently by Gus in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Meaning: A brand of copying machine used to reproduce printed, written, or pictorial matter by xerography
Tip: Is your new kitty virtually identical to one you have or once had? If so, this male cat name may be perfect for him.

Origin: Persian
Trivia: Xerxes the Great was a king of Persia from 485–465 BC

Origin: Chinese
Meaning: Star
Tip: This one-syllable male cat name is full of energy and is easy for a cat to understand.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A musical instrument with a series of graded wooden bars


Origin: American
Meaning: One of the largest Internet search companies, founded in 1994
Tip: Male cat names don’t get happier than this!

Meaning: Colonial-born merchant and philanthropist who made a series of contributions to the Collegiate School in Connecticut, later renamed in Yale’s honor
Tip: If your cat is super-intelligent, this ivy league name may be perfect for him.

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: A Japanese company best known for consumer electronics and motorbikes

Origin: American
Meaning: A native or inhabitant of the United States
Trivia: “Yankee Doodle” is a well-known American song and the state anthem of Connecticut.

Origin: English
Meaning: Dweller by the gate

Origin: English
Meaning: Enclosed grassland
Tip: This name has a posh ring to it and is also a cute play on words for a cat who loves to be in the yard. It’s one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Middle English
Meaning: The day before this day

Origin: George Lucas (Star Wars)
Meaning: The last surviving master of Jedi skills who trains Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
Tip: The perfect male cat name for a small, wise cat.

Origin: German
Meaning: A form of singing, most commonly linked to Swiss Mountaineers
Tip: A funny, playful male cat name for a kitty who likes to be heard.

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Master of oneself; One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight
Trivia: Yogi Bear, a fictional cartoon character, made his debut in 1958. His name is said to be inspired by the famed baseball star, Yogi Berra.

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: A Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility

Origin: Trademarked name
Meaning: A spool-like child’s toy that moves up and down on a string
Tip: Another fun, whimsical male cat name.

Origin: American
Meaning: An acronym from “Young Urban Professional”

Origin: French
Meaning: Yew Tree
Trivia: Yves Saint-Laurent is a famous French fashion designer.

Zachary, Zach
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The lord remembers

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of men

Origin: English
Meaning: Beloved

Origin: Derived from Hebrew
Meaning: Movement
Movie Notable: Red-billed Hornbill who appeared in Disney’s The Lion King

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is righteousness

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Short for Ezekiel;Strength of God

Origin: Chinese
Meaning: A school of Buddhism that asserts that enlightenment can be attained through meditation

Origin: Greek
Meaning: The ruler of the heavens and all other gods in ancient Greek mythology
Tip: An excellent name for a feline with great presence and authority…one of our favorite male cat names.

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Cipher; The numerical symbol “0″

Origin: German
Meaning: Form of Sigmund
Trivia: Ziggy Marley is a reggae singer/songwriter like his father, Bob.
Tip: This playful male cat name is perfect for an easy-going kitty.

Origin: French
Meaning: To go from side to side
Tip: This male cat name is an excellent choice for a cat who doesn’t stand still.

Origin: English
Meaning: A quick, witty, or pointed remark or retort

Meaning: A brand of disposable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and containers

Zippo, Zippy, Zip
Meaning: A sudden, brief hissing sound, as of a bullet
Tip: A great male cat name for a cat who’s quick on his feet.

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Circle of animals
Trivia: The zodiac encompasses the twelve celestial constellations in the form of animals or humans.

Origin: Zoolander is a dim-witted male model played by Ben Stiller in the comedy film by the same name.

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Fox
Trivia: A fictional nobleman and master swordsman living in Spanish and Mexican-era California. Created in 1919 by pulp writer Johnston McCulley.

Origin: African
Meaning: Heaven
Trivia:. A member of Bantu people of South East Africa

Origin: Aztec
Meaning: Lord frowns in anger
Trivia: Short form of Montezuma, fifth Aztec emperor.