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Hunting Dog Names

The following is a listing of the names of ALL of the doggies that have lived.

Hunting Dog Names list for your new pet!

Name Meaning
Allan Rock
Arnold Powerful eagle
Artemis Myth Name (Goddess Of The Hunt)
Atalanta Balanced
Atlas Not enduring
Bailey Bailiff
Bandit An outlaw or robber
Bear Large mammal with large head
Belle Beautiful
Bess Diminutive Of Elizabeth.
Big Of considerable size.
Blackjack A leather covered hand weapon. A card game
Blaze Stuttering
Brant Sword
Brewster Brewer of beer
Briar Thorny plant
Brook A brook, stream
Brooks A brook, stream
Brutus Heavy, slow, foolish
Buck He-goat
Buckley Ram's clearing
Bud Brother. Nickname Used Since Medieval Times.
Buddy Herald
Bullet A metal cylinder shot from a rifle or gun. Used to express speed.
Buzz To move quickly and busily, to bustle
Cassie She who entangles men
Chase Huntsman
Chet Camp
Cheyenne Speak incoherently
Chief One in highest rank or authority.
Chipper Lively spirits, cheerful. Chip off the old block.
Chuck Free man
Clarissa Clear
Clyde Refers To The Scottish Clyde River.
Cody Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Cole Coal
Conan Little wolf hound
Cooper Barrel maker
Dakota The allies
Dash From Chiel
Diana Divine
Digger One that digs.
Dixie Strong power
Drake Snake, dragon
Duke Duke
Dutch A German
Ember Burned coal
Felix Happy
Fern Fern plant
Finch Finch
Fionn Fair
Forrest Forest
General A high ranking officer in the military
Gunner Battle
Harley Hare clearing
Hawk Hawk, a bird
Heather Heather
Hogan Descendent of Ogan
Hudson Son Of The Hooded Man
Hunter Hunter
Huntley From The Hunter's Meadow
Ike He laughs
Ivy Ivy
Jade Precious green stone
Jaeger Huntsman
Jager Hunter
Jake Supplanted
Jet Black gemstone
Jethro Pre-eminence
Jill Down-bearded youth
Joe He will enlarge
Jordan Descend
Kalman Strong And Masculine
Kim Regal hill
King King's forest clearing
Koda The allies
Kody Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Kona World rule
Lady Lady
Lindy Variant Of Linda Lime Tree: Linden Tree: Beautiful.
Logan Hollow
Mac Son of
Magic Possessing qualities that produce baffling effects
Magnum A large type of wine bottle.
Maverick Dissenter
Max Little Maximus
Maya Uncertain, perhaps mother or great one
Moose Largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy brown bodies with humped shoulders and broad antlers.
Morgan Uncertain, perhaps bright sea
Nero Stern
Newt New settlement, new enclosure
Nimrod We will defy
Olive Olive
Orion Son Of Fire
Pepper Pepper
Prince Royal son
Ranger Gamekeeper
Rashid Rightly guided
Raven Raven
Remi Abbreviation Of Remington.
Remington Settlement on the boundary stream
Remy Abbreviation Of Remington.
Riley Rye clearing
Ringo Apple, peace be with you
River River
Rock Stone
Rocket To move swiftly and powerfully
Rocky Battle cry
Rosco Roe deer wood
Ruby Red
Rue Fame
Sam He is called god
Samson Sun
Sarge Noncommissioned Army or Air Force rank
Sargent A Squire
Scout Observer
Shiloh Gift for him
Sid Wide meadow
Sky Sky
Sniff A short inhale through the nose. To savour or investigate a smell.
Sniper A skilled shooter who spots targets from a concealed place.
Sonny Son
Speedy Rapid motion, swift.
Spike A long, thick sharp-pointed piece of wood or metal
Stan Meadow that is stony
Stetson Son of Stephen
Stone Stone
Storm Violent weather
Suzy Lily
Tab Brilliant
Teal The Bird Teal: Also The Blue-Green Color.
Tess Harvester
Theron Hunter
Timber Wood used as a building material. Also timber-wolf.
Todd Fox
Tripp Traveler
Trooper A state or mounted police officer. Also a member of a cavalry unit.
Tucker Someone who folds cloth
Tuff Fun spelling of tough; strong and resilient.
Tyson Son of Dye
Wade Ford
Walker A fuller
Wally Ruler of the army
Wesley Western meadow
Winston Joy stone
Wolf Wolf
Wyatt Brave/strong/hardy war
Zack The Lord remembers
Zeus Myth Name