People's Dreams

I thought it would be fun to read about some people's dreams. They are so weird aren't they?

I'm back at school now and of course having lots of dreams related to classroom teaching, other teachers and students.  last night i dreamt about the drug sniffing dogs, our school brings the dogs in at least once during the school year.  In my dream they were in our building on the 3rd day of school, 3 dogs came into my classroom, as well as 3 police officers and our snowball sponsor, my friend Dawn.  Dawn gave a long speech about drugs and alcohol and asked students to raise their hand if they'd ever been pressured to drink, the entire class raised their hand.  Dawn and I had shocked looks on our faces and I remember feeling very sad about this.  Dawn proceeded to give a speech about peer pressure, and at the same time the police officers were checking everyone's backpacks, including mine.  The search was much like the search at the airport....they put our bags through a screening process and then went through everyone's backpacks.  It was weird how it switched from a classroom to an airport search.  There were no drugs found.  And the dogs, officers and Dawn moved onto the next classroom. 
Angela Ziola <>

I had a dream that I went to Las Vegas for vacation with my friend Joe Hubeny and Mark Moroni but we were staying at Joe Hubeny's parents house and in real life they don't even live there. When we got there I opened my luggage and found dirty clothes. I realized that I forgot to unpack these clothes from another trip I had a couple of weeks prior. Since I was at the Hubeny house I did laundry in their garage but I spent my whole Vegas vacation shopping for nice clothes because the dirty clothes I had were shorts and tshirts and I needed nice clothes to go out in.

Our son Mitchell was born premature and was in an incubator for 5 days after his birth. He needed a little help keeping his body temperature up. Anyway, the incubator has all these cords and all these gadgets measuring heart rates , respiration, etc. and obviously needs a ton of electrical power to run. While he was in the hospital I had a dream that I went in to feed him and when I walked in to the NICU all of the babies were in toaster ovens instead of the incubators! The nurses kept toasting them up to keep them warm. I asked them why they were in toaster ovens and the nurse told me that it was cheaper this way and easier to run!!!!! It was too weird!

I had a dream this morning that Ashlee Simpson worked at my nail place and no one but me recognized her. So every time I went to get mani/pedi, she and I would secretly talk about her music career. It was hilarious when one of her songs would come on the radio at the salon!

I had a dream last night where I was talking to my dad. It was cool, but I don't remember what I said. I was aware that he was dead, though. I think I saw on a TV show once that the dreams are one means the dead can communicate beyond the grave, so I wonder if I was actually talking to my dad? It's weird that you can be happy in a dream. I didn't want to wake up.
Mary Beth

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