Who do you want to vote off Celeb-Reality? Who do you think looks the least like the celebrity? Vote for them below. Check back every week because I have more people that we are going to do!

Week 1: John and Thomas Jane -AND- Wendy and Drew Barrymore were voted off!
Week 2:
Ed and Brad Pitt and Rob -AND- Donnie Osmond were voted off!
Week 3:
Jason and Sandy were voted off!
Week 4:
Joe and Jaimii voted off!

Week 5: Marcos and Ali voted off!
Week 6: My Mom and Mary Beth voted off!
Week 7: Big Dave and My Dad voted off!
Week 8: Z and Les voted off!

WEEK 8: Choose who you think looks LEAST LIKE the celeb!
Ang's Dad and Curtis Strange
Barb and Candace Cameron
Ang and Ali McGraw