I think it is funny how people think that they look like celebrities or people tell them that they look like someone famous. I came up with a contest to see who looks most like a celeb.

Who do you want to vote off Celeb-Reality? Who do you think looks the least like the celebrity? Vote for them below. Check back every week because I have more people that we are going to do!

Week 1: John and Thomas Jane -AND- Wendy and Drew Barrymore were voted off! - if you were wondering what happened to the contestants from last week. Don't worry they will be back. We had so much interest in this that I had to break the contestansts up.

Choose who you think looks LEAST LIKE the celeb!
Mary Beth and Drew Barrymore
Barb and Candace Cameron
My Dad and Mr. Rogers
Big Dave and Dan Akroyd
Ed and Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Jason and Pacey from Dawson's Creek
Joe and Ed Norton
Sandy and Jami Gertz
Ang and Ali McGraw
Rob and Donnie Osmond

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