Name: Fletcher
Age: 9
Owner: Regans
Likes: Long walks, his best friends Molly and Eli ,chasing Jose the rabbit, his pal Kelsey, sticking his nose up peoples butts, rolling in the grass, barking at the garbage man, napping, begging for food from anyone at any time, getting his photo taken, licking himself daily.
Dislikes: Fall because he has BAD allergies, when other dogs sniff his butt, fireworks, when Kelsey is crying, and when he doesn't get any table scraps.

9/5/03 -- Kennedy voted off

Name: Kennedy
Age: 4
Owner: Roman
Likes: Meow meow meow meow meow meow
Dislikes: Meow meow meow

9/26/03 -- Schoopie voted off

Name: Schmoopie
Age: 8
Owner: Z
Likes: Twist ties, lying around, making biscuits, eating, peeing, pooing
Dislikes: White sox, racism

8/29/03 -- Scottie voted off

Name: Scottie
Age: 42 in dog years (6 in human years)
Owner: Batts
Likes: Teasing the neighborhood bitches, eating ant traps, fighting big dogs and playing 'piss n'chase'.
Dislikes: Loosing my balls, getting smacked around by the batt's cat and getting caught during 'piss n'chase'

9/19/03 -- Snickers voted off

Name: Snickers
Age: 2 1/2
Owner: Gil and Merilou Ziola
Likes: Likes EVERYTHING! Has to be right by your side, no matter what you are doing. Particularly loves sitting on the keyboard while you are working on the computer. Also loves her head scratched at least 20 hours a day!
Dislikes: Snickers doesn't dislike anything, but her owners, Gil & Merilou dislike her meow. She is very vocal and if she wants something and isn't getting it, she has a high pitched meow--not too pleasing to our human ears.

9/12/03 -- Josie voted off

Name: Josie
Age: 8 1/2
Owner: Karen & Stan Thomas
Likes: Jumping on counter and grabbing food, lying on back and having belly scratched, making somersaults in grass or snow.
Dislikes: Fireworks, thunderstorms, any loud noises

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