The Cast

Name: Jack
Age: 34
Where from: St. Louis
Hobbies: Snow sculptures

Week of 2/21/3005 - Lauren Voted Off

Name: Lauren
Age: 34
Where from: San Diego
Hobbies: Building mini blinds


Week of 3/7/3005 - Aaron Voted Off

Name: Aaron
Age: 29
Where from: New York
Hobbies: Jazz music


Week of 3/14/3005 - Molly Voted Off

Name: Molly
Age: 34
Where from: Pensacola, FL
Hobbies: Fishing


Week of 2/14/3005 - Megan Voted Off

Name: Megan
Age: 32
Where from: Seattle
Hobbies: Berry picking



Week of 2/28/3005 - Adam Voted Off

Name: Adam
Age: 28
Where from: Minneapolis
Hobbies: Coin collecting