The Cubs have a new system for playoff ticket distribution where they have a raffle to pick people that have the rights to buy tickets. I didn't win the raffle therefore I hate the new system.

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"Z" <aziola@yahoo.com

you ever go to menards?

From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net

Yeah - like a Home Depot - Lowe's is nice--I've been
to the new one in Naperville, but now we will have one in
Westmont. (in fact--that is where we got our Pergo floor
that is in Dad's office from--Lowe's). It will be
closer than going to either of our Home Depots.

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

that is hardware store right?

From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net

We're getting a brand new Lowe's store at 63rd
and Cass. (Really on 63rd--just west of Cass on the
north side of the street). I'm excited. Yeah Westmont!!


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