For the 1st time on this past Sunday I didn't know when the Cubs game was that day. I didn't realize until that 3rd inning that the Cubs had a night game. This is the first time this has happened to me in many years.

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"/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com>

my daughters bears buddy is forte


but i will be honest with you - she doesnt even know who forte is

From: Andrew Butler

used too... not this year... although
yesterday my son sat down and watched half the
patriots/jets with me for
the first time...

Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com>

do you do any nfl stuff? like confidence
pools or fantasy?

From: Andrew Butler

yeah.. i thought i was

dead a few days ago.

Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com>

i thought i was gonna get smoked in this

bet a few

months ago

From: Andrew Butler

77 and counting... 12

games to play...

this is exciting.


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