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We are all just giant midgets. I don't like when people say, "you rock," to people that actually do not rock. I smelt the chill of Fall this morning. I am not sure if I am ready to be smelling this yet. This girls works at my company:


I would like to know the for-sure reason why some places put ice in the urinals. It seems like the only food that I really burn the top of my mouth with is pizza from the oven. I got Cubs playoff tickets, now they better make the playoffs. This is all so exciting. I ride my scooter quite a bit.

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Subject: Re: Naked office pics
To: 7Tp9hdcT9@mindspring.com
From: Jonathan Land <jland@incomplete.net>
Date: 08/20/2001

This is a site Dedicated to A small Insurance Company In an Un-named town in the mid-west. It is here that many of us play little games around the office during the LATE SHIFT! That's right, rather than work (which we do very little of) we run around the office fuckin' just about everything and everyone we can get our hands on.

If you have ever wanted to see what really happens during the late shit, then read on cause we are the real deal... You will be fuckin' shocked watching Girls fucking co-workers @ the office... or Girls Fuckin' the janitors @ the office... Or girls playin' with their little pussies on their lunch break... THIS IS IT!!! NO HOLDS BARRED! But you can't see all the fun from out there so get your but in here and enjoy the party! JOIN FREE NOW!


For the love of God, PLEASE tell me you're hiring. I will cover all of my own relocation expenses and supply my own office supplies and condoms. For after-hours activities at my current place of work we just have a pinball machine and booze, and that gets old.

I think I'd be an excellent addition to your company. I don't sell insurance but I can learn. I'm a very quick learner at that, and I can't tell you how eager I am to be on your team. Please schedule an interview with me. Let me know where you're located, and I'll let you know how fast I can be there. I assure you I'll be very prompt, probably even early by a few days. I'll be sitting at my computer awaiting your e-mail replay, checking it approximately every minute or more.

Once hired I will come into work early and leave late, if at all. I would be THAT dedicated to your corporation. Never have I drooled so much in response to an employment opportunity. I hate to seem pushy, but I really want this. Oh baby, I want this so bad it hurts me... alllll......ooooover.....

See? I'll fit right it, although with my luck, I'd be the one guy there who'd get sued for sexual harassment.

Jonathan Land

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Andrew P Ziola

thanks for telling me

Margaret_R_Yesko @rush.edu

i hate it when dogs sniff my crotch

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