If you want to get comments from people, post a picture on your Facbook profile. I posted a pic of my daughter and within and hour like 10 people commented on it.

Email Attachment of the Week

Email Train of the Week

From: "Gilligan, Jonathan" <Jonathan.Gilligan@opusnorth.com

Let’s face it, Chicago ’s team right now are the Blackhawks. Commit to the Indian!!!!

From: Andrew Mankiewicz [mailto:a.mankiewicz@gmail.com]

Well, you got that going for you.

<aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

at least the cubs are still mathematically alive

From: Andrew Mankiewicz <a.mankiewicz@gmail.com

Probably. Rough way to start the season...

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 10:12 AM,

Gilligan, Jonathan <Jonathan.Gilligan@opusnorth.com
Subject: Re: BEARS done for year


From: Andrew Mankiewicz [mailto:a.mankiewicz@gmail.com]

Subject: Urlacher done for year



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