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I have been living as a bachelor 2 times over the past 2 weeks because my wife has had a work trip and a pre-vacation. The only things that I have noticed since she is not here has been me leaving more things left out and not put away and I don't make the bed. Angela, if you are reading this - our place is real clean and all the laundry is done (to everyone else - the place is a mess and I need clean underwear. BAD).

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A rooster was strutting around the henhouse one Easter morning and came across a nest of eggs dyed every color of the rainbow. The rooster took one look at the colorful display, ran outside and beat the heck out of the resident peacock.

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- Bart Fitzpatrick <bart@sportsmonster.net wrote:

Andrew: Of course we appreciate you playing with us. In answer to
your question, we have dozens of teams that have played longer than your
team throughout our various leagues. I have not personally talked to the
umpire from last week. He/she could only do the same thing you are
referencing hearsay from the opposing team's player. That team has
neither called nor e-mailed us (as of today) regarding any conflict.
Regardless, proper information was posted online, on the phone line
and communicated to customers calling in as well as calls that were made
going out. We are not playing the match over and you were awarded the
forfeit win as you should have been.

I have pointed out previously that all matches have been scheduled
for Thursdays. Our obligation is to provide a full complement of matches
for the season as pointed out below. As of this week, we are out of rain
dates and any further rain dates will be played on that Sunday per
standard policy on offering make-up times.

I view this matter as closed. Should you have any additional inquiry,

please direct them to Jennifer Bice, Chicago manager. Otherwise best
wishes for a great finish to the season.


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Z wrote:
I wanted to follow up on my questions below...


--- Z <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

This is unacceptable. Have you talked to our ump from last week

This is the 2nd time we have been there and our game was canceled
this season due to Sportsmonster error.

The 1st time, your umpire didnt show up at all. The 2nd time was this past Thursday as I already mentioned. This
player from Craig's List specifically said he got one of your emails with
your company logo that the games were cancelled. He learned later that
one of your employees admitted the mistake. You have continued to disappoint me and my team and I am sure that
any other team would have quit using you a long time ago. I feel like
the level of service you offer does nothing to encourage repeat
customers. I am just dying to know if you have any team that has played with
you as long as us.

Andrew Ziola

--- Bart Fitzpatrick <bart@sportsmonster.net wrote:

It is frustrating when teams do not show up to play a match. That
team has
had some attendance issues through the season but has been able
to put up at least enough to make a match. Their captain is in error regarding
the communication he received. We made sure that not only were
e-mails sent out to softball leagues this Thursday b/c of the various
cancellations, all captains were called and the weather line was updated with
specific information. Certainly, no umpire is sending out e-mails. Either
Jen or Aaron sent out the update and if the Craig's list team received
it, so would have you. Clearly, if 8/10 complete teams show up to play, the
correct message was relayed.

We have polled captains in the past in different
sports/leagues/cities about
whether they would want to institute a forfeit fee in addition to
the team
fees. The vast majority have said no. Without a forfeit fee as a
deterrent, there is not much that the league can do except award big winning
margins to the team that is in attendance. We still have to pay for the
field usage and we still have to pay the umpire for being out there.
We also remove a team from playoff consideration should there be
3 regular season forfeits.
Regarding this league, I checked online and you are scheduled for
all 7 regular season matches and playoffs. That is our responsibility
to all teams
and if we cannot provide that because of our actions, then there
are certainly refund considerations. And refund considerations are
provided for
the current league, not future leagues. Rain outs would not be
such a consideration. However, the week of July 27th would be because of
our internal communication error. But again, all games have been
scheduled through the end of season.

Have a great weekend and good luck for the summer home-stretch.


From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 9:28 AM
To: Bart Fitzpatrick
Cc: jennifer@sportsmonster.net
Subject: RE: Thursday Seward Softball

Yes the 3rd, he told me to talk to you considering this is a
recurring problem.

We had another problem last night at Seward. Our opponant - the
Craig's List All Stars didnt show up. Actually one guy from their team
showed up and explained to me what happened.
He said email was sent out by one of your umps by mistake saying


games were cancelled. I know that some other fields were canceled
so I asked him what the email said and he said that he got an email
from you that ALL games were canceled. He was confused and showed up
anyway but was the only person on his team that showed up.

I got 10 guys out there last night for a 10PM game and our game
was cancelled by forfeit. You can't control this other team but you
can control these mistake emails sent out that say ALL games are

I want money back for these games that we have not played or half
of our money back for Fall league to compensate us for these missed
games. We are playing in the Seward Fall league. You charged my
credit card for 1/2 the money. I do not want you to charge for the other
half of the Fall fee to make up for all these games we missed this

Summer due to Sportsmonster errors. This has been so frustrating. Thanks


your attention to this.

Andrew Ziola
Team Mullet
Seward Softball Thursdays

--- Bart Fitzpatrick <bart@sportsmonster.net wrote:

Thursday the 3rd? I hadn't heard anything. Be sure to cc Jen


From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:24 AM
To: bart@sportsmonster.net
Subject: Thursday Seward Softball

Did the ump tell you what happened to us last Thursday August 3rd?

We need to talk about this. This is the 2nd time this season we
have had no game because of Sportsmonster errors. Between that and rainouts we
are not going to get all our games that we paid for. Can you
give me a discount for our Fall league. I paid half already. Can you waive the second payment? Thanks

Andrew Ziola
Team Mullet
Seward thursday softball

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