I don't like when stuff breaks. Like I never thought I would have to try and fix our garage door opener so much. And we have had some trouble with the volume on TV. I especially don't like when I buy something expensive and supposedly high quality and I would have been fine just buying the cheap version.

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Email Train of the Week

From: "snimocks@new.rr.com"

One of my friends e-mailed me about the Big Drill Car deal and I was contemplating coming down on Friday, because there is a car show in Morris, IL I wanted to go to on Saturday. We kind of have a lot of stuff going on
around that time in October, so I probably won't end up making the trip. Sometimes getting old and having responsibilities bites.

From: Nathan Van Horn nvh329@yahoo.com

I really want to go this year but it's the same weekend as the marathon.

All, Big Drill Car and Bosstones alone are worth it to me.

Shea Nimocks <snimocks@new.rr.com> wrote:

Did you guys go to any of these in the past?


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