I am not a fan when people respond to good news by saying "woo hoo!" I have really only heard people say this at different employers I have had in corporate America.

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From: "/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com

actually it was not loud - maybe because i have been to so many of them and my hearing is bad - or fact that we were not right next to the speakers

From: Marc Busey <marcos_busey@yahoo.com

Things are fine.

How was the rock show. Was it loud?

/ Z / <aziola@yahoo.com

so anything interesting going on?
i was in milwaukee this past weekend watching a rock group
with roman and couple other guys

From: Marc Busey <marcos_busey@yahoo.com


/ Z / <aziola@yahoo.com

were you inspired to send me this cause i put my
rankings for ses st. characters on www DOT drodd DOT com?

From: Marc Busey <marcos_busey@yahoo.com


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